ATR F-WWEJ / VT-IYE AT76 msn 1484 F-IndiGo Airlines PR-AKL msn 1367 delivered as AZU9840 ( hexcode E493E8 ) A320 AIB01BP F-WWBP / G-EZRU msn 8165 easyJet Airline AIB01BU F-WWBU / HZ-AS72 msn 8161 Saudia A350 AIB01GE F-WZGE / HS-THN msn 201 Thai Airways International Credit : A380_TLS_A350 AIB02FC F-WZFC / 9M-MAE msn 195 Malaysia Airlines Credit : A380_TLS_A350 N508DN... Continue Reading →


ATR F-WWEK msn 1485 AT76 Indigo? (aws) A320 AIB01DO F-WWDO / A6-AOV msn 8149 Air Arabia Credit : @Eurospot A330 AIB01YY F-WWYY /  B-1014 msn 1851 Lucky Airlines Credit : L'AMI DU TARMAC A350 AIB02FF F-WZFF / HL7771 msn 198 Asiana ( TLS - XFW ) AIB03GL F-WZGL / N508DL msn 190 Delta B-LGD msn 187 delivered... Continue Reading →


A320 AIB01BE F-WWBE / HZ-AS69 msn 8124 Saudia 9M-AGV msn 8017 delivered as AXM9953 ( hexcode 750470 ) ex F-WWDM A350 AIB01GB F-WZGB / VN-A896 msn 0192 Vietnam Airlines Credit : A380_TLS_A350 AIB02GL F-WZGL / N508DL msn 190 Delta Credit : A380_TLS_A350

TLS Ground Activity 15th April 2015

Based on the title on this upload by  A380_TLS_A350 A380 F-WWAR msn 190 for Emirates as A6-EOO conducted her first engine run today. Also of note in the foreground of the photo is the fuselage section ATR of msn 1265 being towed towards the ATR FAL. Credit : A380_TLS_A350

TLS Ground Activity 2nd February 2015

A new colour scheme and owner was revealed today for F-WTAD msn 5792 anAirbus A319-115(CJ) which arrived in TLS all white in November 2013. Credit : Florent Péraudeau Two Emirates ground movements today caught by A380_TLS_A350 in addition to the departure of MSN 182 to Hamburg XFW. F-WWSU / A6-EOK msn 184 is now out on the flight... Continue Reading →

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