LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 11-01-2020

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen at Toulouse, Sat 11/1/20 0930-1800

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D0938 hex 385D5B: F-WNUG AT76 1553 Silver Airways fcs (N702SV on tail, 702 on nwd)
Delivery Centre area
SE-ROK A20N 9451 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs
F-WWKS A339 1870 light primer cls (for Citilink – PK-GYA under wing)
F-WWCK A339 1924 Azul Brasil fcs (NX on tail, nwd)
F-WWYF A339 1934 Azul Brasil fcs (NW on tail, nwd)
F-WXAV A339 1941 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TUQ on nwd)
F-WXAW A339 1954 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TUS on nwd)
B-30DM A359 351 Hainan Airlines fcs
B-30DP A359 355 Hainan Airlines fcs
Delivery Centre hangar
F-WWII A20N 9479 Air China fcs (0DF on nwd)
Fuelstation area
F-WWIU A20N 9523 Viva Aerobus fcs
F-WWBZ A20N 9528 Ernest Airlines fcs (AK on nwd) – towed from paint 14:30
Flightline area
F-WNEO A20N 6101 Airbus NEO cls
D-AVWA A19N 6464 Airbus NEO cls
D-AVXB A21N 6839 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWBM A20N 9463 JetSMART cls / Woodpecker tail (AWN on nwd)
F-WWBB A20N 9473 Egyptair fcs (FJ on nwd) -towed to hangar PM
F-WWDM A20N 9476 JetSMART cls / Turtle tail (AWO on nwd)
F-WWIZ A20N 9486 S7 Airlines fcs (TB on nwd)
F-WWDG A20N 9502 S7 Airlines fcs (TY on nwd)
F-WWBO A20N 9505 Batik Air fcs
F-WWIN A20N 9508 S7 Airlines fcs (VH on nwd)
F-WWIG? A20N 9531 Flynas fcs
F-WWSX A306 868 UPS fcs (173 on nwd)
F-WWCY A333 1865 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHG on nwd)
F-WTTO A338 1888 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWKH A333 1902 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHI on nwd)
F-WWYH A333 1907 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHJ on nwd)
F-WXWB A359 1 Airbus blue cls
F-WWCF A359 2 Airbus carbon cls
F-WMIL A35K 59 Airbus 1000 cls
F-WZFT A359 270 white cls
F-WZHH A359 378 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs (RSB on nwd)
F-WZFZ A359 379 Singapore Airlines fcs (HM on nwd)
F-WZNJ A359 381 Air France fcs (YD on nwd)
F-WZHK A359 385 Singapore Airlines fcs (HN on nwd)
F-WZFA A359 387 Asiana Airlines fcs (381 on nwd)
F-WWIW A359 392 Finnair fcs (WP on nwd)
F-WZFD A359 396 Cathay Pacific fcs (QD on nwd)
F-WZGL A359 397 Iberia tail cls, primer
+1 AT76 Silver Airways fcs (poss. 705 on nwd) seen at 10:00 on flightline
This was F-WNUG msn 1553 that departed was not seen returning
Near flightline
NO-REG A20N 10016 Primer fuselage sections
F-GXLH A337 1853 Beluga XL cls (now in service)
F-WZGG A359 3 Airbus blue cls
Tails in Beluga shed
1966 AirAsa
9574 Air Astana
Rear of Flightline
F-WWEG AT76 1596 white tail cls, primer (T3159663S596)
F-WWEN AT76 1622 white cls
Factory area
F-WWIC A320 9313 Thai Air Force cls (Hangar)
ATR Hangar
F-WWES AT76 1561 white tail cls, primer (T31561ZZ3001)
F-WWEG AT76 1573 white tail cls, sand primer (was T315736E3029)
F-WWEE AT76 1594 Wings Air fcs (JR on nwd)
F-WWEI AT76 1598 white tail cls, light primer (T3159863S598) -towed out 1630
NO-REG AT76 1600 white tail cls, primer (T3160063S600)
NO-REG AT76 1623 white tail cls, primer (T3162363S623)
F-WWES AT76 1626 Braathens Regional fcs (MKM on nwd) -towed to flightline 1730
F-WWET AT76 1627 white tail cls, primer (T3162763S627)
NO-REG AT76 1629 white tail cls, primer (T3162963S629
NO-REG AT76 1636 Primer fuselage (T3163663S636)
NO-REG AT76 1641 Primer fuselage (T3164163S641)
Outside front of ATR Hangar area
NO-REG AT76 1542 white tail cls, primer (T315426E3019)
NO-REG AT76 1635 white tail cls, primer (T3163863S635) -towed to ATR hangar 1700
Near A330 Halls
F-WWKF A332 1960 Primer cls (for MRTT)
F-WWKT A332 1965 Primer fuselage (for MRTT)
F-WZFP A35K 372 Qatar Airways fcs (NP on nwd)
F-WZGS A359 412 Primer fuselage (for Ethiopian Airlines)
F-WZFN A359 414 Aeroflot tail cls, primer
Engine test bay area
F-WTTE A339 1813 Airbus NEO cls
AFR Tech Ramp
F-HZFM A320 5887 Air France fcs
F-WTAM A320 9037 white cls (762 on nwd)
AFR Tech Hangar
F-WXAI A320 6447 Vanilla Air fcs (08VA on nwd)
A330/350/380 area
F-WWCJ A339 1844 Rwandair fcs (WS on nwd) -on flightline AM
F-WWKQ A339 1861 Rwandair fcs (WT on nwd)
F-WWYI A333 1874 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHH on nwd)
F-WZFY A359 283 white cls
F-WWAW A359 400 Evelop Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WZNU A359 408 China Eastern tail cls, primer
F-WZND A35K 409 Primer cls, Qatar Airways winglets
F-WZGV A359 410 Finnair tail cls, primer
F-WZFS A359 411 China Southern Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WZGE A359 413 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
Northern area A350 area
F-WZGQ A35K 380 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
F-WZHE A359 393 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
F-WZNO A359 404 Delta Air Lines tail cls, primer
Near Biz Ramp
M-AMRM AT72 826 Fly540 fcs (826 on nwd)

LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 11-01-2020

Log and pics with credit to Dan. Seen at Francazal, Sat 11/1/20 1120-1220

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NO-REG AT43 61 ex DHL cls (ex YV2308)
F-GPYD AT45 490 Loganair cls (RA above cockpit, nwd)
F-WNUH AT45 608 Aeromar cls
2-LFEA AT45 621 white cls
F-WWLY AT46 811 ATR blue cls
F-WWLK AT46 1411 Silver Airways fcs (407 on nwd)
F-WWLQ AT46 1416 white tail cls, light primer
F-WKVB AT72 467 white cls
F-WKVH AT75 700 white cls (Philippines flag on rf)
2-GPIB AT75 707 white cls
M-ABMB AT75 771 Jet Airways fcs
M-ABMH AT75 775 Jet Airways fcs
M-ABMC AT75 791 Jet Airways fcs
M-ABMD AT75 793 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAO AT75 924 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAP AT75 928 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAQ AT75 932 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAR AT75 933 Jet Airways fcs (paint hangar)
2-HOPY AT76 1237 Far Eastern Air Transport fcs
2-HOPL AT76 1283 Far Eastern Air Transport cls, no titles
F-WTAQ AT76 1498 white tail cls, primer
F-WWEL AT76 1555 Silver Airways fcs (703 on nwd)
F-WWEM AT76 1556 Wings 80th ATR cls (JQ on nwd)
F-WWEY AT76 1564 Cubana fcs (CU-T1547)
F-WWEW AT76 1565 Silver Airways fcs (704 on nwd)
F-WWEX AT76 1566 IndiGo fcs
F-WWED AT76 1570 IndiGo fcs
F-WWEI AT76 1575 Cubana fcs (CU-T1721)
F-WWER AT76 1583 white cls
F-WWEB AT76 1591 Braathens Regional fcs (MKP on nwd)
F-WKVC AT76 ???? US-Bangla fcs (AKK on nwd)
F-WKVI AT76 ???? US-Bangla fcs (AKL on nwd)
UR-AJD A320 1390 AtlasGlobal cls
F-HBAP A320 4675 Aigle Azur fcs
F-HBAO A320 4589 Aigle Azur fcs
F-HBIX A320 6012 Aigle Azur fcs
F-WWIH A320 8845 Chengdu Airlines fcs
F-WTAN A320 9122 white cls (763 on nwd)
F-WWBS A320 9185 Chengdu Airlines fcs
F-WWDI A20N 9460 Capital Airlines fcs (B-30CG)
F-GZHV B738 29444 Transavia France fcs
5227 C130 5227 French Air Force
I-SKYB E120 120087 white cls, Skybridge titles
A6-RRA E145 145398 Rotana Jet cls