LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 23/5/2018

Log with credit to Colin.

A day trip was made on Wednesday 23rd May. Weather was warm and sunny with light winds which resulted in a number of hangars being open.

The following were noted, though it doesn’t included some of the longer term inmates. All in full colours unless stated otherwise.

Delivery Centre


WWBB/8077 Indigo
WWIG/8221 Iberia
V8RBA (8231) Royal Brunei
ECMYC (8238) Vueling
WWIU/8252 Air Asia
VPBIP (8276) Aeroflot
WWIN/8285 FlyaDeal


WWCK/1855 Hainan
WWKR/1857 sand primer
WWKH/1864 Level
WWYU/1867 Shenzhen


WZFT/0106 Qatar
N510DN (0204) Delta
WZND/0209 Lufthansa



WWEV/1495 primer
WWEW/1496 Indigo
WWEX/1497 Antilles Express
WWEB/1499 Cebu
WWED/1501 Binter


WWBD/8158 Indigo
WWIZ/8240 Avianca
WWDM/8247 Pegasus
WWDC/8261 Royal Brunei
No Reg/8294 Vistara
No Reg/8303 Citilink


WWKY/1862 Capital
WWKI/1863 HK Airlines
WWCS/1869 China Eastern
WWKV/1871 Hainan primer fuselage
WWKF/1873 China Eastern primer fuselage


WZGV/0118 Cathay
WZNF/0208 China AL
WZNE/0210 Delta
WZNU/0217 Air China primer fuselage
WZFQ/0218 Asiana
WZNP/0219 Iberia

ACJ ramp

????/8300 Avianca

Fuel cell ramp near A320 line

WWDR/8167 Air India
WWIR/8181 Vueling
WWBJ/8313 Spring
WWIE/8352 Spring primer fuselage

Outside A330 factory


WWKS/1870 WOW – later moved to A380 side
WWCH/1875 Hainan primer fuselage


WZHF/0223 Singapore primer fuselage
WZHK/0236 Philippines primer fuselage
WZFU/0239 China AL primer fuselage

A330 production line

1879 Shenzhen primer fuselage
1882 Level primer fuselage
1883 primer fuselage and tail (MRTT for RoKAF)

Completion hangars


WWYJ/1880 Capital primer fuselage
WW??/1877 Level


WZ???0227 Iberia primer fuselage

A Singapore example with primer fuselage was also seen

A320 moving prod line

???? primer white tail
8387 fuselage only
8391 fuselage only

Plus two at front of line – no tails attached

A320 static line

WWDE/8256 Iberia
WW??/8307 primer fuselage no tail (for Frontier)
WWDV/8308 British AW primer fuselage

ATR production line

1508 primer complete1519,1523 primer fuselage barrels

ATR completion/flight test hangar

WWLC/1403 primer
1404 primer
WWER/1491 Indigo
WWES(1492) all white
WWEZ/1498 primer
1505 primer
1510 primer

Plus one other ATR72 – possibly 1508 and an Indigo A320


WWIJ/8074 China Eastern
WWDJ/8267 Air India
WWBG/8275 primer
WWBE/8280 Avianca

A320 storage area

WWDY/8152 Go
WWBX/8225 Air India
WWIY/8259 Indigo
WWIX/8272 Pegasus
WWBG/8282 China Southern
WWBP/8286 China Southern

Air France Industries

GTTNC(8173) British Airways
WWDS/8177 Saudia
WWDN/8214 Pegasus
WWIH/8265 Citilink

A380 ramp

WWSU/0250 Emirates primer fuselage

A380 storage ramps


WWCY/1865 HK Airlines


0214 primer
0215 primer
0226 Tianjin primer fuselage
0229 primer
0237 primer
0239 primer

A380 prod line

0257 Emirates primer fuselage
0258 Emirates primer fuselage

0262 ANA primer fuselage – body join hangar


Colin Wright


F-WWEX / F- AT76 msn 1497 Air Antilles
F-WWED / EC-MYT  AT76 msn 1501 Binter
F-WWEH active on ground as ATR1505 believed to be for Wings


