Requests/Confirmation Reqd:- -42 F-WEGA No Wings or tail.  Understand this was seen also on 06 July in TLS, inside the ATR production line.  We also saw a set of ATR wings leaving on the back of a truck.  We believe this to be a mock up as the original F-WEGA that was destroyed in a... Continue Reading →

Toulouse (LFBO/TLS) Log 05 July 2019

Requests:- -A330 Lion Air fcs, test area, obscured from all angles - prob 1937 -42 in ATR fit out hangar, at the back of left hand row, tiny MSN sequence at back of aircraft visible and partially covered, only last part "EB5001" uncovered -72x 2 Primer, on back of ATR delivery centre, no reg's only... Continue Reading →

LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 06/07/2019

Log and photos with credit to Dan, Finkenwerder, Sat 6/7/19 1200-1915 ** H260 - Airbus A380 section assembly hanger no longer on tour H261 with A330 sections instead ** Lots of queries today because of parking angles, weather and the tour having changed + someone got sick on the tour bus and messed everything up... Continue Reading →

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