LOG : Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 30/07/2019

Log posted with permission of news group poster.

Noted from 1020-1930 (cet)
PR= Primer
TC= Primer/Tail Colours
If no comment, then in full colours
(location seen)
868  F-WWSX  N173UP  UPS (FL)
9037  A320  F-WTAM  XU-762  KME (AFI) white
9064  A20N  F-WWIT  B-308W  CES (FL to DC)
9075  A20N  F-WXAY  N927NK  NKS (DC)
9096  A20N  EC-NFI  VLG (DC) (departed on delivery)
9104  A320  F-WWBN  HK-5327  VVC (FL)
9110  A20N  G-UZLH  EZY (DC) (departed on delivery)
9122  A320  F-WWIT  XU-763  KME (Fuel) white
9130  A20N  F-WWDX  9M-RAS  AXM (fuel)
9136  A20N  F-WWBV  VQ-BRX  SVR (FL to DC)
9137  A20N  F-WWIK  B-309Y  CSN (FL)
9140  A20N  F-WWDN  VQ-BTO  SBI (FL)
9144  A20N  F-WWDI  EC-NFJ  VLG (TC) (FL)
9148  A20N  F-WWIQ  XA-V..  VIV (FL)
9152  A20N  F-WWIC  N…NK  NKS fcs (FL)
9155  A20N  F-WWDP  VT-IJ.  IGO (FL)
9166  A20N  F-WWBK  N…VL  VOI (FL)
9172  A20N  F-WWIO  B-….  OTC (fuel)
9188  A20N  F-WWDI  A9C-TD  GFA (TC) (Nr FL)
9194  A20N  F-WW..  CC-…  JAT (PR) (fit out) Marked F-WW..
1844  A39N  F-WWCJ  9XR-WS  RWD (DC)
1861  A39N  F-WWKQ  9XR-WT  RWD (380)
1863  A333  F-WWKI  B-LHF  CRK (380)
1870  A39N  F-WWKS (TF-BIG)  WOW (RUB)
1887  A39N  F-WWCU (TF-MOG)  WOW (EUB)
1895  A39N  F-WWKR  PR-ANY  AZU (330Hgr to FL)
1901  A39N  F-WWYG  HS-XJA  TAX (FL)
1903  A39N  F-WWYL  HS-XJB  TAX (380)
1918  A39N  F-WWYQ  CS-TUM  TAP (380)
1922  A39N  F-WWYD  CS-TUO  TAP (FL)
1924  A39N  F-WWCK  PR-ANX  AZU (RUB)
1925  A39N  F-WWCG  CS-TUP  TAP (TC) (FL)
1927  A39N  PK-LEJ  LNI (DC)
1929  A39N  F-WWCI  CS-TKY  HFY (FL)
1931  A39N  F-WWYS  N403DX  DAL (FL)
1936  A332  F-WWKU  F-HLVN  BOS (TC) (380)
1937  A39N  F-ONEO  ACI (DC)
1938  A39N  F-WWYV  F-ONET  ACI (330hgr)
1941  A39N  F-WWKA  CS-TUQ  TAP (TC) (RUB)
1942  MRTT  F-WWKO  EC-…  CTM (PR) (380)
1943  A39N  F-WWCP  CS-TUR  TAP (TC) (RUB)
1945  MRTT  F-WWKD  EC-…  NATO (PR) (330H)
1948  A39N  F-WWYC  PK-…  GIA (TC) (380)
1950  A333  F-WWCR  EI-…  EIN (TC) (330H) “IM” on tail
1954  A39N  F-WWYZ  CS-TUS  TAP (TC) (330H)
246  A359  B-LGF  (308G on nwd)  CHH (DC)
257  A359  F-WZFF  A7-AML  QTR (DC)
260  A359  F-WZNC  B-308J  CHH (FL)
266  A35K  F-WZGY  A7-ANJ  QTR (DC)
270  A359  F-WZFT  B-LGJ  CRK (TC) (380N)
274  A35K  F-WZGN  G-VLUX  VIR (FL)
282  A359  F-WZGS  PR-X..  TAM (380N)
283  A359  F-WZFY  B-LGK  CRK (TC) (380)
285  A359  F-WZNZ  B-….  CHH (FL)
298  A35K  F-WZNU  G-VPOP  VIR (FL)
308  A359  F-WZFU  B-….  CHH (FL)
313  A359  F-WZFI  PR-X..  TAM (380N)