AIB01BD F-WWBD / VT-IVH msn 8158 IndiGo Airlines
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB01DM F-WWDM / TC-NBU msn 8247  Pegasus Airlines F-WWDM
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB01IZ  F-WWIZ / N775AV msn 8240 Avianca
AIB03IQ F-WWIQ / B- msn 7936 Capital Airlines ntu reported for Jazeera Airways
AIB04IU F-WWIU / 9M-FAA msn 8252 Air Asia
F-WWIU Airbus A320 Air Asia
Credit : @Eurospot


AIB02KM F-WWKM / CS-TUA 1819 TAP Portugal F-WWKM Airbus A330 NÉO Air Portugal
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB06YR F-WWYR / EC-335 msn 1857 Singapore Air Force


AIB02ND F-WZND / D-AIXJ msn 209 Lufthansa
F-WZND Airbus A350 Lufthansa
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB02NE F-WZNE / N511DN msn 210 Delta Air Lines F-WZNE Airbus A350 Delta
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB03GV F-WZGV / B-LXA msn 118 Cathay Pacific
F-WZGV Airbus A350-1000 Cathay Pacific
Credit : @Eurospot



F-WWEB / VT-IYH AT76 msn 1476 Indigo
F-WWEB ATR72 220518 TLS
Credit : andre deblauwe


AIB03BB F-WWBB / VT-IVJ msn 8077 Indigo
AIB04IU F-WWIU / 9M-FAA msn 8252 Air Asia

B-1039 msn 8053 delivered as CGH1039 hexcode ( 781301 ) ex F-WWBZ
VT-WGO msn 7871 delivered as GOW9117 ( hexcode 800CB5 ) ex F-WWDQ


AIB01YM F-WWYM / B- msn 1866 Lucky Air ( TLS – CHR )
F-WWYM A330 220518 TLS
Credit : andre deblauwe

AIB03KH F-WWKH / F-HLVL msn 1864 Level

F-WWKH A330 220518 TLS
Credit : andre deblauwe


AIB02GN F-WZGN / A7-ALW msn 114 Qatar Airways
F-WZGN A350 220518 TLS
Credit: andre deblauwe


