Wednesday 23/12/2009 (10:35-23:10L)

A selection of the images available here: H. ZIEGLER DC (terminal-side) 23/12/2009 Rear of the ZIEGLER DC 2 23/12/2009 Rear of the ZIEGLER DC 3 23/12/2009 A330-223 MSN1042 F-WWKK A7 ntu 'Stations 18' 23/12/2009 A380-841 MSN0041 F-WWAF LH A380-861 MSN0046 F-WWAG EK ATR Delivery Centre: 23/12/2009 The usual disclaimers apply: Brackets indicate assumed reg.... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 02/12/2009 22:00 to Thursday 03/12/2009 10:00

Delivery Center Terminal Side: 1072            WWYK/VQ-BCV              A330-243                          Aeroflot (AFL) 1076            WWKP/N283AY            A330-243                          US Airways (AWE) 1037            WWTA/HS-TEQ               A330-343E                                               Thai Airways (THA) 4117            WWID/555                      A320-214X (ACJ)          Oman Air Force Hanger Side: 4122            HZ-AS15                             A320-214  Saudia Al. (SVA) 4115            HZ-AS14                             A320-214  Saudia Al. (SVA) 4104            HZ-AS13                             A320-214  Saudia Al. (SVA) 4126            F-WWxx/9M-                 ... Continue Reading →

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