TLS Flight Activity 3rd March 2015


F-WWEJ / 9M-FIE ATR 72-600 msn 1235 Firefly
F-WWEM / PK-WGY ATR 72-600 msn 1238 Wings


AIB01BD F-WWBD / EC-MER msn 6510 Vueling ( TLS – XFW )
AIB02IT F-WWIT / PK-GQJ msn 6503 Garuda Citilink ( XFW – TLS )
AIB03DL F-WWDL / N639NK msn 6487 Spirit
AIB03BS F-WWBS / A6-AOH msn 6481 Air Arabia
AIB04BS F-WWBS / A6-AOH msn 6481 Air Arabia


AIB02KD F-WWKD / B-5971 MSN 1614 Hainan Airlines (CHR – TLS)
A333  Hainan Airlines B-5971(F-WWKD)   /  5059
Credit : 330_340
AIB02KN F-WWKN / B-LBK msn 1621 Cathay Pacific ( TLS – CHR )
A330-300 Cathay Pacific  B-LBK(F-WWKN) - sn 1621   /  5007
Credit : 330_340


AIB13FB F-WZFB / A7-ALB msn 007 Qatar Airways

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 25th February 2015 (11:00 – 21:50)


F-WWBV 6347 Al-Maha – DC

F-WWBH 6455 Saudi Gulf – DC

F-WWDU 6458 Kuwait – DC

TC-DCE 6465 Pegasus (aws) – DC / departed on Del.

F-WWIO 6467 Al-Maha – flight line

(F-WWIQ/ZK-OXH) (6471) Air New Zealand – in DC hanger

F-WWBC 6474 Saudi Gulf – in A350 prod hall (seen but not identified back on flight line 20:30)

F-WWBK 6476 Kuwait – DC

ZS-SZJ 6478 SAA – DC

(F-WWBS) 6481 Air Arabia – flight line

(F-WWDL) (6487) Spirit – inside ATR prod hall

(F-WWDY) (6489) Wizz – landed while the Easyjet flight was boarding – on FR24

(F-WWIC) (6492) Air Asia – inside ATR prod hall

F-WWIS 6500 Kuwait – flight line – dept XFW

F-WWIT 6503 Garuda Citilink – flight line

F-WWIX 6505 Batik – flight line – LAL nwd

(F-WWIZ) 6507 Spirit – flight line

F-WWBX 6524 Spring to – fuel test

F-WWDC 6527 Etihad to – fuel test

(F-WWBC) (6533) Air New Zealand to – outside 320 prod hall late afternoon


F-WWKL 1550 Avianca – DC

JA330G 1592 Skymark – DC

5A-LAU 1543 Libyan – DC

F-WWCH 1602 Cebu – DC

F-WWCP 1604 Sri Lankan – DC

LV-FVH 1605 Aerolineas Argentinas – in DC hanger

(F-WWCS) (1607) Skymark – in C63 hanger

F-WWCU 1608 primer – stored midfield near ATRs – windows taped up.

F-WWCX 1610 yellow primer – stored flight line – windows taped up

F-WWCT 1612 Air Asia X fcs – stored flight line with engines – windows taped up

F-WWYN 1615 Hawaiian fcs – flight line

F-WWKV 1617 CES to – stored midfield near ATRs  – windows taped up / engines on.

F-WWYA 1618 CPA to – parked midfield near ATRs – no engines

F-WWKN 1621 CPA to – flightline – engine runs

F-WWYF 1622 THY fcs – outside A330 prod hall

F-WWYR 1624 Skymark to – outside A330 prod hall

F-WWKH 1629 THY to – parked midfield near ATRs – no engines

F-WWKR 1631 TAR to – outside A330 prod hall (late afternoon 5pm+)

(F-WWYD) (1632) CES to – inside A330 prod hall

(F-WWYL) 1634 CHH to  – inside A330 prod hall

(F-WWYM) (1635) Skymark to – poste 35A

REQ : A330 seen on landing on Easyjey (LGW-TLS) about 11:15 A330 being towed up to C63 or finishing bays


