A good day out, thanks for the other reports that have helped guide this.
* = Assumption
-Indigo A320 fcs on test area
-Indigo At72 fcs on back of old delivery centre
-A350, primer, but with SIA wing lets in fit out
Reg Type MSN AO For State Location
M-AMRM 72 826 Fly540 Angola   fcs General Aviation
F-WWEE 72 1433 Avianca Argentina   fcs Fit Out
XA-UZT 72 1446 Aeromar   fcs Test Area
F-WEEP 72 1480 Iran Air EP-ITI fcs Mid Field Store
F-WWEU 72 1494 Iran Air EP-ITJ fcs Mid Field Store
F-WWEV 72 1495     primer Test Area
F-WWEW 72 1496 IndiGo Airlines VT-IYJ fcs Fit Out
F-WWEX 72 1497 Air Antilles Express   fcs Mid Field Store
F-WWEG 72 1504 Iran Air EP-ITL fcs Test Area
B-18655 72 1505 Mandarin Airlines   fcs Test Area
F-WWEI 72 1506     primer Test Area
F-WWEJ 72 1507 Air New Zealand Link ZK-MVV primer Fit Out
F-WWEL 72 1509 IndiGo Airlines VY-IYL fcs Fit Out
F-WWEM 72 1510 Iran Air EP-ITM fcs Test Area
F-WWEN 72 1511     primer Fit Out
F-WWEO 72 1512 IndiGo Airlines   fcs Fit Out
F-WWER 72 1514     primer Fit Out
NO REG 72 1516     primer Fit Out
NO REG 72 1517     primer Outside Line
F-WWEX 72 1520 Iran Air   primer Fit Out
NO REG 72 1521     primer Production Line
F-WWEC 72 1523     primer Fit Out
NO REG 72 1525     fuse Production Line
F-WWBT A320 7181 Airbus Industries   primer Test Area
F-WWBC A320 7757 Tianjin Airlines B-8661 fcs Latercoere
F-WWDL A320 7811 West Air B-302A fcs Test Area
F-WWID A320 7849 West Air B-302C fcs Test Area
F-WWBI A320 7851 Tianjin Airlines B-8660 fcs Behind Air France Industries
F-WWBK A320 7952 Capital Airlines B-1249 fcs Run Up Bay
F-WWDT A320 7992 Lucky Air B-1361 fcs Run Up Bay
F-WWIJ A320 8074 China Eastern Airlines B-1211 fcs Run Up Bay
F-WXAL A320 8086 Avianca Brasil PR-OBR fcs Air France Industries
F-WWTS A320 8094 Capital Airlines B-1247 fcs Run Up Bay
F-WWII A320 8122 Capital Airlines B-1246 fcs Run Up Bay
HZ-AS73 A320 8177 Saudi Arabian Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
EC-MZT A320 8181 Vueling Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWIO A320 8184 Zhejiang Loong Airlines B-1232 fcs Run Up Bay
F-WWIS A320 8204 Capital Airlines   fcs Latercoere
F-WWB5 A320 8209 Go Air   fcs Test Area
F-WWDI A320 8218 IndiGo Airlines   fcs Test Area
F-WWBX A320 8225 Air India VT-CIP fcs * Test Area
XA-VRE A320 8228 Volaris   fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWIY A320 8259 IndiGo Airlines   fcs Test Area
F-WWDJ A320 8267 Air India VT-CIQ fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWBP A320 8286 China Southern Airlines   fcs Run Up Bay
F-WWBO A320 8290 Lucky Air   fcs Run Up Bay
F-WWIC A320 8292 Pegasus Airlines TC-NBY fcs Test Area
F-WWBU A320 8300 Avianca N779AV fcs Air France Industries
F-WWDK A320 8303 Citilink PK-GTH fcs Test Area
F-WWDV A320 8308 British Airways G-TTND fcs Test Area
F-WWIV A320 8310 IndiGo Airlines   fcs Test Area
F-WWDG A320 8320 Frontier Airlines N335FR fcs Air France Industries
F-WWBB A320 8323 Gulf Air A9C-TA fcs Mid Field Store
NO REG A320 8326 Vistara   primer Mid Field Store
F-WWDH A320 8330 Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-YRR fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWIK A320 8331 China Southern Airlines   tail cls Behind Air France Industries
NO REG A320 8340 Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-YRU fcs Mid Field Store
F-WWDA A320 8346 Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-AS77 fca * Test Area
NO REG A320 8348 China Southern Airlines   tail cls Run Up Bay
F-WWBQ A320 8354 Batik Air PK-LZI fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWBN A320 8360 Royal Brunei Airlines V8-RBC fcs Air France Industries
F-WWBM A320 8364 VivaAeroBus XA-VIL fcs * Test Area
NO REG A320 8365 British Airways G-TTNE fcs Mid Field Store
F-WWIP A320 8368 Royal Brunei Airlines V8-RBD fcs Test Area
F-WWBY A320 8380 Frontier Airlines N337FR fcs Paint
F-WWBZ A320 8384 AirAsia 9M-AGZ fcs Fit Out
F-WWIA A320 8395 Spring Airlines   tail cls Test Area
NO REG A320 8396 Peach Aviation JA821P fcs Test Area
NO REG A320 8399 Royal Brunei Airlines V8-RBE fcs Paint
NO REG A320 8400 Spirit Airlines   fcs Storage Preparation Area
NO REG A320 8408 British Airways G-TTNF tail cls Run Up Bay
NO REG A320 8411 easyJet Airline   tail cls Latercoere
NO REG A320 8414 IndiGo Airlines   tail cls Mid Field Store
NO REG A320 8419 Chongqing Airlines   tail cls Test Area
NO REG A320 8424 AirAsia   primer Fit Out