319  A35K  F-WZNY  G-VPRD  VIR (Nr 350hgrs)
320  A359  F-WZFW  DQ-…  FJI (PR) (380N)
323  A359  F-WZFV  B-….  CHH (PR) (FL)
328  A359  F-WZGB  9V-SHJ  SIA (DC)
330  A35K  F-WXAC  A6-XWC  ETD (DC)
333  A359  F-WZFX  JA02XJ  JAL (FL)
334  A359  F-WZNB  B-309W  CSN (FL)
335  A359  F-WZGD  HL8362  AAR (380)
336  A35K  F-WZFM  G-VJAM  VIR (PR) (FL)
337  A359  F-WWBW  B-LQB  CPA (FL)
338  A359  F-WZFG  B-….  CHH (PR) (380N)
339  A359  F-WZNX  B-30A9  CSN (380N)
340  A35K  F-WZFS  G-XWBB  BAW (FL)
341  A359  F-WZND  9V-SMW  SIA (TC) (FL)
342  A35K  F-WZNM  A6-XWD  ETD (TC) (FL)
343  A359  F-WZGE  JA03XJ  JAL (350hgr, to FL)
344  A359  F-WZGV  9V-SMY  SIA (FL)
345  A359  F-WZNF  ET-AWO  ETH (PR) (380)
347  A359  F-WZNE  B-….  CSN (380)
348  A359  F-WZNA  9V-SMZ  SIA (TC) (380)
354  A359  F-WZHG  3B-NBR  MAU (TC) (380N)
356  A35K  F-WZNQ  A7-ANN  QTR (PR) (350 Hgr)
358  A359  F-WZHJ  SE-RSA  SAS (TC) (Nr FL)
359  A359  F-WZGO  F-HTYC  AFR (TC) (380)
362  A35K  F-WZ..  G-XWBC  BAW (TC) (330H)
363  A359  F-WZGW  PR-X..  TAM (TC) (380)
364  A359  F-WZNT  9V-SJA  SIA (TC) (380)
365  A359  F-WZ..  3B-NBS  MAU (TC) (380)
366  A359  F-WZ..  EC-N…  IBE (TC) (330H)
373  A359  F-WZ..  B-….  CES (TC) (330H)
1411  (F-WWLK) (PR) (ATR Hgr)
1413  F-WWLM  HK-….  EFY fcs (ATR hgr)
1416  (F-WWLP) (PR) (ATR Hgr)
1553  F-WWEJ  N702SV  SIL (ATR hgr)
1566  F-WWEX (white) (FL)
1568  F-WWEB (white) (ATR Hgr)
1570  F-WWED  VT-…  IGO (ATR hgr)
1574  F-WWEH (white) (FL) testflew
1576  F-WWEJ  ZK-…  NZM (PR) (ATR Hgr)
1578  F-WWEL  ZK-…  NZM (PR) (ATR road) 31st only
1579  F-WWEM  9M-LGD  MXD (white) “GD” on nwd (FL)
1580  F-WWEN  G-OATR  AUR (PR) (ATR Hgr)
1582  (F-WWEQ) (PR) (ATR road)
1585  (F-WWET) (PR) (ATR hgr)
1586  (F-WWEU) (PR) (ATR hgr)
1587  (F-WWEV) (PR) (ATR hgr)
1588  (F-WWEW) (PR) (ATR hgr)
1589  (F-WWEX) (PR) (Latecore)
1590  (F-WWEZ) (PR) (Latecore)
1591  F-WWEB  (PR) (Latecore)
1592  (F-WWEC) (PR) (ATR road) 30th only
1596  (F-WWEG) (PR) (ATR hgr)
1598  (F-WWEI) (PR) (ATR Prod line)
1621  (F-WW..) (PR) (ATR prod line)
ATR72 F-WEGA now assembled on the flightline (with its wings and tail)
Believe this is going to the Aeroscopia museum
2 primer ATR72 near the flightline
2 primer ATR72 at the rear of the flightline, by ATR factory
1 72 Silver Air at the rear of the flightline
1 red tailed 72 next to the above unknown Silver Air (ATR colours?)

LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 30/07/2019

Log posted with permission of news group poster.

