TLS Flight Activity 21st January 2015

A319 / A320

AIB445G P4-MGU msn 5445 Global Jet Luxembourg ( TLS – TLS – 9h test flight!)

AIB01II F-WWII / JA08VA msn 6447 Vanilla Air ( TLS – XFW )
AIB02BJ F-WWBJ / RP-C4103 msn 6441 Cebu ( XFW – TLS )
AIB03IA F-WWIA / PK-GQI msn 6434 Garuda Citilink

THD8905 HS-TXS msn 6417 Thai Smile (dept. 12:30 on delivery hex code 885313)
Thai Smile


AIB01CO F-WWCO / B-5968 msn 1603 China Eastern
Credit : Jérémy Le roch
AIB1505 F-WWKE / 5A-LAT msn 1505 LAA ( TLS – LETL dept 12:30 for storage )
AIB1586 F-W??? / PR-OCF A330-243 msn 1586 Avianca Brazil ( TLS – LETL dept 09:30 for storage ex F-WWKZ as new hex code 3877FB F-WHUR quoted by Skyliner)


AIB01FB F-WZFB / A7-ALB msn 007 Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways

UPDATE: Spotter log from Nick now here.

LOG: TLS Mon 19 Jan 2015 (1630) to Tue 20 Jan 2015 (1720)

320s [3]

6347 A7-LAA Al Maha Airways fcs dc hangar

6417 HS-TXS Thai Smile fcs dc

6424 F-WWDV Spirit Airlines fcs dc

6428 HS-BBQ Thai AirAsia fcs dc

(6436) (F-WWBE) (N637NK) Spirit Airlines fcs

(6439) (F-WWBF) (ZS-SZI) South African Airways fcs

(6447) (F-WWII) (JA08VA) Vanilla Air fcs

6452 F-WWIV (B-1656) Spring Airlines fcs F1 and dep to XFW 20th

6455 F-WWBH (HZ-***) Saudi Gulf Airlines fcs ftc towed to flightline on 20th

6465 F-WWIG (9M-***) AirAsia prm

6467 F-WWIO (A7-LAB) Al Maha Airways to ftc

6471 F-WWIQ (ZK-OXH) Air New Zealand to ftc 20th only

6474 (F-WW**) (HZ-***) Saudi Gulf Airlines to ftc

330s [17] All on flightline unless stated otherwise

1591 F-WWCN (B-5979) Hainan Airlines fcs dc moved to dc hangar 19th

1592 F-WWYE (JA330G) Skymark Airlines fcs moved flightline to dc on 19th

1593 F-WWYG (B-5965) China Southern fcs dc

1595 F-WWYJ (B-5969) China Eastern fcs towed inside hangar on 20th am

1596 F-WWYO (9M-XXW) Air Asia X fcs

1597 F-WWYP (9V-SSE) Singapore Airlines fcs

1598 F-WWKI (B-LBI) Cathay Pacific fcs

1599 F-WWKY (A4O-DJ) Oman Air fcs

1600 F-WWYC (9M-XXY) Air Asia X fcs

1603 F-WWCO (B-5968) China Eastern to

1608 F-WWCU (PR-***) Avianca prm

1610 F-WWCX (EC-331) Royal Air Force sand colour

1612 F-WWCT (9M-XXZ) Air Asia X to outside 330 prod hall

1616 F-WWKT (TC-JOF) Turkish Airlines to outside 330 prod hall

1618 F-WWYA (B-LBJ) Cathay Pacific fcs outside 330 prod hall

1621 (F-WW**) (B-LBK) Cathay Pacific to outside 330 prod hall 19th only

1628 F-WWYY (N*****) Delta Air Lines ‘242 Tonne A330’ tites prm

350 [1]

(007) (F-WZFB) (A7-ALB) Qatar Airways fcs

380s [3] All on A380 ramp

0180 F-WWAZ (A6-APD) Etihad Airways to

0181 F-WWSC (A7-APE) Qatar Airways to

0182 F-WWSF (A6-EOJ) Emirates Airline to

ATR [1!]

