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LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 16-03-2019

Log and pic with credit to Dan. Seen at Finkenwerder, Sat 16/3/19 1030-1550


Delivery Centre area
D-AUBO A320 8439 Chengdu Airlines fcs
D-AUBN A20N 8445 Go Air fcs (GU on nwd)
D-AXAP A20N 8483 Air Astana fcs (KBI on nwd)
D-AUAE A20N 8583 Go Air fcs (JA on nwd)
D-AUAH A320 8597 Chengdu Airlines fcs
D-AVYS A21N 8649 Vietnam Airlines fcs (620 on nwd)
D-AVYU A21N 8655 IndiGo fcs (UC on nwd)
D-AYAF A21N 8703 Vietnam Airlines fcs (622 on nwd)
D-AYAI A21N 8706 Air China fcs (05G on nwd)
D-AYAT A21N 8729 Vietnam Airlines fcs (623 on nwd)
D-AZAM A21N 8761 Lufthansa fcs (EA on nwd)
D-AVVI A20N 8774 exec grey/white cls (T7-HHH under tape)
D-AVVY A20N 8788 Azul Brasil fcs (RZ on tail, nwd) – AIB788B D1241; A1258
D-AXAW A20N 8867 Viva Aerobus fcs (VIH on nwd)

Hangar 102
D-AZAB A21N 8744 Sichuan Airlines fcs (07D on nwd) – towed to hangar 1545

River side store
D-AVYJ A21N 8277 Air Astana fcs (KDF on nwd)
D-AXAX A320 8748 Batik Air fcs (PK-LZJ)
D-AVVE A20N 8757 Go Air fcs
D-AZAT A21N 8769 Vietnam Airlines fcs (VN-A503)
NO-REG A21N 8776 Sichuan Airlines tail cls, primer
D-AUBV A20N 8815 Spring Airlines fcs (B-306Z)
NO-REG A21N 8823 JetBlue Airways tail cls, primer
D-AUAF A320 8824 Spirit Airlines fcs (696 on nwd)
D-AXAB A20N 8840 Loong Air fcs (B-307G under tape)
NO-REG A321 8854 Delta Air Lines tail cls, primer (3082 on tail)
D-AXAT A20N 8864 IndiGo fcs (VT-IZV)
D-AVVM A20N 8889 Avianca fcs (N762AV)
** 1x A21N China Southern tail visible in line up (8802 or 8851?)
** 1x A20N Chongqing Airlines tail visible in line up (8900?)

Hangar 211/212
D-AVXU A21N 8593 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TXA on nwd)
F-WWAD A359 256 Emirates fcs (VG on nwd) – towed outside at 1045

Mid field area (stands 201-220)
D-AVZE A21N 8103 S7 Airlines fcs (DI on nwd)
D-AVVO A20N 8172 LATAM Chile fcs (BHE on nwd)
D-AZAO A21N 8421 Easyjet fcs (MD above cockpit, nwd)
D-AVXL A21N 8603 Volaris fcs (N541VL)
D-AUAN A20N 8638 Comlux Malta exec cls (9H-NEW under tape)
D-AVYV A21N 8701 American Airlines fcs (401 on nwd)
D-AUBZ A20N 8722 Easyjet fcs (HV above cockpit, nwd)
D-AXAA A20N 8725 Lufthansa fcs (NR on nwd)
D-AYAH A21N 8732 Turkish Airlines fcs (LSE on nwd)
D-AYAX A21N 8735 Wizz Air fcs (LVB on nwd)
D-AXAU A20N 8741 ANA fcs (218 on nwd)
D-AZAD A21N 8747 Vietnam Airlines fcs (624 on nwd)
D-AZAQ A21N 8768 IndiGo fcs (UE on nwd)
D-AVVV A20N 8777 Air Macau fcs (CL on nwd)
D-AVXP A21N 8783 Lufthansa fcs (EB on nwd)
D-AVZJ A321 8791 Wizz Air fcs (G-WUKL)
D-AVVZ A20N 8820 Air Macau fcs (CM on nwd)
D-AVXE A21N 8822 Delta Air Lines fcs (3078 on tail, nwd)
NO-REG A21N 8872 Hawaiian Airlines tail cls, primer
NO-REG A20N 8970 Primer fuselage section (for Interjet)
F-WZFJ A359 234 Asiana Airlines fcs (360 on nwd)
NO-REG A359 335 Primer fuselage section (for Asiana Airlines)
NO-REG A359 337 Primer fuselage section (for Cathay Pacific)