Seen Tuesday afternoon at LFBF

061  ATR42  (YV2308)  DHL
608  ATR42  XA-TRJ  TAO
700  ATR72  F-WKVH
707  ATR72  2-GPIB
829  ATR72  F-WKVD
1060  ATR72  F-WNUC  D2-BFC  Bestfly
1069  ATR72  EI-FSN  FMI Air
1072  ATR72  F-WNUD  D2-BFD  Bestfly (testflew)
1109  ATR72  EI-FSO  FMI Air
1403  ATR42  F-WWLC  N405SV  SIL
1466  ATR72  F-WTBX (CS-DJI)  TAP
1474  ATR72  F-WTBY (LV-HUT)  AVA
1544  ATR72  F-WWEZ  VT-IYT  IGO
1545  ATR72  F-WWEB  VT-IYU  IGO
1547  ATR72  F-WWED  VT-IYV  IGO
1550  ATR72  F-WWEG  VT-IYW  IGO
1552  ATR72  F-WWEI  VT-IYX  IGO
1556  ATR72  F-WWEM  PK-WJQ  WON
1557  ATR72  F-WWEN  VT-IYY  IGO
1559  ATR72  F-WWEQ  VT-IYZ  IGO
1564  ATR72  F-WWEV  CU-T….  CUB
1565  ATR72  F-WWEW (primer)
F-WKVG  S2-AKJ  ATR72  US Bangla fcs cn 1563??
7680  A321  EI-GOL  WOW
8784  A320  F-WWDL  B-….  UEA
8845  A320  F-WWIH  B-….  UEA
8925  A320  F-WTAK  XU-761  KME
2 or 3 white ATRs went unread..
With the following additions noted by Les Smith on Tuesday morning.
2-LFEA (cn 621) all white
F-GFJH (cn49) on its own wheels but without wings and tail



F-WWEM AT76 msn 1579 Wings Abadi Air (aws)


AIB04DV F-WWDV / G-UZLH msn 9110 Easyjet


AIB02YQ F-WWYQ / CS-TUM msn 1918 TAP Air Portugal
AIB04CM F-WWCM / F-ONEO msn 1937 Air Calin


AIB05NC F-WZNC / B-308J msn  260 Hainan Airlines
Airbus A330 Neo Aircalin Air Caledonie F-ONEO
Credit : French Painter

B-308H msn 251 ferried as ( hexcode 7816B1 ) ex F-WWAW for storage at LDE

LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 28-29/07/2019

Log and photos with credit to Marcus seen at XFW 28.7 & 29.7.19.

  • Brackets not read off assumed from recent reports.
  • H260 is no longer visited
  • H243/244 was off limits due to factory holidays
  • H9 was also off limits for summer holidays only 2 frames visible


marcus x

8851 AXAL CSN fcs
8923 AVYE TAP fcs TJO on nwd
(8961) (AUAK) Indigo fcs
8964 AUAP Starflyer fcs
(8997) (AVYH) Wizz fcs

8445 AUBN Go fcs
8776 AZAV Sichuan tcs brown primer
8911 AXAG DLH fcs 28.7 only
8919 AVYA THY fcs + 1 THY fcs unidentified
8952 AYAB Indigo fcs
+2 Indigo unidentified
(8955) (AZAK) URAL fcs
8965 AYAD Aer Lingus tcs RC on tail
8984 AVYW BA fcs OW on tail
(9015) (AUAW) Cebu fcs
(9051) (AYAW) Vietnam fcs 29.7
9057 AVVV Delta fcs fn3089 towed to Hangar 29.7
(9070) (AYAG) Volaris fcs
(9074) (AUBN) SAS fcs
9086 AUBR Sky fcs
(9116) (AUBX) SAS fcs
(9132) White tail (Bamboo)
9152 AYAB Indigo fcs

261 FWWSO Emirates tcs
8612 AVWG corp fcs
8800 AVZI American fcs towed to H213 29.7
8836 AUBY Sichuan fcs
8837 AVXW Astana fcs
8849 AVZL Sichuan fcs
8906 AVXM Vietjet fcs
8910 AVXV Asiana fcs
8911 AXAG DLH fcs
8924 AVYF Vietnam fcs
8940 AUAC Air Malta fcs
8953 AZAG Sichuan fcs
9002 AUAV Jazeera
9012 AVWH corp tcs primer fuse
9046 AYAR DLH fcs
9052 AUBC DLH fcs pulled out of Hangar 29.7 to Midfield
9058 AUBE DLH fcs
9124 AVZZ Air China fcs
9131 ???? la Compagnie fcs
9149 AXAQ Jazeera

