LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 17/09/2019

Log with credit to Rob.

A day trip to Toulouse produced this lot ..

Delivery centre area .

9064 WWIT China Eastern fcs
9122 WWIY White cls
9184 WWBQ Air China fcs
9188 WWDI Gulf Air fcs


1985 WWKR Azul fcs


246 WZGR Hainan fcs
257 WZFF Qatar fcs
266 WZGY Qatar fcs
282 WZGS LATAM fcs
319 WZNY Virgin fcs
323 WZFV Hainan Primer
331 F-HTYA Air France fcs
340 WZFS BA fcs
343 WZGE Japan a/l fcs

Hangar nr DC


346 WZFB Qatar fcs
? ? China Southern

Flightline Area


9152 WWIC Spirit fcs
9185 WWBS Chengdu fcs
9190 WWBB LATAM fcs
9193 WWIZ S7 fcs
9194 WWDA Jetsmart fcs
9197 WWDM Salam air fcs
9200 WWII GoAir fcs
9244 WWIM Cebu Pacific fcs
9264 WWIV GoAir fcs


868 WWSX UPS fcs


1921 WWCT TAP fcs
1933 WWCO Thai Lion fcs
1935 WWYY Delta fcs
1938 WWYV Air Calin fcs
1942 WWKO Primer
1943 WWCP TAP fcs


270 WZFT Hong Kong tail cls
285 WZNZ Hainan fcs
334 WZNB China Southern fcs
335 WZGD Asiana fcs
336 WZFM Virgin fcs
338 WZFG Primer
342 WZNM Etihad fcs
345 WZNF Ethiopian fcs
355 WZGU Hong Kong tail/pr
357 WZHC China Southern fcs


1414 WWLN Japan Air fcs
1565 WWEW Silver Airways fcs
1578 WWEL Primer

Rear of Flightline


1552 WWEI Indigo fcs
1576 WWEJ ANZ fcs
1586 WWEU Binter fcs

Fuel Station


9206 WWBU Air Macau fcs
9250 WWBI InterJet fcs

ATR Hangar

1571 WWEE Air Caraibes fcs
1588 WWEM Primer
1622 Primer
1630 Primer
1412 WWLL Druk air fcs

ATR Hangar Outside

1596 Primer

Outside A330 Hangars


1948 WWYC Garuda tail cls
1954 WWYZ TAP tail cls


299 WZFR Fiji fcs
372 WZFP Qatar Primer
376 WZNG China Southern tail
379 WZFZ Singapore tail

A380 area

1861 WWKQ Rwandair fcs
1863 WWKI Hong Kong fcs
1923 WWYN Air Senegal tail cls
1924 WWCK Azul fcs
1925 WWCG TAP tail
1934 WWYF Azul blue tail / pr
1936 WWKU Level fcs


283 WZFY Hong Kong tail cls
363 WZGW LATAM Tail cls
364 WZNT Singapore fcs
365 WZGF Air Mauritius tail cls
373 WZHI China Eastern tail cls
378 WZHH SAS tail cls


0266 ANA
0267 Emirates in Hangar

A350 Prod Hangar

380 Cathay tail cls
389 Asiana tail cls

Outside A350 Prod Hangar

375 WZHD Ethiopian tail cls

Inside A330 Hangar

1939 WWYX Thai Lion fcs

Air France industries

9037 WTAM White cls
9075 WXAY Spirit fcs
9292 in Hangar opposite

2 x ATR outside at Latecore ,
Possibly 1598 and 1599

A350 on flightline , Hainan group
Tail colours / primer
Possibly 308 ?

Vistara A320 and ANA A320
2nd Chengdu

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