A320 Flightline (stands 301-306)
D-AYAG A321 8271 Wizz Air fcs (LTB on nwd)
D-AZAN A21N 8762 Vietjet Air fcs (600 on nwd)
D-AUBU A20N 8803 Air New Zealand fcs (HB on nwd, above cockpit)
D-AUBG A20N 8825 China Eastern fcs (6D on nwd)

Paint shops
** 1x S7 Airlines cls (8852 or 8890?)
+ 1x white cls being painted

Hangar 7
D-AZAD A21N 8747 Vietnam Airlines fcs (624 on nwd)
** 3x A32x unreadable

Hangar 9
NO-REG A21N 8816 Wizz Air tail cls, primer
NO-REG A21N 8837 Air Astana tail cls, primer
NO-REG A21N 8876 Primer fuselage section (for Air Transat)
NO-REG A21N 8878 Primer fuselage (for Cebu Pacific)

Hangar 14S
D-AVXQ A21N 8587 IndiGo fcs (UB on nwd)
D-AUAO A20N 8645 China West Air fcs (B-306U on nwd)
D-AYAO A21N 8714 Air Arabia new fcs (TA on nwd)

Hangar 14
NO-REG A20N 8846 Primer fuselage (for Viva Aerobus)
NO-REG A20N 8870 Lufthansa tail cls, primer
NO-REG A20N 8875 Pegasus Airlines tail cls, primer
NO-REG A321 8879 Wizz Air tail cls, primer
NO-REG A21N 8895 Primer fuselage, China Southern Airlines sharklets
NO-REG A20N 8929 Air China tail cls, primer
NO-REG A20N 8934 Primer fuselage (for China Southern)
NO-REG A20N 8935 S7 Airlines tail cls, primer
** 1x A20N S7 Airlines tail cls, primer (8852 or 8890?)

Outside near Hangar 14
D-AUAO A20N 8645 China West Air fcs (B-306U on nwd)
D-AVZC A21N 8790 Vietjet Air fcs (607 on nwd)
D-AUBT A20N 8797 Air Asia fcs (RAN on nwd)
NO-REG A21N 8834 Primer fuselage section (for American Airlines)
NO-REG A21N 8849 Primer fuselage section (for Sichuan Airlines)
D-AVVK A20N 8886 Lucky Air fcs (307Q on nwd)
NO-REG A3xx 8937 Primer fuselage section
NO-REG A320 8942 Primer fuselage section (for Batik Air)
NO-REG A20N 8951 Primer fuselage section (for Lufthansa)
NO-REG A359 364 Primer fuselage section (for Singapore Airlines)

Hangar 213/214
D-AYAQ A21N 8719 China Southern fcs (03L on nwd)
NO-REG A21N 8740 Turkish Airlines tail cls, primer
NO-REG A21N 8750 American Airlines tail cls, primer
D-AVZF A21N 8799 Air New Zealand fcs (NE on nwd)

Outside Hangar 214
D-AVVP A20N 8785 Go Air fcs
D-AVXD A21N 8821 China Southern fcs (06K on nwd)

Outside Hangar 221
NO-REG A20N 8870 Lufthansa tail cls, primer

Hangar 243/244
D-AVXB A21N 6839 Airbus NEO cls
D-AZAI A21N 8753 Vietnam Airlines fcs (625 on nwd)
D-AVZK A21N 8508 Easyjet fcs (MF above cockpit, nwd)
NO-REG A21N 8829 Alaska Airlines tail cls, primer
D-AVVL A20N 8901 IndiGo fcs (not Go Air)
D-AXAK A20N 8926 Salam Air fcs
F-WWSA A388 259 Emirates tail cls, primer