A quiet day due to being a bank holiday.
-A350 building A30, Air China, Singapore and Capital, all tail cls
-2x Indigo AT72 fcs outside on test area
-A350 Primer in open fit out hangar
-Indigo A320 fcs on test area
72 1425 F-WWEU Avianca Argentina as LV-GUY fcs , Test Area
72 1433 F-WWEE Avianca Argentina fcs , Test Area
72 1488 F-WWEN Wings Abadi Air as PK-WJG fcs , Test Area
72 1489 F-WWEP Iran Air as EP-ITI fcs , Test Area
72 1493 F-WWET Wings Abadi Air fcs , Test Area
72 1494 F-WWEU Iran Air as EP-ITJ fcs , Test Area
72 1496 F-WWEW IndiGo Airlines as VT-IYJ fcs , Test Area
72 1497 F-WWEX Air Antilles Express fcs , Test Area
72 1499 F-WWEB Cebgo as RP-C7289 fcs , Test Area
72 1501 F-WWED Binter Canarias fcs , Test Area
72 1504 F-WWEG Iran Air fcs , Test Area
72 1507 NO REG Air New Zealand Link primer , Test Area
A320 7181 F-WWBT primer , Behind Air France Industries
A320 7757 F-WWBC Tianjin Airlines as B-8661 fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 7811 F-WWDL West Air fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 7849 F-WWID West Air fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 7851 F-WWBI Tianjin Airlines as B-8660 fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 7871 VT-WGO Go Air fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 7875 F-WWDZ Capital Airlines (now for Air Malta) as 9H-NEO fcs , Test Area
A320 7936 F-WWIQ Capital Airlines fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 7952 F-WWBK Capital Airlines as B-1249 fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 7992 F-WWDT Lucky Air as B-1361 fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 7995 F-WXAJ Avianca Brasil as PR-OBO fcs , Air France Industries
A320 8053 B-1039 Air Guilin fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 8074 F-WWIJ China Eastern Airlines as B-1211 fcs , Latercoere
A320 8077 F-WWBB IndiGo Airlines as VT-IVJ fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 8084 F-WXAO Avianca Brasil as PR-OBP fcs , Air France Industries
A320 8086 F-WXAL Avianca Brasil as PR-OBR fcs , Air France Industries
A320 8094 F-WWTS Capital Airlines as B-1247 fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8122 F-WWII Capital Airlines as B-1246 fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8152 F-WWDY Go Air fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8158 F-WWBD IndiGo Airlines as VT-IVH fcs , Test Area
A320 8167 F-WWDR Air India as VT-CIM fcs , Test Area
A320 8177 F-WWDS Saudi Arabian Airlines as HZ-AS73 fcs , Air France Industries
A320 8184 F-WWIO Zhejiang Loong Airlines as B-1232 fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8196 F-WWIA All Nippon Airways as JA214A fcs , Test Area
A320 8214 F-WWDN Pegasus Airlines as TC-NBT fcs , Test Area
A320 8221 F-WWIG Iberia as EC-MXU fcs , Test Area
A320 8225 F-WWBX Air India as VT-CIP fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8228 F-WWIF Volaris fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8231 V8-RBA Royal Brunei Airlines fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 8238 F-WWBF Vueling Airlines as EC-MYC fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 8240 F-WWIZ Avianca as N775AV fcs , Test Area
A320 8247 F-WWDM Pegasus Airlines as TC-NBU fcs , Test Area
A320 8252 F-WWIU AirAsia as 9M-FAA fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 8256 F-WWDE Iberia as EC-MXY fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8259 F-WWIY IndiGo Airlines fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8261 F-WWDC Royal Brunei Airlines as V8-RBB fcs , Test Area
A320 8265 F-WWIH Citilink fcs , Air France Industries
A320 8267 F-WWDJ Air India as VT-CIQ fcs , Latercoere
A320 8272 F-WWIX Pegasus Airlines as TC-NBV fcs , Air France Industries
A320 8275 F-WWBG Tianjin Airlines primer , Latercoere
A320 8280 F-WWBE Avianca as N776AV fcs , Latercoere
A320 8282 F-WWBG China Southern Airlines fcs , Behind Air France Industries
A320 8285 F-WWIN Flyadeal as HZ-FAH fcs , Delivery Centre
A320 8286 F-WWBP China Southern Airlines fcs , Run Up Bay
A320 8292 NO REG Pegasus Airlines as TC-NBY fcs , Test Area
A320 8294 NO REG Vistara as VT-ATI fcs , Test Area
A320 8303 F-WWDK Citilink fcs , Test Area
A320 8313 F-WWBJ Spring Airlines as B-300Y fcs , Test Area
A320 8317 F-WWDP AirAsia as 9M-AGY fcs , Test Area
A330 1844 F-WWJC RwandAir as 9XR-WS primer , St Martin Lagardere
A330 1855 F-WWCK Hainan Airlines as B-1048 fcs , Delivery Centre
A330 1857 F-WWYR Republic of Singapore Air Force primer , Delivery Centre
A330 1861 F-WWKQ RwandAir as 9XR-WT primer , St Martin Lagardere
A330 1862 F-WWKY Capital Airlines as B-1042 fcs , Test Area
A330 1863 F-WWKI Hong Kong Airlines as B-LHF fcs , Test Area
A330 1864 F-WWKH Level as F-HLVL fcs , Delivery Centre
A330 1865 F-WWCY Hong Kong Airlines as B-LHG fcs , St Martin Lagardere
A330 1866 F-WWYM Lucky Air tail cls , St Martin Lagardere
A330 1867 F-WWYU Shenzhen Airlines as B-1072 fcs , Test Area
A330 1869 F-WWCS China Eastern Airlines as B-1073 fcs , Test Area
A330 1870 F-WWKS WOW Air as TF-BIG fcs , Test Area
A330 1871 F-WWKV Hainan Airlines as B-1096 tail cls , Test Area
A330 1873 F-WWKF China Eastern Airlines as B-300P fcs , Test Area
A330 1875 F-WWCH Hainan Airlines as B-1098 tail cls , Test Area
A330 1878 F-WWYN HiFly Ireland / Royal Nepal tail cls , Test Area
A350 55 F-WZFI Sichuan Airlines white , St Martin Lagardere
A350 60 F-WZFK Sichuan Airlines fcs , Test Area
A350 98 F-WZFR Capital Airlines as B-1069 fcs , Test Area
A350 106 F-WZFT Qatar Airways as A7-ALV fcs , Delivery Centre
A350 112 F-WZGQ Capital Airlines as B-1070 fcs , St Martin Lagardere
A350 114 F-WZGN Qatar Airways as A7-ALW fcs , Test Area
A350 118 F-WZGV Cathay Pacific Airways as B-LXA fcs , Test Area
A350 161 F-WWBW Qatar Airways as A7-ANF primer , St Martin Lagardere
A350 167 F-WZHG Air China as B-1086 fcs , Delivery Centre
A350 204 F-WZNS Delta Air Lines as N510DN fcs , Delivery Centre
A350 207 F-WZNJ Qatar Airways primer , St Martin Lagardere
A350 208 F-WZNF China Airlines as B-18917 fcs , Test Area
A350 209 F-WZND Lufthansa as D-AIXJ fcs , Delivery Centre
A350 210 F-WZNE Delta Air Lines as N511DN fcs , Test Area
A350 211 F-WZNM Qatar Airways primer , St Martin Lagardere
A350 214 F-WZNQ Qatar Airways primer , St Martin Lagardere
A350 215 F-WZNV Qatar Airways as A7-ANG primer , St Martin Lagardere
A350 217 F-WZNU Air China as B-1083 tail cls , Test Area
A350 219 F-WZNP Iberia as EC-MXV fcs , Test Area
A350 223 F-WZHE Singapore Airlines as 9V-SGB tail cls , Test Area
A350 225 F-WZNL Cathay Pacific Airways as B-LXE tail cls , St Martin Lagardere
A350 226 F-WZFG Tianjin Airlines tail cls , St Martin Lagardere
A350 229 F-WZNG Qatar Airways primer , St Martin Lagardere
A350 236 F-WZHH Philippine Airlines as RP-C3504 tail cls , Test Area
A350 237 F-WZHD Qatar Airways primer , St Martin Lagardere
A350 241 F-WZGC Qatar Airways primer , Production Line
A350 250 F-WZFX LATAM Brasil tail cls , Production Line
A380 250 F-WWSU Emirates Airline as A6-EVE tail cls , St Martin Lagardere
Also A320 front 8383 and rear 8296, plus another front and rear unread, all in test area mid field.

