Wednesday 02/12/2009 22:00 to Thursday 03/12/2009 10:00

Delivery Center

Terminal Side:

1072            WWYK/VQ-BCV              A330-243                          Aeroflot (AFL)
1076            WWKP/N283AY            A330-243                          US Airways (AWE)
1037            WWTA/HS-TEQ               A330-343E                                               Thai Airways (THA)
4117            WWID/555                      A320-214X (ACJ)          Oman Air Force

Hanger Side:

4122            HZ-AS15                             A320-214  Saudia Al. (SVA)
4115            HZ-AS14                             A320-214  Saudia Al. (SVA)
4104            HZ-AS13                             A320-214  Saudia Al. (SVA)
4126            F-WWxx/9M-                  A320-216  Air Asia (AXM)
4124            F-WWxx/A6-                    A320-232  Etihad (ETD) – moved there overnight.

In Hanger

1073            F-WWxx/N973AV         A330-243  Avianca (AVA)
MSN027     F-WW/VH-                                                A380            Qantas (QFA) towed 22:30 from St Martin (hanger) to DC and was seen receiving attention past midnight. Following morning noted in the DC hanger at 07:00

A340 Production Line (Outside)

1094            F-WWKM/VH-                 A330-202  Qantas (QFA) Primer (appeared about 23:00)
1096            F-WWYT/B-                       A330-243  China Southern (CSN) Primer (seen 21:00 and gone by 23:300)
1089            F-WW/HB-JHF                A330-343E Swiss (SWR) Prime
1059            F-WW                                  A330-223  Primer

A320 Corner

4156            F-WWxx/VT-                       A320-232  Indigo (IGO)
(4162)         F-WWxx/9K-                      A320-214  Jazerra (JZR) appeared overnight – visible at 07:00
4108            EI-DTL                                    A320-216  Alitalia (AZA) temporay storage? Parked up with engine covers on and no MSN stickers
(3974)         F-WWIT                                A320-214   Air Blue c/s NTU?

Also near by a second S7 320 in full c/s (4032?)


Terminal Side:

886               F-WWTG                            A340-542                          Kingfisher full c/s
1                     F-WWAI                              A340-311                          Airbus
1004            F-WWYE                             A330-223F                                              Airbus
1071            F-WWYP/A6-EFA           A330-343E                                               Etihad
894               F-WWTH                            A340-542                         All white fuselage and tail and red engines
1031            F-WWKF                             A330-223                         White with blue engines
1075            F-WWKS/9M-XE            A330-343E                                              Air Asia X full c/s
1034            F-WWKS                             A330-223                          White with white engines (carrying reg F-WWKS like msn 1075)

Other side:

4150            F-WWBG                            A320-214                          S7 – parked facing the other way and did a RTO at 09:30
(4154?)       F-WWBK                            A320-214                          Juneyao full c/s
(4135?)       F-WWIU?                           A320-214                          Saudia full c/s with tail emblem
4110            F-WWDT                            A320-232                          Qatar full c/s
4152?          F-WW                                  A320-216                          Alitalia full c/s
4075            EI-DTK?                               A320-216                          Alitalia full c/s TK (read on top of tail)
(1081)         (F-WWYL/A6-EFB)         A330-343E                                               Etihad tail with primer body
(1077)         (F-WWKN/VQ-BEK)      A330-343X                                               Aeroflot full c/s
1080            F-WWYY                             A330-243 MRTT            United Arab Emirates Air Force
1067            F-WWKY/OH-LTR          A330-302E                                               Finnair full c/s

Jetstar A320 tail with primer frame noted on takeoff in the common spot to put planes that have just come off the production line. (msn 4178?)


Far side

1054            F-WWYC/   A330-2xx   Primer + no engines
1042            F-WWY/      A330-2xx   Primer and white engines
(807)            (F-WWLX)                          ATR42-500                                               Air Antilles Express (distinctive c/s seen on take off with 3 other ATRs that side L )

Near side

???                 F-WWW?                           ATR72-212A                    Wings c/s
845               F-WWEK                             ATR72-212A                    Fly540 c/s
888               F-WWES                             ATR72-212A                    Air Caribes
098               F-WWEY                             ATR72-600                                               ATR House c/s
1060            F-WWYQ / HS-TER        Airbus A330-2xx           Full Thai c/s

Several other ATRs were seen on the ramps running diagonally including 2 Libyan ATR 42s in Full c/s
By the entrance to the ATR production line were 2 ATR 72s Wings and TRIP (95% sure msn was 846)
Two more white ATR72s noted in addition to 884

A380 production site – outside

MSN 030   F-WWSD                            A380-861                          Emirates tail
MSN 042   no reg visible                 A380-861                          Emirates tail

Air France Industires

1065   VQ-BCU                                       A330-343X                     Aeroflot

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