(F-WZFB) (007) Qatar – in DC Hanger

(F-WZF-) 013 Primer (for Qatar) – in C63 hanger

(F-WZFM) 18 FIN (to) – parked outside A330 prod halls (FWZFM active on FR24)


F-WWAG 186 EK to – engine runs

F-WWAH 187 EK to – A380 flightline – told came out earlier on the 25th

F-WWAK 188 EK to – engines on *seen on tour

F-WWAK 189 QR to – engines on *seen on tour

F-WWAK 190 EK to – no engines  *seen on tour

Plus 2 ex Skymark


VT-AIT 1226 Air India – parked with demo ATRs

HK-5109-X 1231 Avianca – flight line / delivered pm

F-WWEG 1232 Azul fcs – flight line (back)

F-WWEJ 1235 Firefly fcs – out side PH in the afternoon for a bit

F-WWEK 1236 Firefly fcs- flight line (back)

(F-WWEL) 1237 All white – inside PH

F-WWEP 1240 UniAir fcs – flight line / small hanger outside

F-WWEQ 1241 Azul fcs – outside production hall for a while during pano tour

F-WWES 1243 Garuda fcs – inside PH

F-WWE- 1249 Primer – cn read during pano tour.

Also noted but not read by me around 6pm 1247,1248 and 1250 and sections under construction 1252,1253,1255,1256,1257,1258,1259


Log: Toulouse 25-2-15

Noted at very wet Toulouse yesterday. Straight from the book so apologies for any errors.
First post here so am hoping it is set out okay.
F-WWBX 6524 Spring fcs
F-WWDU 6458 Kuwait fcs
F-WWBV 6347 Al-Maha
F-WWIT 6503 Citilink
TC-DCE 6465 all white departed on delivery
F-WWIX 6505 Batik  ‘LAL Nwd
F-WWDC 6527 Etihad
F-WWBK 6476 Kuwait
F-WWIS 6500 Kuwait
F-WWIO 6467 Al-Maha
F-WWBH 6455 Saudi Gulf
ZS-SZJ 6479 South African
F-WWIZ 6507 Spirit
F-WWAG 186 Emirates
F-WWSN 167
F-WWSL 162
F-WW??  ??? Emirates
F-WWCP 1604 Sri Lankan
F-WWKL 1550 Avianca
JA330G 1592 Skymark
N375HA 1606 Hawaiian dept. on delivery
5A-LAU 1543 Libyan
F-WWCH 1602 Cebu
F-WWCS 1607 Skymark
(F-WWYI) 1619 Air Asia X not read off
(F-WWCT) 1612 Air Asia X not read off
F-WWYA 1618 Cathay not read off
(F-WWYN) 1615 Hawaiian not read off
F-WWCO  ?? primer
F-WWCX 1610 Primer
(F-WWKV) 1617 Malaysian not read off
F-WWYF 1622 THY ‘JOH’ Nwd
F-WWYR 1624 Skymark
F-WWCU 1608 Avianca
(F-WWYD) 1632 C/East not read off
(F-WWYN) 1615 Hawaiian not read off
F-…. 18 Finnair tail
F-…. 13 noted in hanger
F-WWEG 1232 Azul
PR-WGW 1234 Wings departed on delivery
F-WWED 1241 Azul
F-WWES 1243 Garuda ‘AJ’ Nwd
F-WWEL 1237 All white
F-WW.. 1249 primer
VT-AIT 1226 Air India
F-WWEK 1236 Azul ‘QY’ ontail
F-WWEG 1232 Azul ‘QW’ on tail
HK-5109-X 1231 Avianca
F-WWLC 1018 LIAT ‘LIM’ Nwd
F-WWEP 1240 Uni
Steve Scott
Assistant Editor – Aviation Letter
Roumagne, France


LOG: TLS Mon 23rd Feb 2015 1630 to Tue 24th Feb 2015 1700

320s [19)

