F-WWES msn 1446 noted active on the ground with callsign ATR1446

F-WWEZ msn 1387 ( TLS – LBG )
F-WWEH / C6-BFW msn 1436 Bahamasair


AIB02TQ F-WWTQ / HZ-AS58 msn 7718  Saudi Arabian Airlines


AIB01KQ F-WWKQ / ?? msn 1799 Republic of Singapore Air Force ( TLS – TLS )
AIB02CC F-WWCC / B-16339 msn 1794 EVA Air ( TLS – TLS )
AIB03CM F-WWCM / B-8982 msn 1782  Capital Airlines


AIB01GW F-WZGW / B-LRR msn 119 Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific A350-941 msn 119

Credit : dn280tls

AIB05GR F-WZGR / 9V-SMO msn 116 Singapore

AIB05GR msn116 caf 13/6/2017

Credit : A380_TLS_A350

F-WZFC msn 122 for Singapore Airlines as 9V-SMP performed an RTO
RTO msn122 F-WZFC 13/6/2017
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

F-WZGP msn for Delta Air Lines as N501DN was pictured painted for the first time.
1st Airbus A350 Delta Airlines N501DN
Credit :  Jujug Spotting

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