LOG:Billund (BLL) 12/08/2018

Log and photos with credit to Dan see at Billund 12/8 1045-1400..

F-WTDC AT75 552 Satena cls, no props

OY-YAN AT75 570 white cls
OY-JZU AT75 723 SAS cls, no titles (Hangared)
PR-ATJ AT76 996 Azul cls, no titles
OY-YCP AT76 1020 Azul cls, no titles (Hangared)
OY-YCR AT76 1027 Azul cls, no titles

PR-ATU AT76 1033 Azul cls, no titles
[2-RPDI] AT76 1059 Passaredo cls (Hangared -still with PR-PDI on fuselage)
OY-YCU AT76 1086 white cls, Aeromar rudder & no props

F-HOPL AT76 1283 HOP cls (Hangared)
OY-YCG AT76 1450 white cls
OY-YCL AT76 1458 white cls
OY-YCM AT76 1464 white cls
OY-YCE AT76 1471 Far Eastern Air Transport cls


I-SMEN MD83 53013 Meridiana cls, no titles (no engines)
I-SMER MD82 49901 Meridiana cls
I-SMET MD82 49531 Meridiana cls, no titles