LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 17/4/2018

Log with credit to Dan see at Toulouse Blagnac, Saturday 14/4/18 0940-1730

Fuelstation area
F-WWDQ A20N 7871 Go Air fcs (GQ on nwd)
F-WWIK A20N 8142 S7 Airlines fcs (GO on nwd)

Near fuelstation area
F-WWBV A320 8234 Aeroflot tail cls, primer
F-WWBG A20N 8275 Primer cls (for Tianjin Airlines)

Flightline area
F-WNEO A20N 6101 Airbus NEO cls
D-AVXA A21N 6673 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWDG A20N 7858 Go Air fcs (GN on nwd)
F-WWBM A20N 7862 Volaris fcs (533 on nwd)
D-AVZO A21N 7877 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWDV A20N 8139 British Airways fcs (NB on nwd)
F-WWIS A20N 8204 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWBH A20N 8231 Royal Brunei fcs (BA on nwd)
F-WWIU A20N 8252 Air Asia Japan tail cls, primer
F-WWDC A20N 8261 Royal Brunei fcs (BB on nwd)

F-WWCB A332 871 Airbus blue cls
F-WTTN A339 1795 Airbus NEO cls
F-WTTE A339 1813 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWKM A339 1819 TAP Portugal fcs (TUA on nwd)
F-WWYY A333 1851 Lucky Air fcs (1014 on nwd)
F-WWYR A332 1857 Primer cls (MRTT for Singapore)
F-WWKY A332 1862 Captal Airlines fcs (B-1042 on nwd)
F-WWKI A333 1863 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHF on nwd)
F-WWKH A332 1864 Level fcs (LVL on nwd)
F-WWCY A333 1865 Hong Kong Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WWYP A339 1876 Azul tail cls minus logo, primer

F-WXWB A359 1 Airbus cls
F-WWCF A359 2 Airbus carbon cls
F-WZGG A359 3 Airbus cls
F-WMIL A35K 59 Airbus 1000 blue cls
F-WLXV A35K 65 Airbus 1000 black cls
F-WZGE A359 201 Thai Airways fcs (THN on nwd)
F-WZGO A359 202 Lufthansa new fcs (XI on nwd)
F-WZFS A359 203 Malaysia Airlines special cls (MAF on nwd)
F-WZND A359 209 Lufthansa new fcs (XJ on nwd)
F-WZNN A359 212 Lufthansa new tail cls, primer
F-WZNS A359 214 Delta fcs (3510 on tail, nwd)

F-WWEY AT76 98 ATR red cls
F-WWEZ AT76 1475 IndiGo fcs (YG on nwd)
F-WWEB AT76 1476 IndiGo fcs (YH on nwd)
F-WWEN AT76 1488 Wings fcs (JG on nwd)
F-WWEQ AT76 1490 Binter fcs
F-WWEU AT76 1494 Iran Air fcs (TJ on tail, nwd)

Mid field area near flightline
F-WWBB A20N 8077 IndiGo fcs (VJ on nwd)
F-WWBY A20N 8173 British Airways fcs (NC on tail, nwd)
F-WWIG A20N 8221 Iberia fcs
F-WWIZ A20N 8240 Avianca fcs (775 on nwd)
F-WWIY A20N 8259 IndiGo fcs
NO-REG A20N 8310 Primer fuselage sections (for IndiGo)
NO-REG A20N 8343 Primer fuselage section (for Air Asia)
NO-REG A320 8346 Primer fuselage section (for Saudi)
NO-REG A20N 8352 Primer fuselage section (for Air Asia)
A20N IndiGo fcs
NO-REG A359 250 Primer fuselage section (for LATAM)
F-WWEE AT76 1433 Avianca Argentina fcs

Outside around factory area
F-WWBN A320 8276 Aeroflot fcs (IP on nwd)

Near A330 halls
F-WWYU A333 1867 Shenzhen Airlines fcs (72 on nwd)
F-WWKS A333 1869 China Eastern tail cls, primer
NO-REG A359 228 Philippines Airlines tail cls, primer

Delivery Centre ramp
F-WWTV A320 8042 Air Guilin cls (B-1038 under wing)
F-WXAL A20N 8086 Avianca Brasil fcs (BR on nwd)
VP-BIJ A320 8201 Aeroflot fcs

F-WWCM A332 1856 Sichuan Airlines fcs (589 on nwd)

F-WZFI A359 55 white cls
F-WZGQ A359 112 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WZNK A35K 141 primer cls, Qatar winglets
F-WZFO A359 143 Qatar tail, Oneworld fuselage cls (LZ on nwd)
F-WZNC A359 196 Ethiopian fcs (VC above cockpit, nwd)
F-WZFB A359 200 LATAM fcs (TH

Delivery Centre hangar
F-WWBQ A20N 8170 Avianca fcs (769 on nwd)
F-WZFV A359 100 Qatar fcs (LU on nwd)

AFR Tech ramp
F-WXAK A20N 7918 Avianca Brasil fcs (BQ on nwd)
F-WXAO A20N 8084 Avianca Brasil fcs (BP on nwd)

