LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 06/06/2019

Log posted with permission of news group poster. Noted at Toulouse from 0745-1735cet TC = Tail colours PR = Primer () location (AFI,DC,FL,330H,380,RUB and 380N) A300 868 F-WWSX N173UP UPS A320 8635 A20N F-WWDY PR-XBD TAM (FL) dual reg carried 8850 A20N VT-WJK GOW (DC) 8860 A20N F-WWDU P4-KBJ KZR (DC) 8925 A320 XU-761 all... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 06/06/2019

Log posted with permission of news group poster. 061 ATR42 YV2308 512 ATR42 9H-AGX (1st hgr by tower) 707 ATR72 2-GPIB 811 ATR42 F-WWLY 996 ATR72 OY-YCR 1027 ATR72 OY-YCR 1033 ATR72 OY-YCS 1060 ATR72 F-WNUC (D2-BFC) Bestfly 1069 ATR72 EI-FSN FMI Air fcs 1109 ATR72 EI-FSO FMI Air fcs 1219 ATR42 F-WNUG N403SV SIL... Continue Reading →


ATR F-WWEV / ?? AT76 msn 1564 Unknown (primer) A320 A320 AIB03IV F-WWIV / CC-AZK msnĀ  8999 Sky Airline A330 AIB02CL F-WWCL / CS-TUJ 1909 TAP Air Portugal Credit : @Eurospot A350 AIB03IW F-WWIW / F-HREY msn 325 FrenchBee Credit : L'AMI DU TARMAC F-WZFH msn 326 the first A350-1000 as G-XWBA was noted by... Continue Reading →

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