South storage
9041 FWZMI Avianca fcs
9077 AUBN CSN fcs
9089 AUBS SAS fcs

Unidentified DLH 320 28th only
8172 AVVO Latam fcs
8996 AUAU Iberia fcs 29th only

Delivery Centre Terminal
8844 AXAF Volaris fcs 29.7 only
8882 AYAE Wizz fcs
8950 AYAA Wizz fcs 29.7 only
8962 AUAM Pegasus fcs
8966 AVYC Wizz fcs in Hangar VF on nwd
8972 AUAR Seychelles fcs

Delivery Centre storage
8439 AUBO Chengdu fcs
8597 AUAH Chengdu fcs
8774 AVVI corp fcs
8889 N762AV Avianca only reg worn
8893 AZAH JetBlue fcs
8938 AUBW Avianca fcs
8947 AVZR Delta fcs
8985 AVXH Vietnam fcs
9060 AVZE Hawaiian fcs
9079 AUBQ Indigo fcs
9103 A??? Easyjet fcs LF on nwd 28.7
9105 AUBK Easyjet fcs LG above cockpit
9111 AUAU Easyjet LI above cockpit fcs

8785 AVVP Go fcs
Air Asia fcs unidentified

Between H221-H225
(9043) (AYAM) Delta fcs

(8998) (AUAA) Easyjet fcs
9000 primer fuse
9059 Vietnam tcs primer fuse
9086 fuselage
9115 White tail primer fuse (Bamboo)
9118 Indigo primer fuse tcs
9135 Salam tcs primer fuse
9153 White tail primer fuse (Bamboo)
9154 Primer fuse
9161 Vietnam tcs primer fuse
9170 primer fuse
9171 Fuselage and wings (Easyjet)
9173 Primer fuse

Outside H14
8936 AVYI Pegasus fcs BA on nwd
9093 AUBH Air China fcs

8814 AZAC DLH fcs
8903 AVXL CSN fcs
8930 AVYG BA fcs OV on tail
8933 AUBA Kuwait fcs

8971 joined fuselage
+1 front fuse unidentified

8943 AVXZ Wizz fcs
8958 AYAC DLH fcs

Outside H245
8987 AUAT Indigo fcs
8989 AYAL Indigo fcs
8995 AZAW CSN fcs

Outside open storage fuselage sections



F-WWEE / N700SV AT76 msn  1548 Silver Airways
ATR 72-600 SILVER / F-WWEE / 26/07/2019
Credit : Young spotter 2


AIB03DV F-WWDV / G-UZLH msn 9110 Easyjet

B-309X msn 9133 delivered ex F-WWDJ
B-30A2 msn 9117 delivered as B30A2  ( hexcode 781758 ) ex F-WWIF
Air Travel A320neo B-30A2
Credit : Alan PARDOE


AIB01CI F-WWCI / CS-TKY  msn 1929 HiFly  ( CHR – TLS )
Credit : Ragnarok31
AIB04YL F-WWYL / HS-XJB msn 1903 Thai Air Asia X
AIB08YG  F-WWYG / HS-XJA msn 1901 Thai Air Asia X


AIB02BW F-WWBW / B-LQB msn  337 Cathay Pacific
AIB02BW msn337 26/7/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350
AIB03NB F-WZNB / B-309W  msn 334 China Southern ( XFW – TLS )