Outside Hangar 243/244
D-AVVX A20N 8787 S7 Airlines fcs (WC on nwd)
D-AZAX A21N 8819 Alaska Airlines fcs (929 on nwd)

Hangar 260
NO-REG A21N 8796 Primer fuselage section (for Azores Airlines)
NO-REG A3xx 8908 Primer fuselage section
NO-REG A3xx 8909 Primer fuselage section
NO-REG A21N 8910 Primer fuselage section (for Asiana Airlines)
NO-REG A21N 8919 Primer fuselage section (for Turkish Airlines)
NO-REG A20N 8948 Primer fuselage section (for IndiGo)
NO-REG A20N 8982 Primer fuselage section (for Easyjet)
NO-REG A320 8986 Primer fuselage section (for Peach Aviation)
NO-REG A20N 8988 Primer fuselage section (for IndiGo)
NO-REG A339 1943 Primer fuselage section (for TAP Air Portugal)
NO-REG A388 269 Primer fuselage sections (for Emirates)
NO-REG A388 270 Primer fuselage sections (for Emirates)



F-WWEL msn 1555 active on ground as ATR1555
F-WWEP msn 1558 active on ground as ATR1558


AIB08SX F-WWSX msn 868 United Parcel Service
AIB09SX F-WWSX msn 868 United Parcel Service


AIB01KI F-WWKI /B-LHF 1863 Hong Kong Airlines ( should have been AIB10KI?)

Airbus A330 Hong Kong Airlines B-LHF
Credit : French Painter
AIB02CJ F-WWCJ / 9XR-WS msn 1844 RawandAir
F-WWCJ // 9XR-WS RwandAir Airbus A330-941 MSN 1844
Credit : Florent Péraudeau
AIB31KM F-WWKM / CS-TUA msn 1819 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWKM // CS-TUA TAP - Air Portugal Airbus A330-941 MSN 1819
Credit : Florent Péraudeau


AIB01FK F-WZFK / ET-AWM msn 289 Ethiopian Airlines
AIB01FK msn289 13/3/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

A7-AQA msn 265 active on ground with Qatar hex code.


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Set of photos for the day kindly supplied by Rob Van Ringelesteijn


F-WWLG / HK-5313 AT46 msn 1407 Easyfly  ( TLS – LFBF )


AIB01DE F-WWDE / ZK-NHC msn 8833 Air New Zealand
AIB01DO F-WWDO / VT-EXS msn 8862 Air India
AIB01IH F-WWIH / B- msn 8845 Chengdu Airlines
AIB02DR F-WWDR / JA824P msn 8835 Peach Aviation
AIB03BT F-WWBT / B-306Q msn 8801 GX Airlines

HZ-NS23 msn 8756 delivered as KNE4023 ex F-WWBZ


AIB01GF F-WZGF / B-LXK msn 296 Cathay Pacific Airways
AIB02NZ F-WZNZ / B- msn 285 Hainan Airlines

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 11-03-2019

Log and photos with credit to Rob. Entries in red seen today compared to Sunday.