6347 F-WWBV (A7-LAA) Al Maha Airways fcs dc

6455 F-WWBH (HZ-SGA) Saudi Gulf Airlines fcs dc

6458 F-WWDU (9K-AKG) Kuwait Airways fcs dc

6463 N638NK Spirit Airlines fcs dc dep on delivery 0821 on 24th as ‘NKS9638’

6465 TC-DCE Pegasus Airlines aws dc dep on delivery 24th

6467 F-WWIO (A7-LAB) Al Maha Airways fcs fl

6471 F-WWIQ (ZK-OXH) Air New Zealand fcs dc

6474 F-WWBC (HZ-SGB) Saudi Gulf Airlines fcs fl

6476 F-WWBK (9K-AKH) Kuwait Airways fcs towed from fl to dc on 24th

6478 F-WWBM (ZS-SZJ) South African Airways fcs dc

6500 F-WWIS (9K-AKI) Kuwait Airways fcs fl 24th only

6503 F-WWIT (PK-GQJ) Citilink fcs fl

6505 F-WWIX (PK-LAL) Batik Air fcs fl 24th only

6507 F-WWIZ (N640NK) Spirit Airlines fcs fl 24th only

6518 F-WWBU (EC-MES) Vueling Airlines fcs ft 23rd only

6522 (F-WWDH) (B-50005) Tigerair Taiwan to ft

6524 F-WWBX (B-1657) Spring Airlines to ft 24th only

6527 F-WWDC (A6-EJA) Etihad Airways to ft 23rd only

6529 (F-WW**) (A7-***) Al Maha Airways to ft 24th only

330s [22]

1543 5A-LAU Libyan Airlines fcs dc

1550 F-WWKL (N*****) Avianca Cargo fcs dc

1592 JA330G Skymark Airlines fcs dc

1602 F-WWCH (RP-C3346) Cebu Pacific Air fcs dc

1604 F-WWCP (4R-ALN) SriLankan Airlines fcs fl tail number ‘LN’

1605 F-WWKD (LV-FVH) Aerolineas Argentinas fcs dc tail number ‘VH’

1606 N375HA Hawaiian Airlines fcs dc

1607 F-WWCS (JA330K) Skymark Airlines fcs fl first flight 24th ‘AIB01CS’

1608 F-WWCU (PR-***) Avianca Brasil prm fl

1610 (F-WWCX) (EC-331) Royal Air Force fl sand prm

1612 (F-WWCT) (9M-XXZ) AirAsia X fcs fl

1613 F-WWCZ (7T-VJA) Air Algerie fcs iph

1615 F-WWYN (N378HA) Hawaiian Airlines fcs fl 24th only

1617 F-WWKV (B-5973) China Eastern to fl

1618 F-WWYA (B-LBJ) Cathay Pacific fcs fl

1619 F-WWYI (9M-***) Airasia X to fl

1621 F-WWKN (B-LBK) Cathay Pacific to fl

1622 F-WWYF (TC-JOH) Turkish Airlines fcs oph 24th only

1624 F-WWYR (JA330L) Skymark Airlines to oph

1627 F-WWYX (N822NW) Delta Air Lines to fl

1629 F-WWKH (TC-JOI) Turkish Airlines to oph 24th only

1632 (F-WWYD) (B-5976) China Eastern iph 23rd only

350s [5]

007 F-WZFB (A7-ALB) Qatar Airways fcs dc 23rd only

(014) (F-WZFI) (VN-****) Vietnam Airlines prm iph 24th am only

015 (F-WZFJ) (VN-****) Vietnam Airlines prm iph 24th am only

016 (F-WZFK) (VN-****) Vietnam Airlines prm oph 24th am only

018 (F-WZFM) (OH-LWA) Finnair to oph 24th pm only

380s [2]

0186 F-WWAG (A6-EOL) Emirates to fl

0191 (F-WWSA) (A6-***) Etihad to oph being pushed in

ATRs [6]

