LOG Toulouse Blagnac Tue 16 Dec (1630) to Thu 18 Dec (1705)

320s (23)

6237 F-WWIM (B-1629) West Air aws dc

6347 A7-LAA Al Maha Airways fcs dch 16th dc 17/18th (note new reg carried, verified by 2 diff people)

6375 F-WWDO (9K-AKF) Kuwait Airways fcs fl 16/17th dc 18th

6377 EC-MDZ Vueling Airlines fcs dc delivered on 17th

6381 JA20JJ Jetstar Japan fcs dc delivered on 17th

6383 F-WWDS (N635NK) Spirit Airlines fcs dc

6386 B-1885 Sichuan Airlines fcs delivered on 16th

6388 F-WWDF VT-TTF Vistara fcs dc F- reg on 16th, VT- reg on 17/18th

6392 F-WWDQ (B-1871) Juneyao Airlines fcs fl 16th dc 17th dch 18th

6394 F-WWBQ (HA-LYK) Wizz Air fcs fl 16th dc 17/18th

6400 F-WWIL (EC-MEA) Vueling Airlines fcs fl 16th dc 17/18th

6403 F-WWIF (B-1627) Spring Airlines fcs fl seen 18th only

6417 F-WWDP (HS-TXS) Thai Smile fcs fl 16/17th dch 18th

6422 F-WWDR (JA07VA) Vanilla Air fcs fl16/17th dep on 17th

6426 F-WWDX (B-1642) Capital Airlines fcs fl seen 18th only

6428 F-WWID (HS-BBQ) Thai AirAsia fcs fl seen 18th only

6434 F-WWIA (PK-GQI) Garuda Citilink to towed from north end of field on 17th, not seen again

6436 F-WWBE (N637NK) Spirit Airlines to ftc 16th only

6439 F-WWBF (ZS-SZI) South African Airways to ftc 16/17th only

6441 F-WWBJ (RP-C4103) Cebu Pacific to ftc all 3 days

6444 F-WWBZ (A6-AOF) Air Arabia to ftc 17/18th only

6447 F-WWI(*) (JA08VA) Vanilla Air to ftc 18th only

6449 (F-WW**) (B-1658) Tianjin Airlines to seen 18th only

330s (14)

1583 4R-ALM Sri Lankan Airlines fcs dc

1586 F-WWKZ (PR-OCF) Avianca fcs dc

1588 B-5962 China Eastern fcs dc delivered on 17th

1589 F-WWCI (9M-XXV) Air Asia X fcs dc

1590 F-WWCL (HL8003) Korean Air fcs dc

1591 F-WWCN (B-5979) Hainan Airlines fcs fl

1593 F-WWYG (B-5965) China Southern fcs outside prod hall 16th fl 17/18th

1596 F-WWYO (9M-XXW) Air Asia X fcs fl

1597 F-WWYP (9V-SSE) Singapore Airlines fcs fl 17/18th only

1599 F-WWKY (A4O-DJ) Oman Air to fl

1603 F-WWCO (B-****) China Eastern to outside prod hall 16/17th

1607 F-WWCS (JA330K) Skymark Airlines to fl

1608 F-WWCU (PR-***) Avianca Brasil prm fl

1610 (F-WWCX) (ZZ343) Royal Air Force prm outside prod hall 16th, inside prod hall 17th

350s (3)

006 F-WZFA (A7-ALA) Qatar Airways fcs dc

014 (F-WZFI) (VN-****) Vietnam Airlines prm inside prod hall 17th

015 (F-WZFJ) (VN-****) Vietnam Airlines prm outside prod hall

380s (5)

0160 F-WWSG (A7-APD) Qatar Airways fcs dc 16 & 18th (dch 17th)

0162 F-WWSL Airbus Industrie prm with blue tail (Skymark ntu) fl

0167 F-WWSN Airbus Industrie prm with skymark tail (ntu) fl

0179 F-WWAF (HL7634) Asiana to fl dep to XFW 17th

0180 F-WWAZ (A6-APD) Etihad Airways to fl

ATR42 (2)

0333 CS-DVL Chalair aws ex Portugalia and towed from the Latecoure apron

1018 F-WWLC (V2-LIL) LIAT prm dc

ATR72s (9)