Engine test bay area
F-WWBC A20N 7757 Tianjin Airlines fcs (8661 on nwd)
F-WWDL A20N 7811 West Air fcs
F-WWID A20N 7849 West Air fcs
F-WWBI A20N 7851 Tianjin Airlines fcs (8660 on nwd)
F-WWBK A20N 7952 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWDT A20N 7992 Lucky Air fcs (1361 on nwd)
F-WWIJ A20N 8074 China Eastern fcs (11 on nwd)
F-WWTS A20N 8094 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWII A20N 8122 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWDY A20N 8152 Go Air fcs
F-WWBD A20N 8158 IndiGo fcs (VH on nwd)
F-WWIO A20N 8184 Loong Air fcs (B-1232 on wing)
F-WWBX A20N 8225 Air India fcs (IP on nwd)
F-WWIF A20N 8228 Volaris fcs
F-WWCA A346 360 Airbus cls

Near Engine test bay
F-WXAJ A20N 7995 Avianca Brasil fcs (BO on nwd)
F-WWIP A20N 8146 Go Air fcs
F-WWIR A20N 8181 Vueling fcs
F-WWIA A20N 8196 ANA fcs (214 on nwd)
F-WWDF A320 8211 Air Arabia tail cls, primer

Latecoere area
F-WWBS A20N 8209 Go Air fcs (sticker reg F-WWB5!)
F-WWDI A20N 8218 IndiGo fcs
F-WWDM A20N 8247 Pegasus fcs (NBU on nwd)

A330/350/380 ramp area
F-WWAI A320 1 Airbus old cls

NO-REG A337 1824 Airbus Beluga XL tail cls, primer
F-WWCJ A339 1861 Primer cls (for Rwandair, marked as F-WWJC)
F-WWCP A339 1850 TAP Portugal fcs (TUC on nwd)
F-WWKQ A339 1861 Primer cls (for Rwandair)
F-WWYQ A333 1868 China Eastern tail cls, primer
F-WWKV A333 1871 Hainan tail cls, primer

F-WZFA A359 52 white cls
NO-REG A35K 161 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
F-WZHG A359 167 Air China fcs
NO-REG A35K 169 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
F-WZGZ A359 178 Air China fcs
NO-REG A359 211 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 214 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A35K 215 Primer cls, Qatar winglets

F-WXXL A388 2 ex Airbus cls
F-WWSM A388 249 Emirates tail cls, white fuselage
F-WWSY A388 252 Emirates tail cls, primer
F-WWAD A388 256 Emirates tail cls, primer

Northern end of A350/380 ramps
F-WZFR A359 98 Capital Airlines fcs
NO-REG A35K 206 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
NO-REG A359 207 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 220 Singapore tail cls, primer
NO-REG A35K 233 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer

Biz ramp
M-AMRM AT72 826 Fly540 fcs (826 on nwd)

Additional things seen Sunday morning on the flight line.

F-WWIE A320 8244 Vueling fcs
F-WZGN A359 114 Qatar fcs (LW on nwd)
F-WZNY A359 216 Primer cls (for Singapore Airlines)



LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 14/4/2018

Log and photo with credit to Dan, seen at Francazal, Saturday 14/4/18 1230-1300
EC-IDG AT43 3 Navy/White cls Burgos titles no props
YV2308 AT43 62 DHL cls [302 on nwd]
[F-WNUG] AT75 565 Passaredo basic cls (no reg, DE on nwd)
2-LFEA AT45 621 Satena fcs
F-OIJH AT75 682 Air Caraibes fcs
F-OIQU AT75 751 Air Tahiti fcs
M-IBAJ AT75 776 white cls
F-WNUA AT76 1047 Fastjet fcs
F-WNUC AT76 1060 Fastjet fcs
F-WNUD AT76 1072 Fastjet fcs
F-WNUE AT76 1076 white cls
N401SV AT46 1216 Silver Airways fcs
F-WWER AT76 1422 Garuda Explore fcs (AR on nwd)
F-WWEI AT76 1437 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWEJ AT76 1438 Garuda Explore  fcs (AS on nwd)
F-WWEK AT76 1439 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWER AT76 1445 Alliance Air fcs
6V-ASN AT76 1452 Air Senegal fcs
F-WWEE AT76 1456 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWEL AT76 1463 Alliance Air fcs
F-WTBX AT76 1466 Avianca Argentina fcs (GUY on nwd)
F-WTBY AT76 1474 Avianca Argentina fcs [LV-HUT]
F-WWEG AT76 1481 Wings fcs (JF on nwd)
F-WWEK AT76 1485 white cls [for IndiGo]
N403SV AT46 ???? Silver Airways fcs
I-SKYB E120 120087 white cls, Skybridge titles
A6-RRA E145 145398 Rotana Jet cls (no engines)
OE-LCF A321 1966 Air Berlin fcs
OE-LCN A321 6454 Air Berlin fcs
OE-LCP A321 6629 Air Berlin fcs
OE-LCR A321 6719 Air Berlin fcs
F-WWBZ A320 8053 Air Guilin fcs (B-1039 under wing)