LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 23/06/2020

Log with credit to Carsten seen 17-18h at Francazal ATR42/72704 F-HBCL Chalair919 M-IBAM Jet AW920 M-IBAN Jet AW924 M-IBAO Jet AW928 M-IBAP Jet AW932 M-IBAQ Jet AW??? ?????? Jet AW1237 2-HOPY FEAT1283 2-HOPL FEAT1288 F-HOPN aws1416 F-WWLQ Primer w/t1556 F-WWEM Wings1561 F-WWES Primer w/t1565 F-WWEW Silver AW1566 F-WWEX Indigo1570 F-WWED Indigo1573 F-WWEG Indigo1591 F-WWEB BRA1594... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 22/02/2020

Log with credit to Dan and Carsten seen at Toulouse, Sat 22/2/20 1020-2000 Credit : Dan Raistrick   Movements D1018: F-WKVH AT76 1555 Silver Airways fcs (703 on nwd) [Hex 385C1B] D1020 AIB06GL: F-WZGL A359 397 Iberia fcs (NIG on nwd) A1114 AIB06GL: F-WZGL A359 397 Iberia fcs (NIG on nwd) A1515 CNF001K: EC-JEV AT75... Continue Reading →

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