LOG: Monchengladbach Sun 11/10/2017

Log with credit to Dan given all the ATRs here.

ATR’s seen at MGL on Sunday. Hangars were open.

UR-UTF AT43 042 UT Air cls nose section
VP-BCA AT43 051 UT Air cls
UR-UTE AT43 057 UT Air cls
EI-EHH AT43 196 white cls in RAS Hangar
ZS-OVR AT43 116 DHL fcs
E7-AAE AT72 465 BH Airlines cls
OY-PCB AT45 522 Satena cls
OY-YBU AT75 541 Air KBZ cls in RAS Hangar
2-GJSA AT45 574 white cls
2-GJSB AT45 576 ex Oman Air cls
79 AT75 788 Pakistan Navy fcs in RAS Hangar
2-RLAP AT46 1005 Nordstar fcs (F-WKVD visible under sticker reg)
T7-NWW AT72 ???? white tail, primer cls (stencilled c/n on nose but couldn’t read it off) in RAS Hangar

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