LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) Sat 06/05/2017

Log with credit to Dan , noted outside 13:15-15:15

Factory side -Outside
D-AUBB A20N 7544 ANA fcs (213 on nwd)
D-AUBF A20N 7577 Lufthansa fcs (NF on tail, nwd)
D-AUBG A20N 7588 Lufthansa fcs (NG on tail, nwd)
D-AUBL A20N 7598 Hong Kong Express fcs (LCP on nwd)
D-AUBM A20N 7602 SAS fcs (ROA on nwd)
D-AUBV A20N 7642 Frontier fcs (dolphin tail, 311 on nwd)
D-AUBW A20N 7648 Lufthansa fcs (NH on tail, nwd)
D-AXAH A20N 7671 S7 Airlines new fcs

D-AVZZ A21N 7544 China Southern fcs
D-AYAK A21N 7567 Air Astana fcs (KDC on nwd)
D-AYAW A21N 7610 China Southern fcs
D-AZAA A21N 7694 WOW Air fcs
D-AZAB A21N 7697 Sri Lankan fcs (ND on tail, nwd)

D-AXAH A320 7681 Lufthansa fcs (WA on tail, nwd)
D-AXAF A320 7687 easyJet fcs (RF on nwd, above cockpit)

D-AVYT A321 7674 white cls
D-AVYX A321 7678 Aeroflot fcs (FQ on nwd)
D-AYAI A321 7680 WOW Air fcs (O on nwd)
D-AYAY A321 7706 Wizz Air fcs (LXT on nwd)
D-AYAP A321 7715 WOW Air tail cls, primer

Primer fuselage sections:

F-WWAR A388 0237 Etihad fcs (PJ on nwd) – towed outside for engine runs
F-WWAY A388 0238 Emirates tail cls, white fuselage

Delivery Centre
D-AVVS A20N Tianjin Airlines fcs (8953 on nwd)

D-AVYS A321 7668 Spirit fcs (675 on nwd)
D-AVYV A321 7675 VietJetAir fcs (631 on nwd)
D-AVXU A321 7686 white cls

+ HA-LXR A321 7647 WZZ701 D1001