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 19/5/2018

Log with credit to Dan seen at Toulouse Blagnac Saturday 19/5/18 0940-1945


Delivery Centre area
VT-WGO A20N 7871 Go Air fcs
F-WWIQ A320 7936 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWBB A20N 8077 IndiGo fcs (VJ on nwd)
V8-RBA A20N 8231 Royal Brunei fcs
F-WWBF A320 8238 Vueling fcs (MYC on nwd)
F-WWIU A20N 8252 Air Asia fcs (FAA on nwd)
F-WWIN A320 8285 Flyadeal fcs (FAH on nwd)
F-WWYR A332 1857 Primer cls (MRTT for Singapore)
F-WZFR A359 98 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WZND A359 209 Lufthansa new fcs (XJ on nwd)
F-WWCK A333 1855 Hainan fcs

Delivery Centre hangar
B-1039 A320 8053 Air Guilin cls
F-WZNS A359 204 Delta fcs (3510 on tail, nwd)

F-WNEO A20N 6101 Airbus NEO cls
D-AVXA A21N 6673 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWDZ A20N 7875 Capital Airlines fcs (9H-NEO under wing)
D-AVZO A21N 7877 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWIP A20N 8146 Go Air fcs (also wearing VT-WGP on fuselage)
F-WWBD A20N 8158 IndiGo fcs (VH on nwd)
F-WWBY A20N 8173 British Airways fcs (NC on tail, nwd)
F-WWIA A20N 8196 ANA fcs (214 on nwd)
F-WWDN A20N 8214 Pegasus fcs (NBT on nwd) [outside]
F-WWIZ A20N 8240 Avianca fcs (775 on nwd)
F-WWDC A20N 8261 Royal Brunei fcs (BB on nwd)
F-WWDU A20N 8294 Vistara fcs (NK on nwd)

