TLS Flight Activity 11th March 2015


AIB02BD F-WWBD / EC-MER msn 6510 Vueling ( XFW – TLS )
AIB03IT F-WWIT / PK-GQJ msn 6503 Garuda Citilink
AIB04DI F-WWDI / EC-MEQ msn 6483 Vueling


AIB01CZ F-WWCZ / 7T-VJA msn 1613 Air Algerie
Air Algérie
Credit :
AIB01yr F-WWYR / JA330L? msn 1624 Skymark?


AIB04AZ WWAZ / A6-APD msn 180 Etihad


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  1. I visited yesterday TLS yesterday and managed a fair haul. Firstly A320s noted (not including some of the longer term residents): WWIT/6503 Citilink, WWBX/6524 Spring, Wwix/6505 Batik, WWIX/6507 Al Maha on flight line. DC had ECMEQ Vueling, VNA655 Vietjet, 9MAJU Air Asia. Fuel cell contained WWDO/6544 Wizz, 6550 Monarch. ATR hangar had WWDQ/6547 Qingdao. Finally, one prod line had an Avianca, Vueling (6557?) and Batik frames. Also of note FGTAN A321 in full Air Canada cs at AF Industries.


  2. A330s seen: 4RALN Sri Lankan and RPC3346 Cebu (delivered at 1130). Factory had WWYX/1627 now full Delta cs. Flight line had 1616 and 1620 Turkish, 1607 and 1624 Skymark, 1612 and 1619 Air Asia X, 1626 Kuwait, 1650? Sri Lankan, 1609 Singapore, 1613 Air Algerie, 1614 and 1634 Hainan and two all primer aircraft cn’s not known. Finally 1654 Garuda cs was rolled out of the factory pm.


  3. ATRs seen on ramp were Wings cn not known full cs, WWLC/1018 Liat, WWEP/1240 Uni Air, WWEG/1232, WWEK/1236 Azul, WWEN/1239 aw. The factory was open and produced WWES/1243 Garuda fcs, WWET/1244 Wings fcs, WWEQ/1241 Azul fcs, WWEL/1237, WWER/1242 and WWEX/1248 all aw, WWEV/1246, 1249, 1250, 1252 and WWLD/1019 all primer. Also at Francazal were 5NBRQ ATR42 Overland and TRKJD ATR42 plus a primer ATR72 in the paint hangar?


    1. By end of the month maybe? It had it’s AIB03 flight today and normally AIB04 the next flight is customer acceptance. But there is not fixed rule sometimes you have 5,6 7 or more test flights. It was not at the delivery centre on Tuesday so the next step is to see if it has moved there today or later this week.


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