Seen late on the 24th and early on the 25th….
-F-WEGA 42, Demo Cls on ATR delivery centre (MSN required)
-F-WTAM 320, white at Air France Industries (MSN required)
-EC-331 330, primer at delivery centre (MSN required)
-A330 Delta Tail Cls, Production Line
-A350 China Southern, Production Line
-A350 JAL Tail Cls, Test Area Hangar
-A350 Qatar Tail Cls, Fit Out
-A350 Hainan Tail Cls, Fit Out
-ATR 72 Air Caraibes in Paint Hangar
-ATR Siliver, on back of ATR Delivery Centre
-2x ATR 72 White, on ATR Delivery Centre
-2x ATR 72 Primer, in test area mid field
Type Con Reg Operator As State Where
72 1548 F-WWEE Silver Airways N700SV fcs Fit Out
72 1553 F-WWEJ Silver Airways   fcs Fit Out
72 1562 F-WWET Air New Zealand Link ZK-MVZ fcs * Test Area
72 1574 F-WWEH     white Test Area
72 1576 F-WWEJ Air New Zealand Link   primer Fit Out
72 1578 F-WWEL Air New Zealand Link   primer Fit Out
72 1579 F-WWEM Wings Abadi Air   white Fit Out
72 1580 F-WWEN Aurigny Air Services   primer Fit Out
72 1581 F-WWEP     primer Fit Out
72 1582 NO REG     primer Fit Out
72 1584 NO REG     primer Fit Out
72 1585 NO REG     primer Fit Out
72 1586 NO REG     primer Fit Out
72 1589 NO REG     primer Latercoere
72 1590 NO REG     primer Latercoere
72 1591 NO REG     primer Latercoere
72 1592 NO REG     primer Fit Out
72 1593 NO REG     white Test Area
72 1595 NO REG     primer Test Area
72 1598 NO REG     primer Production Line
72 1621 NO REG     fuse Production Line
A300 868 F-WWSX United Parcel Service   fcs Test Area
A320 8635 PR-XBD LATAM Brasil   fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9037 F-WTAM Cambodia Airways XU-762 whire Air France Industries
A320 9064 F-WWIT China Eastern Airlines B-308W fcs Test Area
A320 9075 F-WWDD Spirit Airlines N927NK fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9096 EC-NFI Vueling Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9104 F-WWBN Viva Air Colombia HK-5327 fcs Test Area
A320 9107 XA-VIR VivaAeroBus   fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9110 F-WWDV easyJet Airline G-UZLH fcs * Test Area
A320 9117 B-30A2 Yunnan Hongtu Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9122 F-WWIY Aero K Airlines   white Test Area
A320 9130 F-WWDX AirAsia   fcs * Test Area
A320 9133 F-WWDJ China Southern Airlines B-309X fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9136 F-WWBV Ural Airlines   fcs Test Area
A320 9137 F-WWIK China Southern Airlines B-309Y fcs * Test Area
A320 9140 F-WWDN S7 Airlines   fcs Test Area
A320 9144 F-WWID Vueling Airlines EC-NFJ tail cls * Test Area
A320 9148 F-WWIQ VivaAeroBus   fcs Test Area
A320 9155 F-WWDP IndiGo Airlines   fcs Test Area
A320 9163 F-WWBJ Flynas   fcs Test Area Mid Field
A320 9166 F-WWBK Volaris   fcs Test Area
A320 9185 NO REG Chongqing Airlines   tail cls Test Area Mid Field
A320 9188 F-WWDI Gulf Air A9C-TD tail cls Fit Out
A320 9193 NO REG S7 Airlines   tail cls Fit Out
A320 9194 NO REG JetSMART   white tail Test Area Mid Field
A320 9197 NO REG Salam Air   primer, no tail outside VIP fit out area
A320 9203 NO REG Vistara   mated fuse Production Line
A320 9206 NO REG Air Macau   mated fuse Production Line
A320 9256 NO REG     rear only Test Area
A330 1844 F-WWCJ RwandAir 9XR-WS fcs Delivery Centre
A330 1853 F-WBXS Airbus Transport International   fcs St Martin Lagardere
A330 1861 F-WWKQ RwandAir 9XR-WT fcs St Martin Lagardere
A330 1863 F-WWKI Hong Kong Airlines B-LHF fcs St Martin Lagardere
A330 1870 F-WWKS Wow Air NTU F-WWKS fcs St Martin Lagardere
A330 1887 F-WWCU Wow Air NTU F-WWCU fcs Run Up Bay
A330 1895 F-WWKR Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-ANY fcs Test Area
A330 1901 F-WWYG Thai AirAsia X HS-XJA fcs Test Area
A330 1903 F-WWYL Thai AirAsia X HS-XJB fcs St Martin Lagardere