F-WWLE ATR 42 1405 —
F-WWLF ATR 42 1406 —
CN.1409 ATR 42 1409 — FAL
F-WWEH ATR 72 1528 all white
F-WWEG ATR 72 1550 IndiGo FLYING
CN.1553 ATR 72 1553 — FAL
CN.1554 ATR 72 1554 — FAL
CN.1555 ATR 72 1555 — FAL
F-WWEM ATR 72 1556 — FAL
F-WWEP ATR 72 1558 Cebgo FAL
CN.1559 ATR 72 1559 —
F-WWEU ATR 72 1563 — FAL
CN.1564 ATR 72 1564 —
F-WWSX Airbus A300 F4-622R 868 United Parcel Service
F-WWAI Airbus A320 211 1 Airbus
F-WWDV Airbus A320 271n 8495 LATAM Brazil
F-WWDP Airbus A320 271n 8618 Volaris
F-WWDF Airbus A320 271n 8743 West Air
F-WWDZ Airbus A320 271n 8752 West Air
HZ-NS23 Airbus A320 251n 8756 Flynas
F-WWDL Airbus A320 214 8784 Chengdu Airlines
F-WWIP Airbus A320 214 8798 Batik Air
F-WWBT Airbus A320 251n 8801 GX Airlines
F-WWIU Airbus A320 251n 8805 GX Airlines
F-WWBF Airbus A320 251n 8828 Lucky Air
F-WWDE Airbus A320 271n 8833 Air New Zealand
F-WWDR Airbus A320 214 8835 Peach Aviation DC
F-WWBP Airbus A320 232 8838 JetSMART Argentina
F-WWDK Airbus A320 232 8842 Jetstar Japan
F-WWIH Airbus A320 214 8845 Chengdu Airlines
F-WWIG Airbus A320 214 8847 Peach Aviation FLIGHT/TEST AREA
F-WWDU Airbus A320 271n 8860 Air Astana
F-WWDO Airbus A320 251n 8862 Air India
F-WWIT Airbus A320 251n 8868 Pegasus Airlines FLIGHT/TEST AREA
F-WWDC Airbus A320 216 8871 AirAsia


F-WTTE Airbus A330 941 1813 Airbus
EC-340 Airbus A330 KC-30 1830 —
F-WWCJ Airbus A330 941 1844 RwandAir
F-WWKQ Airbus A330 941 1861 RwandAir
F-WWKS Airbus A330 941 1870 WOW Air
F-WWYP Airbus A330 941 1876 Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras
F-WWCN Airbus A330 941 1884 Air Mauritius
F-WWCU Airbus A330 941 1887 WOW Air
F-WTTO Airbus A330 841 1888 Airbus
F-WWCX Airbus A330 941 1890 Air Mauritius
F-WWKR Airbus A330 941 1895 Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras
F-WWYG Airbus A330 941 1901 —
CS-TUG Airbus A330 941 1904 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWCD Airbus A330 941 1908 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWCL Airbus A330 941 1909 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWYE Airbus A330 KC.2 1916 —
F-WWYQ Airbus A330 941 1918 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWCS Airbus A330 KC-30 1919 —
F-WWKT Airbus A330 941 1920 Delta Air Lines
F-WWCT Airbus A330 941 1921 TAP Air Portugal
F-WW Airbus A330 941 1922 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWYN Airbus A330 941 1923 Air Senegal
F-WWCE Airbus A330 941 1937 Aircalin
F-WWCA Airbus A340 642 360 Airbus

F-WZGG Airbus A350 941 3 Airbus
F-WMIL Airbus A350 1041 59 Airbus
F-WZNQ Airbus A350 941 214 Qatar Airways
F-WZNT Airbus A350 941 224 Asiana Airlines
F-WZGC Airbus A350 1041 241 Qatar Airways
F-WZGR Airbus A350 941 246 Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWTW Airbus A350 941 249 —
F-WWAW Airbus A350 941 251 Hong Kong Airlines
F-WZFF Airbus A350 941 257 —
F-WZNC Airbus A350 941 260 Hong Kong Airlines
F-WZGO Airbus A350 941 265 Qatar Airways
F-WZFT Airbus A350 941 270 Hong Kong Airlines
F-WZGN Airbus A350 1041 274 —
F-WZGT Airbus A350 941 281 Sichuan Airlines
F-WZGS Airbus A350 1041 282 LATAM Brazil
F-WZNZ Airbus A350 941 285 Hainan Airlines
B-LXJ Airbus A350 1041 286 Cathay Pacific Airways
D-AIXM Airbus A350 941 287 Lufthansa
F-WZFK Airbus A350 941 289 Ethiopian Airlines
F-WZGZ Airbus A350 941 291 China Eastern Airlines
F-WZGW Airbus A350 941 292 Lufthansa
F-WZHJ Airbus A350 941 293 Evelop Airlines
F-WZGM Airbus A350 941 294 Singapore Airlines
F-WZGF Airbus A350 1041 296 Cathay Pacific Airways
F-WZNU Airbus A350 1041 298 —
F-WZFR Airbus A350 941 299 Hong Kong Airlines
F-WZFP Airbus A350 941 305 Singapore Airlines
F-WZNR Airbus A350 941 309 Singapore Airlines
F-WZNJ Airbus A350 941 311 Air China
F-WZFI Airbus A350 941 313 LATAM Brazil
F-WZGA Airbus A350 941 314 Lufthansa
F-WZFD Airbus A350 1041 315 Etihad Airways FROM FAL TO A330 FAL AREA
F-WZGP Airbus A350 941 318 China Southern Airlines
F-WZNY Airbus A350 1041 319 —
F-WZHF Airbus A350 941 321 Japan Airlines
CN.324 Airbus A350 941 324 Cathay Pacific Airways FROM ONE HANGAR TO ANOTHER
CN.325 Airbus A350 941 325 French bee VISIBLE THANKS TO #324 CATHAY
CN.326 Airbus A350 1041 326 British Airways VISIBLE THANKS TO #324 CATHAY
CN.329 Airbus A350 941 329 Singapore Airlines VISIBLE THANKS TO #324 CATHAY


