LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 17/09/2019

Log with credit to Rob. Visit here in the afternoon ATRs 467   F-WKVB  Air Mandalay 490   F-GPYD 608   XA-TRJ   Aeromar  fcs 621   2-LFEA   White cs 700   F-WKVH  White cs 704   F-WNUA  White cs 707   2-GPIB     White cs 924   M-IBAO   Jet a/w  fcs 928   M-IBAP   Jet a/w  fcs 1069  EI-FSN   FMI air  fcs 1072  F-WNUD ... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 14/9/2019

Log posted with permission of original newsgroup poster. Noted Saturday from around 1500 til 2220 PR = Primer TC = Tail colours No comment, then full colours A300 868 F-WWSX N173UP UPS A320 9037 A320 F-WTAM XU-762 KME (white) 9064 A20N F-WWIT B-308W CES 9075 A20N F-WXAY N927NK NKS 9122 A320 F-WWIY XU-763 KME (white)... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 14/9/2019

Log posted with permission of original newsgroup poster. A quick visit here around 1630. Heat haze an issue, and a few covering each other 061 ATR42 (YV2308) DHL 608 ATR42 XA-TRJ Aeromar 467 ATR72(F) F-WKVB Air Mandalay colours, cargo door fitted 621 ATR42 2-LFEA 700 ATR72 F-WKVH 704 ATR72 F-WNUA 707 ATR72 2-GPIB 924 ATR72 M-IBAO... Continue Reading →

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