A330 msn 1628 in production already

First 242 tonne take-off weight A330 starts final assembly

Airbus have today posted a photo from the A330 FAL of msn 1628 under production. See the high res photo showing the tail. The article also mentions a second A330 in parallel production, possible msn 1627?

That is a noticeable jump in the production sequence from msn 1592 which was the highest A330 seen a couple of weeks ago in this spotter log.

Out of sequence production is not unusual, this information is just shared out of interest.

TLS Flight Activity 5th November 2014


AIB03BK F-WWBK / PK-GQG 320-214(SL) msn 6333 Citilink
AIB04DY F-WWDY / PK-LAH A320-214(SL) msn 6309  Batik Air
AIB04IX F-WWIX / RP-C4101 A320-214(SL) msn 6325 Cebu


AIB01KZ F-WWKZ / PR-??? A330-243 msn 1586
AIB02YT F-WWYT / A7-AFF A330-243F msn 1578 Qatar Airways Cargo
AIB02KS F-WWKS / B-5959 A330-323 msn 1575 China Southern


AIB12AJ F-WWAJ / A7-APB A380-861 msn 143 Qatar Airways

TLS Ground Activity 5th November 2014

Msn3 5/11/2014

Great overview shot of the status of the delivery centre by A380_TLS_A350

A330 Long term residents 1540/F-WWCQ and 1550/F-WWKL have now departed to LDE for storage. Both Libyan 330s 1505/F-WWKE and 1543/F-WWCT are visible with AAW 1499/F-WWTS also.

A330-243 B-5963 msn 1573 ex F-WWKQ can be seen waiting delivery. As can A320-214(SL) JA06VA msn 6320 ex F-WWIP

An idea of the A330 flight line can also be seen here.

Msn143 5/11/2014

Credit: A380_TLS_A350

RTO msn174 F-WWSH 5/11/2014

Credit: A380_TLS_A350 A380 F-WWSH msn 174 performed an RTO today.

TLS Flight Activity 4th November 2014


F-WWEF / ??-??? atr 72-600 msn 1189 tbc
F-WWEH / PK-GAI ATR 72-600 msn 1191 Garuda


AIB04BU F-WWBU / N633NK A320-232 msn 6345 Spirit (XFW-TLS)
AIB05BD F-WWBD / N632NK MSN 6331 Spirit (flew BOD to TLS)


AIB02CM F-WWCM / 9M-XXU A330-343 msn 1581 XAX
AIB02CD F-WWCD / PH-AKF A330-303 msn 1580 KLM (CHR-TLS)
A330-303 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines "PH-AKF ( F-WWCD )" cn 1580  /  2220

Credit 330_340

AIB02KF F-WWKF / 4R-ALM A330-343 msn 1583 ALK (TLS-CHR)

A330-343 SriLankan Airlines "4R-ALM (F-WWKF)" c/n 1583  /  2185

Credit 330_340


AIB02KP F-WWKO / TC-JOE A330-303 msn 1571 THY
AIB02KP F-WWKP / A4O-DH A330-343 msn 1572 OMA
AIB02YN F-WWYN / PK-GPV A330-343 msn 1577 GIA
AIB04KQ F-WWKQ / B-5963 A330-243 msn 1573 CHH
AIB06KE F-WWKE / 5A-LAT A330-202 msn 1505 LAA

TLS Flight Activity 3rd November 2014


AIB01DE F-WWDE / HA-LYI A320-232 msn 6352 WizzAir
AIB01BM F-WWBM / JA814P A320-214 msn 6335 Peach

JA814P Peach Airbus A320-214 - cn 6335


Credit:Florent Péraudeau

AIB03BR F-WWBR / VT-TTE  msn 6343 Vistata (back from XFW)
AIB06DI F-WWDI /  B-1630 msn 6248 West Air


AIB01KF F-WWKF / 4R-ALM A330-343 msn 1583 ALK
AIB04CQ F-WWKQ / B-5963 A330-243 msn 1573 CHH (acceptance flight?)