A330 1918 F-WWYQ TAP Air Portugal CS-TUM fcs Test Area Hangar
A330 1922 F-WWYD TAP Air Portugal CS-TUO fcs Test Area
A330 1923 F-WWYN Air Senegal 6V-ANB tail cls St Martin Lagardere Hangar
A330 1924 F-WWCK Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-ANX fcs Run Up Bay
A330 1927 PK-LEJ Lion Air   fcs Delivery Centre
A330 1931 F-WWYS Delta Air Lines N403DX fcs Test Area
A330 1936 F-WWKU Level F-HLVN tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A330 1937 F-WWCM Air Caledonie International F-ONEO fcs Delivery Centre
A330 1938 F-WWYV Air Caledonie International F-ONET tail cls * Production Line
A330 1939 F-WWYD Thai Lion Air   fcs Test Area
A330 1941 F-WWKA TAP Air Portugal CS-TUQ tail cls Run Up Bay
A330 1942 F-WWKO French Air Force   primer Production Line
A330 1943 F-WWCP TAP Air Portugal CS-TUR tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A330 1945 F-WWKD Multinational MRTT Fleet   primer Test Area
A330 1946 F-WWCZ Garuda Indonesia   tail cls Production Line
A330 1948 F-WWYC Garuda Indonesia   tail cls Production Line
A330 1954 F-WWYZ TAP Air Portugal CS-TUS tail cls Test Area
A350 246 F-WZGR Hainan Airlines B-308G fcs Delivery Centre
A350 251 B-308H Hainan Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A350 257 F-WZFF Qatar Airways A7-AML fcs Delivery Centre
A350 266 A7-ANJ Qatar Airways   fcs Delivery Centre
A350 270 F-WZFT Hong Kong Airlines B-LGJ tail cls Test Area
A350 274 F-WZGN Virgin Atlantic Airways G-VLUX fcs Test Area
A350 282 F-WZGS LATAM Brasil   fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 283 F-WZFY Hong Kong Airlines B-LGK tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A350 285 F-WZNZ Hainan Airlines   tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A350 298 F-WZNU Virgin Atlantic Airways G-VPOP fcs Test Area
A350 308 F-WZFU Hainan Airlines   tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A350 313 F-WZFI LATAM Brasil   fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 320 F-WZFW Fiji Airways   primer St Martin Lagardere
A350 323 F-WZFV Hainan Airlines   primer Test Area
A350 326 G-XWBA British Airways   fcs Delivery Centre
A350 327 F-HTRE Air Caraibes   fcs Delivery Centre
A350 328 F-WZGB Singapore Airlines 9V-SHJ tail cls Test Area
A350 329 F-WZGX Singapore Airlines 9V-SMV fcs Delivery Centre
A350 330 F-WXAC Etihad Airways A6-XWC fcs Delivery Centre
A350 333 F-WZFX Japan Airlines JA02XJ fcs * Test Area
A350 335 F-WZGD Asiana Airlines HL8362 fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 336 F-WZFM Virgin Atlantic Airways G-VJAM white tail Test Area
A350 337 F-WWBW Cathay Pacific Airways B-LQB fcs Test Area
A350 338 F-WZFG Hainan Airlines   primer St Martin Lagardere
A350 339 F-WZNX China Southern Airlines B-30A9 fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 340 F-WZFS British Airways G-XWBB fcs Fit Out
A350 341 F-WZND Singapore Airlines 9V-SMW tail cls Test Area
A350 342 F-WZNM Etihad Airways A6-XWD tail cls Test Area
A350 344 F-WZGV Singapore Airlines 9V-SMY fcs Test Area
A350 345 F-WZNF Ethiopian Airlines ET-AWO primer St Martin Lagardere
A350 348 F-WZNA Singapore Airlines 9V-SMZ tail cls Test Area
A350 354 F-WZHG Air Mauritius 3B-NBR tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A350 357 F-WZHC China Southern Airlines   tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A350 358 F-WZHJ Scandinavian Airlines System SE-RSA tail cls Test Area
A350 359 F-WZGO Air France F-HTYC tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A350 362 NO REG British Airways G-XWBC tail cls Test Area
A350 363 F-WZGW LATAM Brasil   tail cls St Martin Lagardere
A350 364 NO REG Singapore Airlines 9V-SJA tail cls Test Area
A350 365 NO REG Air Mauritius 3B-NBS tail cls Test Area