ATR F-WWEC msn 1523? A320 AIB01IU F-WWIU / PR-YRU msn 8340 Azul HS-CBI msn 8391 delivered as AIQ8391 ( hexcode 880C49 ) ex F-WWBF N779AV msn 8300 delivered as N779AV ( hexcode AA8A8A ) ex F-WWBU A330 AIB99CE F-WWCE / B-300V msn 1885 China Southern ( TLS - TSN ) F-HLVM msn 1882 delivered as BOS10 ( hexcode 39AEAC... Continue Reading →


A320 F-WWDY msn 8444 to be CC-AZC for Sky Airlines now painted but waiting for engines. Credit : Clément Alloing AIB01IB F-WWIB / N332FR msn 8307 Frontier AIB03IP F-WWIP / V8-RBD msn 8368 Royal Brunei VT-IVQ msn 8387 delivered as VTIVQ ( hexcode 800CDD ) ex F-WWDQ A350 AIB08FK F-WZFK / B-3010 msn 60 Sichuan Airlines A380... Continue Reading →

LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 23/7/2018

Log with thanks to the “EDBO Team” in LFHI’s absence. Log revised 30th July. KEY LOCATION APRON 3 Ramp between Fuel Test & Flight Line/Midfield B7 Building 7 B8 Building 8 B9 Building 9 BB9 Behind Building 9 B14 Building 14 OB14 Outside building 14 B214 Building 214 OB221 Between paint shops (B220-221) B241-244 Building... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 21/07/2018

Log with credit to Dan seen Sat 21/7/18 0835-1700 and by myself 08:45-14:00 Flightline D-AVXA A21N 6673 Airbus NEO cls F-WWBT A20N 7181 Primer cls F-WWBU A20N 8300 Avianca fcs (779 on nwd) F-WWDK A20N 8303 Citilink fcs (TI on nwd) F-WWDG A20N 8320 Frontier Airlines fcs / Jo Jo the Grizzly Bear tail (335... Continue Reading →


A320 F-WWIN msn 8326 noted as VT-ATV in unusual colour scheme. Was expected to be VT-TNL for Vistara. Credit : dn280tls AIB02BX F-WWBX / VT-CIP msn 8225 Air India Credit : Guillaume Carré A330 AIB01XL F-WBXL msn 1824 Airbus Credit : dn280tls AIB04KP F-WWKP / ?  msn 1883 Korean Air Force Credit : Guillaume Carré A350 B-LXC msn 188 delivered... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 19/07/2018

Log with credit to Colin for 19 July 2018, these are difference to Bob Smiths log for Wednesday. A320   WWBB/8323 Gulf Air fcs static prod line WW??/8441 Scoot tail colours static prod line WWDY/8444 Sky Airline tail colours outside prod hangar 8466 Starflyer tail colours, 8472, 8474, 8476 fuselages all on moving prod line A330... Continue Reading →


ATR VT-RKJ msn 1439 delivered as VT-RKJ ex F-WWEK F-WWEU msn 1517 active on ground as ATR1517 A320 AIB01BF F-WWBF / HS-CBI msn 8391 ThaiAirAsia AIB01BN F-WWBN / V8-RBC msn 8360 Royal Brunei Credit : Clément Alloing AIBDV2  F-WWDV /  G-TTND msn 8308 British Airways ( not AIB03DV as expected ) AIB03BZ F-WWBZ / 9M-AGZ msn 8384 AirAsia AIB03IC F-WWIC / TC-NBY msn... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 18/07/2018

Log with credit to Bob Smith and friends. Here is a log for a 'hotter than yow' TLS yesterday. As usual, I do not include long term stored or Airbus house aircraft. Usual notes apply: 320s     8204    F-WWIS    (B-****)    Capital    fcs    LAT (old Latecoere ramp) 8209    F-WWBS    (VT-WGR)    Go Air    fcs    dc 8225    F-WWBX    (VT-CIP)    Air India    fcs    dc 8282    F-WWBG    (B-301J)    China Southern    fcs    rh ('roundhouse'  blast screen at northern end of field) 8290    F-WWBO    (B-300L)    Lucky Air    fcs    rh    stored... Continue Reading →


A320 NEO F-WWDF msn 8443 for FlyNas noted unpainted Credit : A380_TLS_A350 AIB02DQ FWWDQ / VT-IVQ msn 8387 Indigo ( CHR - TLS ) Credit : @Eurospot A330 AIB01CG F-WWCG / F-HLVM msn 1882 Level Credit : Eric GUTIERREZ A350 AIB01FG F-WZFG / B- msn 226 Tianjin Airlines Credit : @Eurospot AIB01HC F-WZHC / EC-MYX  msn 227 Iberia Credit :  A380_TLS_A350 AIB02NZ... Continue Reading →


A320 AIB03DV F-WWDV / G-TTND msn 8308 British Airways AIB06BS F-WWBS / VT-WGR msn 8209 Go Air A330 AIB03YN F-WWYN / 9N-ALZ msn 1878 Nepal Airlines A350 AIB03GZ F-WZGZ /B-1085  msn 178 Air China

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