F-WWOW Airbus A380 841 1 Airbus
F-WWSM Airbus A380 842 249 Emirates Airline
F-WWST Airbus A380 842 258 Emirates Airline
F-WWSH Airbus A380 842 262……. ANA



F-WWEG / VT-IYW msn 1550 Indigo

F-WWEP msn 1558 active on ground as ATR1558
F-WWER msn 1560 active on ground as ATR1560


AIB02GO F-WZGO / A7-AQA msn 265 QATAR Airways ( LATAM c/s )
AIB03GO msn265 caf 11/3/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

AIB04NQ F-WZNQ / A7-AMI msn 214  Qatar Airways
AIB05GR F-WZGR / B-LGF msn 246 Hong Kong
AIB05GR msn246 11/3/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

LOG: Lourdes (LDE) 10-03-2019

Log and pics with credit to Rick Savage noted at LDE 10-03-2019.

LDE 10-03-2019

Left of hangar as looking from the terminal

2-RLAX A330 ex Vietnam, n/t
2-POAH A330 Shaheen
9H-DPE A380 all white
EI-EWH A330 ex Arik Air, n/t
F-WTBU A330 all white
F-WWCB A330 Airbus
F-WXAF A340 Air China
F-WZNW A350 Airbus
G-VFIZ A346 all white
HZ-AIW 744 ex Saudia n/t
I-AIGJ 767 Meridiana
I-NDDL 767 ex NEOS, n/t
LV-CSD A340 Aerolineas
LV-HVS A320 ex Avianca, n/t
OE-IGY A319 Shaheen
OE-IHA A320 Shaheen
OE-IHE A320 Shaheen
OE-IHN A320 Small Planet
OE-IIK A320 Small Planet
VN-A377 A330 ex Vietnam Airlines, n/t
VP-CIB E190 all white

In front of hangar

OE-IHQ A320 Small Planet

Right of hangar as looking from the terminal – Scrap area

(2-DRPA) A380 all white
AP-BNK A319 Shaheen
3B-NBI A340 Air Mauritius
9H-DPD A380 all white
(9V-SKB) A380 all white
F-GLZS A340 Air France
OE-IGD A330 ex Air Berlin (has DG on NWD)
PR-ONM A318 Avianca

+ ex Air China A340 recently scrapped

Near Terminal

CS-TFX A345 Arik Air – recent arrival?
OE-IEZ A330 Hong Kong Airlines

First batch away from Terminal – Terminal side

(F-WHUG) A345 all white
F-WJKJ A345 all white
F-WJKI A345 all white
F-WJKK A345 all white
(F-WJKL) A345 all white
(V8-001) A340 ex Government of Brunei

Second batch away from Terminal – Terminal side

2-BHXG A343 all white
EI-DDU A332 all white
F-WJKO A343 all white
OE-IFW A332 all white

Last batch away from Terminal – Terminal side

(EI-FSS) 772 Vietnam Als
(HS-TEJ) A333 Thai Airways
(N100CL) A300 all white
N835JM? A300 DHL