F-WWCB A332 871 Airbus blue cls
F-WTTN A339 1795 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWKM A339 1819 TAP Portugal fcs (TUA on nwd)
F-WWKY A333 1862 Capital Airlines fcs (1042 on nwd)
F-WWKI A333 1863 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHF on nwd)
F-WWKH A332 1864 Level fcs (LVL on nwd)
F-WWYU A333 1867 Shenzhen Airlines fcs (72 on nwd)
F-WWCS A333 1869 China Eastern fcs (73 on nwd) [AIB1CS D14
F-WWKV A333 1871 Hainan tail cls, primer

F-WXWB A359 1 Airbus cls
F-WWCF A359 2 Airbus carbon cls
F-WZGG A359 3 Airbus cls
F-WMIL A35K 59 Airbus 1000 blue cls
F-WZFK A359 60 Sichuan Airlines Panda cls
F-WLXV A35K 65 Airbus 1000 black cls
F-WZFY A359 102 Qatar fcs (NB on nwd)
F-WZFT A359 106 Qatar fcs (LV on nwd)
F-WZGN A359 114 Qatar fcs (LW on nwd)
F-WZGV A35K 118 Cathay Pacific fcs (XA on nwd)
F-WZHG A359 167 Air China fcs
F-WZNF A359 208 China Airlines fcs (B-18917 on nwd)
NO-REG A359 217 Air China tail cls, primer
F-WZNP A359 219 Iberia fcs (MXV on nwd)

F-WWET AT76 1493 Wings fcs
F-WWEW AT76 1496 IndiGo fcs (YJ on nwd)
F-WWEX AT76 1497 Air Antilles fcs
F-WW?? AT76 ???? IndiGo fcs (behind F-WWEW)

Near flightline
F-WWEN AT76 1488 Wings fcs (JG on nwd)
F-WWEP AT76 1489 Iran Air fcs (TI on tail, nwd)
F-WWEU AT76 1494 Iran Air fcs (TJ on tail, nwd)

F-WWDK A20N 8303 Citilink fcs
NO-REG A320 8396 Primer fuselage sections (for Peach Air)

Rear of flightline
F-WWED AT76 1501 Binter fcs (also wearing EC-MYT on fuselage)
F-WWEG AT76 1504 white tail cls, primer
F-WW?? AT76 ???? IndiGo fcs

Near fuelstation area
F-WWDR A20N 8167 Air India fcs (IM on nwd)
F-WWBJ A320 8313 Spring fcs
F-WWDP A20N 8317 Air Asia fcs (AGY on nwd)

Outside front of ATR factory
NO-REG AT76 1507 white tail, primer cls
NO-REG AT76 1509 white tail, primer cls

Outside rear of ATR factory
F-WWEU AT76 1425 Avianca Argentina fcs (GUI on nwd)
F-WWEE AT76 1433 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWEH AT76 1505 white tail, primer cls (T31505IW3078 on ff -for Wings)

ATR Hangar
F-WW?? A20N ???? Go Air cls no tail (tail alongside)
F-WWES AT76 1446
Aeromar fcs (UZT on nwd)
NO-REG AT76 1510 white tail, primer cls
NO-REG AT76 ???? white tail, primer cls
NO-REG AT76 ???? white tail, primer cls
NO-REG AT76 ???? white tail, primer cls
NO-REG AT76 ???? Primer fuselage no tail
NO-REG AT76 ???? white cls

Factory area
F-WWIG A20N 8221 Iberia fcs [towed outside 1620]
F-WWDM A20N 8247 Pegasus fcs (NBU on nwd) [towed outside 1615]
F-WWIC A20N 8292 Pegasus fcs (NBY on nwd) [outside]

Near A330 Halls
NO-REG A359 223 Singapore Airlines tail cls, primer
NO-REG A359 236 Philippine Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WWKS A339 1870 WOW Air fcs (BIG on nwd)
F-WWYN A332 1878 Nepal Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WWYI A333 1875 Hainan tail cls, primer

Latecoere area
F-WWIJ A20N 8074 China Eastern fcs (11 on nwd)
F-WWDJ A20N 8267 Air India fcs (IQ on nwd)
F-WWBG A20N 8275 Primer cls (for Tianjin Airlines)
F-WWBE A20N 8280 Avianca fcs (776 on nwd)