NO REG A320 8427 Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-AS83 sky team tail Fit Out
NO REG A320 8431 British Airways   tail Fit Out
NO REG A320 8434     primer Fit Out
NO REG A320 8438 Saudi Arabian Airlines   tail Production Line
NO REG A320 8462     front and rear Test Area
NO REG A320 8468     rear only Test Area
NO REG A320 8470     front only Test Area
F-WWDX A320+E29 8275 Spirit Airlines   fcs Run Up Bay
F-WBXL A330 1824 Airbus Transport International   fcs Test Area
F-WWYD A330 1840 Tianjin Airlines B-1045 fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWCI A330 1843 Lucky Air B-1004 fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWCJ A330 1844 RwandAir 9XR-WS primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WWKU A330 1847 Capital Airlines B-1043 fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWYO A330 1850 TAP Air Portugal CS-TUC fcs St Martin Lagardere
F-WWYY A330 1851 Lucky Air B-1014 fcs Test Area
F-WWCK A330 1855 Hainan Airlines B-1048 fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWKQ A330 1861 RwandAir 9XR-WT primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WWKY A330 1862 Capital Airlines B-1042 fcs Delivery Centre
F-WWKI A330 1863 Hong Kong Airlines B-LHF fcs Test Area
F-WWYM A330 1866 Lucky Air   fcs St Martin Lagardere
F-WWKS A330 1870 WOW Air TF-BIG fcs * St Martin Lagardere
F-WWYI A330 1874 Hong Kong Airlines B-LHH tail cls Test Area
F-WWYP A330 1876 Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-ANZ fcs Test Area
F-WWYN A330 1878 Nepal Airlines 9N-ALZ fcs Test Area
F-WWCG A330 1882 Level F-HLVM fcs Test Area
F-WWCE A330 1885 China Southern Airlines B-300V tail cls Outside Line
F-WWYX A330 1886 Republic of Singapore Air Force F-WWYX primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WWYS A330 1889 Shenzhen Airlines   tail cls Outside Line
F-WWCX A330 1890 Air Mauritius 3B-NBV tail cls St Martin Lagardere
F-WWKE A330 1892 TAP Air Portugal   tail cls Test Area
F-WWCO A330 1893 China Eastern Airlines   primer Production Line
F-WZFA A350 52 Sichuan Airlines   white, with logos Test Area
F-WZFK A350 60 Sichuan Airlines B-3010 fcs Test Area
F-WZFR A350 98 Capital Airlines B-1069 fcs St Martin Lagardere
F-WZGM A350 110 Qatar Airways A7-ANC fcs St Martin Lagardere
F-WZGQ A350 112 Capital Airlines B-1070 fcs St Martin Lagardere
F-WZGU A350 126 Qatar Airways A7-ALX fcs Delivery Centre
F-WZGF A350 163 Qatar Airways A7-AME fcs Test Area
F-WZHG A350 167 Air China B-1086 fcs Delivery Centre
F-WZGS A350 188 Cathay Pacific Airways B-LXC fcs Test Area
F-WZNM A350 211 Qatar Airways A7-AMH primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WZGT A350 213 Malaysia Airlines 9M-MAG fcs Delivery Centre
F-WZNQ A350 214 Qatar Airways A7-AMI primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WZNV A350 215 Qatar Airways A7-ANG primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WZNY A350 216 Singapore Airlines 9V-SGE fcs Test Area
F-WZNU A350 217 Air China B-1083 fcs Test Area
F-WZFZ A350 220 Singapore Airlines 9V-SGA tail cls Test Area
F-WZNL A350 225 Cathay Pacific Airways B-LXE tail cls St Martin Lagardere
F-WZFG A350 226 Tianjin Airlines   tail cls Test Area
F-WZNZ A350 228 Philippine Airlines RP-C3503 fcs Test Area
F-WZNG A350 229 Qatar Airways A7-ANH primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WZHI A350 230 Singapore Airlines 9V-SGC fcs Test Area
F-WZNO A350 231 Air China B-1082 fcs Test Area
F-WZHD A350 237 Qatar Airways A7-AMJ primer St Martin Lagardere
NO REG A350 238 Singapore Airlines 9V-SGF tail cls Production Line
F-WZGC A350 241 Qatar Airways   primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WZNX A350 245 Tianjin Airlines   tail cls St Martin Lagardere
NO REG A350 246 Hong Kong Airlines B-LGF tail cls St Martin Lagardere
NO REG A350 247 Air China B-1080 tail cls St Martin Lagardere
NO REG A350 248 China Eastern Airlines   tail cls St Martin Lagardere
F-WWTW A350 249 Qatar Airways   primer St Martin Lagardere
F-WZFX A350 250 LATAM Brasil   tail cls St Martin Lagardere
NO REG A350 251 Hong Kong Airlines B-LGG tail cls Outside Line
F-WZGL A350 252 Cathay Pacific Airways B-LXG tail cls Outside Line
F-WZGA A350 255 Lufthansa D-AIXL tail cls St Martin Lagardere
F-WWSY A380 252 Emirates Airline A6-EVF tail cls St Martin Lagardere
F-WWAX A380 257 Emirates Airline A6-EVH tail cls St Martin Lagardere
F-WWSA A380 259 Emirates Airline A6-EVJ tail cls St Martin Lagardere