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Please check out our new sister site TLS Watch Daily This site will continue to host spotter logs from visits to TLS. If you have such a log and would like to share it please get in touch.

A330 / A340 Production Status Up to Date

The A330 and A340 production status pages are now being maintained again after a gap of a few months. All historical data has been populate where possible. We hope to have the A320 pages up and running again shortly as both sections were popular parts of the site but time consuming to maintain.  

Site News

Following a little break over the summer the A320 Production Status and the A330/340 Productions Status page have now been updated and will continue to be regularly updated now that the flying activities at Airbus have resumed.


We are swapping web hosts so you may find the site down occassionaly or broken links. All the logs from 2007 have been moved across so please check the Archives or use Search. A380Spotter has just got back from Toulouse so we will have another log soon.... photos from the trip are already up on... Continue Reading →

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