1193 F-WWEJ (PK-WGR) Wings Abadi Air fcs parked on apron with house demo ATRs

1197 F-WNUB (VT-AII) Air India Regional fcs dc nwd ‘AII’

1220 F-WWES (PK-WGT) Wings Abadi Air fcs dc

1221 F-WWET DQ-FJX Fiji Link fcs dc delivered on 18th

1223 F-WWEV 7T-VUT Air Algerie fcs dc ‘7T-VUT’ underwing

1225 F-WWEX (PK-WGU) Wings Abadi Air fcs dc

1227 F-WWEB (PK-***) Wings Abadi Air fcs dc

(1231) (F-WW**) (TG-***) Avianca fcs towed from ATE paint shop area in dark of eve 17th

1239 (F-WW**) (******) operator unknown prm inside prod hall

TLS Flight Activity 19th December 2014


F-WWEU / B-22820 72-600 msn 1222 Transasia ( CHR – TLS )
ATR 72-600 TransAsia B-22820 (F-WWEU)  /  0156
Credit : 330_340
F-WWEB / PK-WGV 72-600 msn  1227 Wings Abadi Air


AIB01DP F-WWDP / HS-TXS msn 6417 Thai Smile
AIB03IF F-WWIF / B-1627 MSN 6403 Sping
AIB03IN F-WWIN / B-1886  msn 6397  Sichuan Airlines



AIB05CQ F-WWCQ / PR-xxx msn 1540 Avianca Brasil ( LDE – TLS)
AIB06CJ F-WWCJ / NxxxAV msn 1534 Avianca Cargo


TLS Flight Activity 18th December 2014


F-WWEV / 7T-VUT ATR 72-600 msn 1223 Air Algerie (flew twice)
F-WWEB / PK-WGV 72-600 msn  1227 Wings Abadi Air


AIB03DO F-WWDO / 9K-AKF 6375 Kuwait Airways
AIB04IL F-WWIL / EC-MEA msn 6400 Vueling
AIB05DQ F-WWDQ / B-1871 msn 6392 DKH


AIB04CI F-WWCI / 9M-XXV msn 1589 Air Asia X
AIB04CN F-WWCN / B-5979 msn 1591 CHH


AIB04SG F-WWSG / A7-APD msn 160 Qatar

Qatar Airways Airbus A380

Credit : Rami Khanna-Prade

TLS Ground Activity 18th December 2014

Although it did not fly HL8003 was active at the delivery centre on Thursday evening with hexcode 71C003. HL8003 is A330-323 msn 1590 for Korean Air, ex F-WWCL.

Delivery is therefore imminent.

In addition this photo by Rami Khanna-Prade captures in the back ground the first sightings noted of A330s msn 1593 and 1597 now painted. In addition the Skymark A330 is assumed to be 1607 as 1592 should still be in Chateauroux.

Qatar Airways Airbus A380

Credit : Rami Khanna-Prade


1593 WWYG/B-5965 330-323 CSN
1597 WWYP/9V-SSE 330-343 SIA
1607 WWCS/JA330K 330-343 SKY

TLS Flight Activity 17th December 2014


F-WWEV / 7T-VUT ATR 72-600 msn 1223 Air Algerie


AIB01DR F-WWDR / JA07VA msn 6422 Vanilla Air ( TLS – XFW )
AIB02DT F-WWDT / HS-BBP msn 6405 Thai Air Asia ( XFW – TLS )
AIB03BQ F-WWBQ / HA-LYK msn 6394 Wizz
AIB05IM F-WWIM / B-1629 msn 6237 China West Air


AIB03CI F-WWCI / 9M-XXV msn 1589 Air Asia X


AIB12FA F-WZFA / A7-ALA msn 006 Qatar


AIB01AF F-WWAF / HL7634 msn 179 Asiana ( TLS – XFW )
Asiana Airlines
Credit : Rami Khanna-Prade

TLS Flight Activity 16th December 2014


F-WWEV / 7T-VUT ATR 72-600 msn 1223 Air Algerie
Air Algérie

F-WWEX / PK-WGU ATR 72-600 msn 1225 Wings Abadi Air
Wings Air
F-WWEB / PK-WGV ATR 72-600 msn  1227 Wings Abadi Air

For the second day running F-WWLC (AT46 1018) and F-WNUB have been active on the ground at TLS.


AIB03BY F-WWBY / 9K-AKE msn 6350 Kuwait Airways
Kuwait Airways A320
Credit : Rami Khanna-Prade
AIB03DF F-WWDF / VT-TTF msn 6388 Vistara
AIB03IL F-WWIL / EC-MEA msn 6400 Vueling
AIB05DS F-WWDS / N635NK msn 6383 Spirit