A330/350/380 area
F-WWAI A320 1 Airbus cls
F-WWCY A339 1865 Hong Kong Airlines fcs
F-WWYM A333 1866 Lucky Air tail cls, primer
F-WWKQ A339 1862 Primer cls
F-WZFI A359 55 white cls
NO-REG A359 207 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 211 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 214 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A35K 215 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A35K 225 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
NO-REG A359 226 Tianjin Airlines tail cls, primer
NO-REG A35K 229 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
F-WXXL A388 2 ex Airbus cls
F-WWSU A388 250 Emirates tail cls, primer

Far end of A350 ramps
F-WWCJ A339 1844 Primer cls (marked as F-WWJC)
F-WZGQ A359 112 Capital Airlines fcs
NO-REG A35K 161 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A35K 237 Primer cls, Qatar winglets

Engine test bay area
F-WWBC A20N 7757 Tianjin Airlines fcs (8661 on nwd)
F-WWDL A20N 7811 West Air fcs
F-WWID A20N 7849 West Air fcs
F-WWBI A20N 7851 Tianjin Airlines fcs (8660 on nwd)
F-WWBK A20N 7952 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWDT A20N 7992 Lucky Air fcs (1361 on nwd)
F-WWTS A20N 8094 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWII A20N 8122 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWDY A20N 8152 Go Air fcs
F-WWIO A20N 8184 Loong Air fcs (B-1232 on wing)
F-WWBX A20N 8225 Air India fcs (IP on nwd)
F-WWIF A20N 8228 Volaris fcs
F-WWDE A20N 8256 Iberia fcs
F-WWIY A20N 8259 IndiGo fcs
F-WWIX A20N 8272 Pegasus fcs (NBV on nwd)
F-WWBP A20N 8286 China Southern fcs
F-WWCA A346 360 Airbus cls

Near Engine test bay area
F-WWBT A20N 7181 olive green cls
F-WWBG A20N 8282 China Southern fcs

AFR Technics area
F-WXAK A20N 7918 Avianca Brasil fcs (BQ on nwd) [Hangared]
F-WXAJ A20N 7995 Avianca Brasil fcs (BO on nwd)
F-WXAO A20N 8084 Avianca Brasil fcs (BP on nwd)
F-WXAL A20N 8086 Avianca Brasil fcs (BR on nwd)
F-WWDS A320 8177 Saudi fcs (73 on ff)
F-WWIH A20N 8265 Citilink fcs

LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 19/5/2018

Log with credit to Dan, seen at Francazal Saturday  19/5/18 1305-1340
EC-IDG AT43 3 Navy/White cls Burgos titles no props
YV2308 AT43 61 DHL cls [302 on nwd]
F-WWEY AT76 98 ATR red cls
F-WNUJ AT45 471 Aeromar fcs
[F-WNUG] AT75 565 Passaredo basic cls (no reg, DE on nwd)
2-LFEA AT45 621 Satena fcs
F-OIJH AT75 682 Air Caraibes fcs
F-OIQU AT75 751 Air Tahiti fcs
F-ONCL AT75 759 Air Caledonie fcs
M-IBAJ AT75 776 white cls
F-WNUA AT76 1047 Fastjet fcs
F-WNUC AT76 1060 Fastjet fcs
F-WNUD AT76 1072 Fastjet fcs
N401SV AT46 1216 Silver Airways fcs
F-WWER AT76 1422 Garuda Explore fcs (AR on nwd)
F-WWEI AT76 1437 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWEJ AT76 1438 Garuda Explore fcs (AS on nwd)
F-WWEK AT76 1439 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWER AT76 1445 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWEE AT76 1456 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWEL AT76 1463 Alliance Air fcs
F-WTBX AT76 1466 Avianca Argentina fcs (GUY on nwd)
F-WTBY AT76 1474 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWEG AT76 1481 Wings fcs (JF on nwd)
F-WWEK AT76 1485 white cls

I-SKYB E120 120087 white cls, Skybridge titles
A6-RRA E145 145398 Rotana Jet cls (no engines)

OE-LCN A321 6454 Air Berlin fcs
OE-LCP A321 6629 Air Berlin fcs
OE-LCR A321 6719 Air Berlin fcs
TN-TAC B737 30674 Trans Air Congo