LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 26-11-2017

F-WWIO A20N 7990 Pegasus fcs
F-WWIB A20N 7795 West Air fcs
VT-EXL A20N 7997 Air India fcs (wore VT reg) – moved away mid afternoon
(F-WW) A320 (8009?) Saudia fcs – moved to fuel station mid afternoon had engines (other SVA 320s seen still in place)

Near Fuelstation
F-WWBP A20N 7967 Frontier fcs / Summer the Swan tail cls (324 on nwd)
F-WWTR A320 8037 Saudia fcs (no engines) 64 on nose
F-WWBD A320 7938 Loongair fcs
(F-WWDX) A20N 7914 Indigo fcs

Airbus Corporate Jet Hangers
F-WWBV A320 7927 Saudia fcs
?? A20N (8020?) Pegasus fcs

F-WWDU 7822 A20N Vistara aws
(F-WWII) A20N (7844) LATAM Chile fcs (BHA on nwd)
(F-WWBN) A20N (7864) LATAM Chile fcs (BHB on nwd)
(F-WWBG) A20N (7925) Frontier fcs (Big Horn Sheep)
(F-WWIP) A320 (7944) Air Asia fcs
(F-WWDR) A20N (7946) Frontier fcs (Woodpecker)
F-WWDN A20N 7950 Air Asia fcs ( also carried reg 9M-AGJ )
F-WWBP A320 7967 Frontier fcs ( Swan )
(F-WWDC) A320 (7971) Peach fcs
F-WWBE A20N 7978 Air Asia fcs

Air Asia x 1
Air India x 1

(F-WWCV) A333 (1829) Shenzhen Airlines fcs
F-WWKD A333 1831 Hainan Airlines fcs (1021 on nwd)
F-WWYS A333 1832 Thai Lion fcs (LAJ on nwd)
F-WWYL A333 1833 China Eastern fcs
F-WWYV A333 1834 Saudi fcs (30 on ff) ( Gone in the evening )
(F-WWKE) A333 (1835) Iberia fcs
F-WWYZ A333 1839 Shenzhen Airlines to

F-WZNG A359 0078 Qatar fcs (LR on nwd)
F-WZFR A359 0098 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WZGQ A359 0112 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WZHD A359 0164 Delta fcs (3505 on tail, nwd)
F-WZHE A359 0165 Malaysia Airlines special cls (MAC on nwd)
F-WZHH A359 0170 Singapore fcs
F-WZHD A359 0175 Delta fcs
?? A35K ?? Qatar fcs (88 that was rolled out Friday?)

Airbus Test Aircraft ramp
F-WWIA A20N 7930 Air India fcs
F-WWDO A320 7982 Tiger Taiwan fcs
F-WWIE A320 (7988) Jetstar Pacific fcs

F-WWDI A320 8007 Saudia fcs 62 on nose
F-WWBU A320 8013 Flyadeal fcs

F-WWIT A20N 7813 GoAir fcs – also wore VT-WGL
F-WWIH A20N 7918 Avianca Brasil fcs ( BQ on nwd )
F-WWDO A20N 7995 Avianca Brasil fcs ( BO? on nwd )
F-WWDY A20N 7965 Air Inida fcs

Storage Area Near A380s
NO-REG A20N 7181 Brown primer
F-WWID A20N 7849 West Air fcs ( no engines )
F-WWBI A20N 7851 Tianjin Airlines fcs ( no engines )
(F-WWDG ) A20N 7858 GoAir fcs ( no engines )
F-WWDZ A20N 7875 Capital Airlines ( no engines )
F-WWBM A20N (7862) Volaris fcs ( no engines )
F-WWDQ A20N 7871 GoAir ( no engines )
F-WWBK A20N 7952 Capital Airlines fcs ( no engines )
F-WWDE A20N 7980 Vistara fcs ( no engines )
F-WWDM A20N 8107 Air Asia fcs ( Thai flag on tail & Malayasian on nose ) ( no engines )
F-WWTN A20N 8030 Air India fcs ( no engines )
+1 Capital (7936)
+1 Lucky (7992)

F-WWTN / VT-CIH Airbus A320-251N 8030 Air India

DC Outside

F-WWBC A20N 7757 Tianjin Airlines fcs
F-WWIZ A20N 7958 Air Aisa fcs
F-WWIK A320 7517 HK Express fcs
VT-WGJ A20N (7737) Go Air fcs
HS-LAI A333 (1828) Thai Lion fcs
F-WZNO A359 0155 Cathay Pacific fcs (RX on nwd) – on DC wash stand
F-WZNZ A359 0158 Singapore Airlines fcs
B-LGC A359 (168) Hong Kong Airlines fcs

DC hanger
?? GO Air (only seen late evening so could be VT-WGJ hangered)
F-WWIX Aeroflot 7932 Aeroflot fcs
B-8382 A20N (7547) Tianjin fcs
(F-WWTQ) A20N 7856 Avianca fcs
F-WZFZ A359 Delta fcs 160
F-WZHC A359 China Airlines fcs 162

Outside A330 Halls
(F-WWCZ) A333 1838 Lucky Air (outside after 17:00)
F-WWKO A333 1841 China Eastern tail cls, primer
F-WWCJ A339 1844 Air Berlin NTU (RawandaAir?) primer inc tail.
NO-REG A35K 169 Cathay Pacific to
NO-REG A359 190 Delta to

B-1022 Airbus A330-343E 1827 Hainan Airlines

A350/380 area
B-1022 A333 1827 Hainan Airlines fcs
F-WWCP A339 1836 TAP to

F-WZFA A359 0052 white cls
NO-REG A359 0102 Qatar tail cls, primer
NO-REG A359 0106 Qatar tail cls, primer
NO-REG A35K 0110 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 0114 Yellow Storage/MRTT like primer inc tail, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A35K 0125 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 0126 Yellow Storage/MRTT like primer inc tail, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A35K 0161 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 0163 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 0167 Primer cls (for Air China)
NO-REG A359 0172 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
NO-REG A359 0177 Thai to

F-WZGC / HS-THJ Airbus A350-951 177 Thai Airways

F-WWSM A388 0249 Emirates tail cls, white fuselage
F-WWAB A388 0253 Singapore tail cls, primer
F-WWAJ A388 0254 Qatar tail cls, primer

(F-WWL?) AT46 (121?) all white
F-WWLV AT46 1216 all white ( in ATR hanger 17:00 )
F-WWEZ AT76 1341 BRA Aviation fcs
(F-WWET) AT76 (1447) Air Senegal fcs
F-WWEV AT76 1449 white cls (parked in corner near A320 fitting bays)
(F-WWEZ) AT76 (1452) Air Senegal fcs
F-WWEG AT76 1458 white cls (parked in corner near A320 fitting bays)
F-WWEH AT76 1459 Air Calédonie ( in ATR hanger 17:00 )
F-WWEM AT76 1464 Indigo cls
F-WWEN AT76 1465 Indigo cls
F-WWEP AT76 1466 white cls
F-WWER AT76 1468 Cebu fcs ( in ATR hanger 17:00 )
(F-WWES) AT76 (1469) Binter fcs – seen on flightline 18:00
F-WWEW AT76 1473 white tail, primer

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