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TLS Flight Activity 10th December 2015


F-WWEX /  PR-AK? msn 1294 Azul ( TLS – CHR – TLS – LFBF in primer)
F-WWEL / ?? msn 1306? Unknown ( TLS CHR )


AIB02IZ F-WWIZ / B-8069 msn 6898 Tianjin Airlines ( XFW – TLS )
AIB04BQ F-WWBQ / XA-VAQ msn 6886 Viva Aerobus (AIB04BQ also used 9th)


AIB01YA F-WWYA / A7-AFI msn 1688 Qatar Airways Cargo
A330-200F QATAR CARGO MSN 1688//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Credit : Jérémy Le roch

AIB01YF F-WWYF / 4R-ALR msn 1689 Srilankan Airways

AIB04FN F-WZFN / OH-LWB msn 019 Finnair

TLS Flight Activity 22nd October 2015


AIB04BP F-WWBP / PR-OCT msn 6800 Avianca Brasil


AIB02KT F-WWKT / B-8118 msn 1686 Hainan ( TLS – CHR )
AIB03TN F-WWTN / PK-LEF msn 1675 Lion Air
AIB03TQ F-WWTQ / 9K-APD msn 1678 Kuwait Airways
AIB03TR F-WWTR / N825NW msn 1679 Delta ( CHR – TLS )
AIB04TK F-WWTK / N379HA msn 1672 Hawaiian
AIB04TP F-WWTP / B-8117 msn 1677 Hainan Airlines


AIB01FN F-WZFN / OH-LWB msn 019 Finnair
Msn19 22/10/2015//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

TLS Flight Activity 16th September 2015


F-WWEU / ? ATR72-600 msn 1268 Unknown (Info/confirmation required) ( TLS – LFBF )


AIB01IR F-WWIR / B-8283 msn 6784 Qingdao Airlines ( TLS – TLS )
AIB03BY F-WWBY / PK-GQL MSN 6753 Citilink Express
AIB03IH F-WWIH / VT-TTH msn 6735 Vistata

PK-LAQ msn 6722 delivered as PKLAQ (hexcode 8A0519) ex F-WWDK


AIB02YH F-WWYH / ? msn 1667 Singapore Air Force MRTT

LN-RKR msn 1660 delivered as SAS9139 (hexcode 478D42) ex F-WWYJ

AIB01FM F-WZFM / OH-LWA msn 019
Finnair A350-941 msn 018//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Credit : DN280

TLS Ground Activity 23rd July 2015

Information provided today about the latest movements in the A350 production cycle today from photos by Jujug Spotting and Jérémy Le roch.

As tweeted by Finnair, MSN 019 has now been painted in OneWorld colours and was seen on the stands near the A380 plant today.

2th Airbus A350-900 Finnair cn 019 F-WZFN -> OH-LWB

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsCredit : Jujug Spotting

A350-900 FINNAIR (ONEWORLD MEMBER) MSN19 F-WZFN FUTUR OH-LWB//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Credit : Jérémy Le roch

MSN 026 the first for Singapore Airlines was also moved to be parked near the A380 production halls today.

First Airbus A350 Singapore Airlines cn 026 F-WZFU -> 9V-???

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsCredit : Jujug Spotting

1ER A350-900 SINGAPORE AIRLINES MSN26 F-WZFU FUTUR 9V-SUA//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Credit : Jérémy Le roch

In one photo Jujug Spotting confirms that msns 019, 23, 25 and 26 are currently parked outside at this location.

Airbus A350 Finnair and Singapore Airlines msn 19, 23, 25 and 26

Credit : Jujug Spotting//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

TLS Ground Activity 31st March 2015 – A350 msn 019

Clément Alloing posted a photo this morning of msn 019 on its way towards the A380 production side of the field (JLL – J.L. Lagardère). At this stage it is not clear if it is going for further work in a spare hanger or into paint. MSN 019 is expected to carry test registration F-WZFN before being delivered to Finnair as OH-LWB.

Finnair Airbus A350-941 cn 019 F-WZFN // OH-LWB
Credit : Clément Alloing

Update: In a later photo posted by A380_TLS_A350 we can see that msn 019 is using one of the tent structures built near the A380 prod halls. The photo also shows msn 12 F-WZFG / A7-ALG being worked on partially under cover.

Msn12-19 31/3/2015

Credit : A380_TLS_A350