LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 23/04/2019

My log with of sightings seen at TLS 10:30-12:30 and 17:00-23:00 on the 23rd. 380ETB = A380 engine test bay 380LAC = 380 ramp Lacotere 380R = 380 Ramp 380IPH = 380 IN prod hall 380OPH = 380 outside prod hall (E) = noted with engines (X) noted without engines - not recorded for all... Continue Reading →


Log and photos with credit to Rob van Ringelesteijn. F-WWLI ATR42 1409 EasyFly INSIDE FAL F-WWEU ATR72 1540 all white NO REG ATR72 1553 -- NEAR A320 FAL (OUTSIDE) F-WWEK ATR72 1554 EasyFly CAME OUT PAINTSHOP HK-5322-X ATR72 1554 EasyFly REG VISIBLE UNDER WING F-WWEN ATR72 1557 Indigo INSIDE FAL, YY ON NOSEDOOR F-WWEP ATR72... Continue Reading →

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