LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 06/04/2019

Log and pics with credit to Dan see in TLS in heavy rain... Sat 6/4/19 1010-1445 Delivery Centre area PR-XBB A20N 8495 LATAM Brasil fcs F-WWBV A20N 8596 LATAM Brasil fcs (XBC on nwd) F-WWDP A20N 8618 Volaris fcs (VRJ on nwd) B-306T A20N 8633 West Air fcs F-WWIF A20N 8720 Go Air fcs (JG... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Francazal 06/04/2019

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen at Francazal, Sat 6/4/19 1455-1535 YV2308 AT43 61 DHL cls (reg under tape) F-HBCS AT42 333 white cls (CS on nwd) 9H-AGX AT45 512 Air Botswana fcs (BP on nwd) F-WKVE AT75 565 Passaredo basic cls (fuselage only) 2-LFEA AT45 621 Satena fcs 2-GPIB AT75 707 white... Continue Reading →

Log LFBO/TLS 05Apr

Queries First:- -2x72 Primer in middle of test area, only small stenciled registrations -72 fuselage towed across test area around 1000 -3x350 Qatar fcs in test area, all blocked by other metal -320 on prod line at front (in front of Peach) fuselage and wings only Type Con Reg Operator As State Where 42 1406... Continue Reading →

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