LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 30/07/2019

Log posted with permission of news group poster.

Seen Tuesday afternoon at LFBF

061  ATR42  (YV2308)  DHL
608  ATR42  XA-TRJ  TAO
700  ATR72  F-WKVH
707  ATR72  2-GPIB
829  ATR72  F-WKVD
1060  ATR72  F-WNUC  D2-BFC  Bestfly
1069  ATR72  EI-FSN  FMI Air
1072  ATR72  F-WNUD  D2-BFD  Bestfly (testflew)
1109  ATR72  EI-FSO  FMI Air
1403  ATR42  F-WWLC  N405SV  SIL
1466  ATR72  F-WTBX (CS-DJI)  TAP
1474  ATR72  F-WTBY (LV-HUT)  AVA
1544  ATR72  F-WWEZ  VT-IYT  IGO
1545  ATR72  F-WWEB  VT-IYU  IGO
1547  ATR72  F-WWED  VT-IYV  IGO
1550  ATR72  F-WWEG  VT-IYW  IGO
1552  ATR72  F-WWEI  VT-IYX  IGO
1556  ATR72  F-WWEM  PK-WJQ  WON
1557  ATR72  F-WWEN  VT-IYY  IGO
1559  ATR72  F-WWEQ  VT-IYZ  IGO
1564  ATR72  F-WWEV  CU-T….  CUB
1565  ATR72  F-WWEW (primer)
F-WKVG  S2-AKJ  ATR72  US Bangla fcs cn 1563??
7680  A321  EI-GOL  WOW
8784  A320  F-WWDL  B-….  UEA
8845  A320  F-WWIH  B-….  UEA
8925  A320  F-WTAK  XU-761  KME
2 or 3 white ATRs went unread..
With the following additions noted by Les Smith on Tuesday morning.
2-LFEA (cn 621) all white
F-GFJH (cn49) on its own wheels but without wings and tail

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