1018 42 F-WWLC (V2-LIM) LIAT fcs towed ex Latecoere to dc on 24th am

1226 72 VT-AIT Air India Regional fcs hangar ramp area

1231 72 (F-WWEF) (HK-5109-X) Avianca fcs dc

1237 72 F-WWEL (F-****) HOP! aws hangar ramp area

1238 72 F-WWEM (PK-WGY) Wings Abadi Air fcs towed to Latecoere 24th pm

(1240) 72 (F-WWEP) (B-17015) Uni Air fcs rear of ATR dc

Bob Smith

Nr Lichfield



LOG: TLS Blagnac 17th – 18th February 2015

Log thanks to Kev Stokes and friends.
5768/F-WTBJ Corporate
6347/F-WWDV Al Maha fcs (to A7-LAA) DC
6455/F-WWBH Saudia Gulf fcs (to HZ-SGA) DC
6458/F-WWDU Kuwait Airways fcs (to 9K-AKG) FL arrvd from XFW
6460/F-WWDZ Air New Zealand fcs – seen as ZK-OXG on 18th DC
6463/F-WWIE Spirit fcs (to N638NK) FL, DC on 18th
6465/F-WWIG all white (for Pegasus TC-DCE)
6467/F-WWIO Al Maha fcs (to A7-LAB) FL arrvd from XFW 18th only
6471/F-WWIQ Air New Zealand fcs (to ZK-OXH) FL 18th only
6478/F-WWBM South African fcs (to ZS-SZJ) arrvd from XFW
6487/F-WWDL Spirit fcs (to N639NK, ferried to XFW) 17th only
6489/F-WWDY Wizz fcs (to HA-LYL) FL
6494/F-WWIH Al Maha fcs (to A7-…) FL
6498/F-WWIP Vietjet fcs FL
6510/F-WWBD primer/Vueling tail FT
6513/F-WWBN primer/Vistara tail FT
6516/F-WWBP primer/Kuwait tail (reg from db) FT
6518/F-WWBU primer/Vueling tail (reg from db) 17th only
1543/5A-LAU Libyan fcs DC
1592/JA330G Skymark fcs DC
1598/B-LBI Cathay Pacific fcs DC
1601/EC-332 (for RAF ZZ342) dept on 17th
1602/F-WWCH Cebu Pacifc fcs (to RP-C3346) FL 18th only
1603/B-5968 China Eastern fcs (dept on delivery) DC
1604/F-WWCP Sri Lankan fcs ‘LN’ FL
1606/F-WWCR Hawaiian fcs (to N375HA) FL, DC on 18th
1607/F-WWCS Skymark fcs FL
1608/F-WWCU primer (for Avianca) FL
1609/9V-SSF Singapore Airlines fcs (ex F-WWCV, reg not read, only nwd)
1610/F-WWCX brown primer (for RAF ZZ343) FL
1615/F-WWYN Hawaiian fcs ‘378’ OPH 18th only
1617/F-WWKV primer/China Eastern tail FL
1619/F-WWYI primer/AirAsia tail FL
1621/F-WWKN primer/Cathay Pacific tail OPH
1624/F-WWYR (Skymark tail) PS
1625/F-WWYU primer/China Southern tail FL
1626/F-WWYV primer/Kuwait Airways tail OPH
1627/F-WWYX primer/Delta tail OPH
0007/F-WZFB Qatar fcs DC
0017/F-WZFL brown primer/Vietnam winglets (reg from db) OPH
5000/    Static test frame
A Finnair 350 was seen when passing on the tour bus in the prod hall
162/F-WWSL (ex Skymark)
167/F-WWSN (ex Skymark)
180/F-WWAZ primer/Etihad tail
184/F-WWSU primer/Emirates tail
200/F-WWSV primer/Emirates tail (reg from db) IPH 17th only
1226/VT-AIT Air India fcs FL
1231/F-WWEF Avianca fcs FL OPH
1232/F-WWEQ? Azul fcs ‘QW’ OPH 17th only – reported elsewhere as WWEG
1235/F-WWEJ Firefly fcs FL
1241/F-WWEO? Azul fcs ‘QZ’ OPH 18th only – reported elsewhere as WWEQ
1248/    primer/ OPH 17th only
1252/    primer/ IPH 17th only
1257/    primer/barrel only 17th only towed from Latecoures
1258/    primer/barrel only 17th only, towed to Latecoures
TLS 17/02;
RA-82045 AN124
F-HBAL A320 Aigle Azur
TLS 18/02;
UR-82072 AN124
Francazal 18/02
+ 2 all white unmarked ATR72’s