LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 25-26/02/2017

Log with credit for Carsten seen SAT 25th (1620h-2100h)/SUN 26th (0745h-1300h) A319 CS-TLU 1256 no titles – stored AFR Technics A320 F-WHUU 6733 Saudi Gulf f/c – stored AFR Technics F-WWBE 6904 Qatar AW f/c – stored Latecoere emgineless F-WWBZ 6946 now all primer – stored near A380 ramp engineless F-WWDK 7083 Qatar AW f/c... Continue Reading →

LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 25/2/2017

Log with credit to Dan. Factory side - Outside ----------------------- D-AVVY A320 7538 Frontier fcs (308 on nwd) D-AUBC A320 7560 WOW Air fcs A320 7602 Primer fuselage section A320 7616 Primer fuselage section A320 7618 Primer fuselage section A320 7642 Primer fuselage section D-AVZT A321 7530 China Southern fcs D-AVZZ A321 7544 China Southern... Continue Reading →


Noted in TLS today.... Requests:- -Frontier A320 fcs (bird) in midfield (likley 7555 or 7600) -Aeroflot A320 fcs in midfield (likley 7561) -easyJet A320 fcs in midfield (likley 7597) -Batik A320 fcs in midfield (likley 7622) -Air Asia A320 fcs in midfield (could be one of a few) -Cathay A350 fcs on flightline (could be... Continue Reading →


ATR F-WWEK / RP-C7283 msn 1397 Cebu pacific A320 AIB01IX F-WWIX / AIB02BF F-WWBF / B-8671 msn 7343 China Sourthern AIB02DM F-WWDM / N307FR msn 7472 Frontier A330 AIB04KE F-WWKE / HZ-AQ23 msn 1774 Saudia A380 AIB01SB F-WWSB / A6-EUVmsn 239 Emirates Credit : A380_TLS_A350

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 18-19/2/2017

Noted 10:05-22:00 Saturday and Sunday morning with credit to Dan. Main Factory side ------------------ F-WNEO A320 6101 Airbus NEO cls ... Flightline F-WWBE A320 6904 Qatar fcs (JD on nwd) ... Fuelstation F-WWBO A320 7331 IndiGo fcs (TP on nwd) ... Fuelstation F-WWIF A320 7333 Tianjin fcs (B-8952 on nwd) ... Flightline F-WWBF A320 7343... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Francazal 18/02/2017

Log with credit to Dan seen 15:45-16:00 EC-IDG AT43 3 Navy/White cls Burgos titles no props F-WWEY AT76 098 ATR red/grey cls TT-ABE AT43 230 Republique Du Tchad titles no props (N307RT) AT72 307 Danube Wings cls (wears OM-VRC) ZS-XCA AT72 463 yellow rudder, white cls, primer front cargo door M-DMLM AT72 527 white cls... Continue Reading →

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