1018 F-WWLC (V2-LIL) LIAT fcs ATR dc not seen 20th pm

Bob Smith

‘It’s alright, Ma. (I’m only sighing)’ – Dylan

TLS Flight Activity 20th January 2015


AIB01IV F-WWIV / B-1656 msn 6452 Spring ( TLS – XFW )
A320-214Sh Spring Airlines MSN6452 F-WWIV B--1656 TLS
Credit : Olivier GREGOIRE
AIB06DV F-WWDV / N636NK msn 6424 Spirit
A320-232 Spirit Airlines MSN6424 F-WWDV (N636NK) - TLS
Credit : Olivier GREGOIRE
AIB08BJ F-WTBJ / HL8080 msn 5768 SK Telecom
A319-115(CJ) SK Telecom MSN5768 F-WTBJ (HL8080) - TLS
Credit : Olivier GREGOIRE

AIB01CC F-WWCC / ZZ342 msn 1601 RAF / AirTanker
AIB03YP F-WWYP / 9V-SSE msn 1597 Singapore Airlines
AIB06YE F-WWYE / JA330G msn 1592 Skymark

Update: Thanks to Bob Smith we have a spotter log for the 19th and 20th.

LOG: Wednesday 14th January 2015

ACC    = Airbus Corporate ramp
AFI     =  Air France Industries ramp
fcs     =  painted in owners full colourscheme
DC     =  Delivery centre ramp
FTR    = Fuel test ramp
prm    =  primer
tail     =  tail only painted in owners c/s
33H   =  Parked outside a330 production hangar
38R    =  Parked on a380 ramp
(5445)    P4-MGU                                             ACC
(4024)    RA-73025                Rossiya              ACC
5725       F-WXAC                   Airbus                AFI
5738       F-WXAD                   Airbus                AFI
(6347)    A7-LAA                   Al Maha               DC          fcs
(6413)    B-1648                   Qingdao               DC          fcs
6417      F-WWDP               Thai Smile                            fcs
6422      F-WWDR                 Vanilla                 DC          fcs
Reregistered JA07VA by 14th
(6424)  (F-WWDV)                  Spirit                                 fcs
6426      F-WWDX               Capital A/l                            fcs
6428      F-WWID              Thai Air Asia                           fcs
“BBQ” on nwd
6430      F-WWBB                Air Arabia                            fcs
6436      F-WWBE                    Spirit                                fcs
6441      F-WWBJ                 Cebu Pac                             fcs
6444      F-WWBZ                Air Arabia                            fcs
“OF” on nwd
6449      F-WWIU                   Tianjin                               fcs
6460      F-WWDZ          Air New Zealand        FTR         tail
6463      F-WWIE                      Spirit                FTR         tail
6467      F-WWIO or Q           Al Maha                            tail
1591       F-WWCN                  Hainan               DC         fcs
1592       F-WWYE                  Skymark                            fcs
1593       F-WWYG            China Southern                      fcs
“965” on nwd
1594       F-WWYH              Qatar Cargo          33H        fcs
1596       F-WWYO                Air Asia X                           fcs
“XXW” on nwd
1597       F-WWYP                 Singapore                          fcs
“SE” on nwd
1600       F-WWYC                 Air Asia X                          fcs
“XXY” on nwd
1601       F-WWCC                    (RAF)                              prm
1603       F-WWCO             China Eastern        33H        tail
1604       F-WWCP                 Sri Lankian          33H        tail
1607       F-WWCS                   Skymark                           fcs
1608       F-WWCU                 Unknown                          prm
1610       F-WWCX                    (RAF)                              prm
1628       F-WWYY                   (Delta)                             prm
wears “242 tonne A330” titles
07            F-WZFB                      Qatar                             fcs
Plus test a/c   F-WXWB/WWCF/WWYB
162           F-WWSL                   Airbus               38R
167           F-WWSN                  Airbus               38R
Both the above are now stored with dark blue tails
and primer bodies.Both were originally for Skymark
180           F-WWAZ                  Etihad               38R         tail
181           F-WWSC                   Qatar               38R         tail
182           F-WWSF                 Emirates             38R        tail
(337)         HR-AXA                    Taca Reg          L/C
(1225)       PK-WGU               Wings Abadi        L/C          fcs
(1227)       PK-WGV               Wings Abadi        L/C          fcs
(1228)       ZK-MVF                 Air NZ Link                          fcs Dep on delivery
Credit Dave Gloster

TLS Ground Activity 16th January 2015

Noted earlier in the week in the background of a photo 1 or 2 of the Wings ATR 72 600s are currently over at Lacotere.

As PK-WGR and PK-WGT were delivered on the 12th and the photo is from the 13th these are assumed to be MSN 1225 F-WWEX / PK-WGU Aand MSN 1227 WWEB / PK-WGV.

Today we got confirmation that one of the ATRs is F-WWEB / MSN 1225.


F-WWEB 1227


Update: Now confirmed in a spotter log by Dave Gloster msn 1225 and msn 1227 were at Lacotere on the 14th.