Wednesday 25/06/2008 (12:35 – 22:50L)

A solo visit, to take my last tour of the Clement ADER facility (A330/A340 production).  The tour guide confirmed that the tour has been cancelled – at the instruction of Airbus – for good.  No reason given, and it was suggested that we ‘ask Airbus’!
No car, so views limited from the terminal area, tour bus (which didn’t take us via the 320 ramp or ATRs, unfortunately) and a quick visit to the car park.

The usual disclaimers apply: Brackets indicate assumed reg. from previous intelligence.  No brackets = positive sighting.  All times are French local.

All frames parked-up all day, unless noted.

Toulouse: Blagnac – Wednesday 25/06/2008 (12:35 – 22:50L)




238     300B4-203  F-WUAB  Parked outside A300 hall in prototype colours.

655/1  300-608ST  F-GSTA  Not seen.  
751/2  300-608ST  F-GSTB       
765/3  300-608ST  F-GSTC      
776/4  300-608ST  F-GSTD  Arrived 12:47
796/5  300-608ST  F-GSTF  All white.   Not seen. 

A320 family
0001  320-211  F-WWBA  House.  Parked main 320 apron.

1589  319-133X (ACJ)  VP-CIE  Parked outside on (SOGERMA) Airbus Corporate Jet apron.
3461  320-214  (F-WWBK)  East Star, full colours.  Parked by production hall – short-term? storage.
3485  320-214  (F-WWIG)  Juneyao, full colours.  Parked by production hall – short-term? storage.
3506  320-214  (F-WWBT)  East Star, full colours.  Parked by production hall – short-term? storage.
3524  320-232  VT-DNU  Air Deccan/ Kingfisher, full KFR colours, minus titles.  Parked at front of DC.
3528  320-214  B-6360  Shenzhen Airlines, full colours. Parked DC, terminal side.
3531  320-232  (F-WWDX)  Wizz Air, full colours.  Parked at rear of DC.
3532  320-216  (F-WWDY)  Air One, full colours.  Parked at rear of DC.
3535  320-232  F-WWDZ  LAN Airlines, full colours.  Seen in open ZIEGLER DC hangar, minus rudder.  About to receive the rudder unit from all primer tail MSN3581.
3538  320-232  F-WWIF  TACA International, full colours.  Seen parked on main 320 apron.  Towed out at 19:00 and positioned to rear of the DC.
3547  320-232  F-WWIV  Jetstar, full colours.  Parked main 320 apron.  Noted in BIKINI performing engine runs at 14:50.  Left test cell while we were on the tour, and seen taxiing back for more runs there at 18:20 until 19:55 when it taxied back to its original position on the main 320 apron.
3550  320-232  F-WWDM  British Airways, full colours. Taxied into BIKINI for engine runs at 12:45. Back to original position on main apron while we were on the tour.  Taxied back out at 19:48, and performed rejected take-off on 32L at 19:55.  Then back to main apron, and parked.
3554  320-232  F-WWBB  JetBlue, full colours.Parked on the main 320 apron.  Departed to XFW early afternoon.
3556  320-232  (F-WWBC)  LAN Airlines, full colours.  Parked on main 320 apron.
3559  320-232  (F-WWBF)  China Eastern.  Parked at Station Carburant. Glimpsed on landing then no further view, so unable to confirm if in full colours.
3562  320-232  (F-WWBH)  Wizz Air, full colours.  Parked at Station Carburant.
3570  320-233  (F-WWBJ)  SilkAir.  Tail only seen.  Parked on main 320 apron. 
Bits and pieces:
3581  320-232  All primer tail on trolley in DC hangar, rudder about to be fitted to rudderless MSN3535 (see above).  Believed destined for TACA International.
3603  320-232  Rear section, seen in Beluga unpack hangar.  Believed destined for Turkish Airlines.
0001  340-311  F-WWAI  House.  Development flight line.  Departed at 17:52, performing touch and goes at 18:09 and 18:17.  Landed back at 18:25 and positioned back to development flight-line. 
0360  340-642  F-WWCA  House.  Seen in hangar at ADER plant.
View of l'aubrevouir from restaurant: Panoramic/12:25
A packed l’aubrevouir
H. ZIEGLER DC from restaurant
0886  340-542  F-WWTG  Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked mid-field, facing terminal.  Engines taped-up.  Short-term? storage.
0891  330-223  VT-VJL  Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked at rear of ZIEGLER Delivery Centre.
0894  340-542  F-WWTH  Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked mid-field, facing away from terminal.  Engines taped-up Short-term? storage.
0902  340-542  F-WWTJ  Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, terminal-side.
0910  340-542  F-WWTK  Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, terminal-side.
0925  330-203  F-WWKB  Low visibility scheme.  Parked at rear of DC.
0928  330-343E  B-6100 China Eastern, full colours.  Parked at rear of DC.
0932  330-202  F-WWKV  Jet Airways, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, plant side.  Taxied out at 17:05, now wearing delivery registration ‘VT-JWN’, to threshold of 32L, then back to original position at DC at 17:20. 
0935  330-343E  F-WWKF  China Southern, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, terminal-side.
0936  330-343E  F-WWKG  China Eastern, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, plant-side.
0937  330-343E  F-WWKI  China Southern, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, terminal-side.  Departed on test flight at 16:13.  Performed missed-approach at 17:11, landing back at 17:24.
0938  340-313E  F-WWJL  Finnair, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, terminal-side.  Parked outside ADER production hall.
0941  330-243  (F-WWKO)  Air China, full colours.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, plant-side.
0945  330-202  F-WWYV  Primer with (new) Qantas tail.  No fin i.d.  Parked at l’aubrevouir, plant-side.
0946  330-223  F-WWYX  Kingfisher, fill colours – minus tail logo.  Parked, engineless by hangars, mid-field.
0952  330-343E  F-WWKR  All primer, including tail.  ‘Air Asia’ customer sticker.  ADER production line, in position ‘A’.  Towed to apron outside at 15:10, to be replaced by MSN0957 (see below).
0953  340-642  (F-WWCx)  Primer with Thai Airways tail.  ADER production line, in position ‘D’.  Registration, if applied, could not be seen for surrounding gantries.
0954  330-343E  F-WWKT  Primer with full China Southern tail.  Parked outside ADER production hall, Concorde end. 
0955  340-313E  F-WWJM  Primer with tail in similar colours to 763 P4-MES.  ‘Airbus’ customer stickers!  ADER production line, position ‘B’.
0956  330-202  (F-WWYA)  Primer, with full Jet Airways tail.  On production line, in Poste 35B.
0957  330-243  F-WWYC  Primer with (standard) Air China tail.  No winglets or belly fairing.  Parked outside ADER production hall in the morning, opposite end to Concorde.  Position back onto line, in position ‘A’ replacing MSN0952 at 15:20.  Galley units on surrounding gantries awaiting installation.
0959  330-343E  (F-WWYE)  Primer, on production line in Poste 36/37.  ‘Cathay Pacific’ customer stickers.  Full colours Cathay tail on trolley (with horizontal stabiliser) seen nearby awaiting attachment.
Bits and pieces:
1.  0933  340-642X  Front section seen in open wide body storage hangar.  Unmated wingbox also seen inside production hall, by wing mating jig. 
2.  0958  330-343E  Front section seen in open wide body storage hangar.  Wingbox believed to be the one seen in the wing mating jig.
3.  0961 330-223  Front section seen in open wide body storage hangar.  ‘TAM’ customer stickers. 
4.  0962  330-223  Unmated wingbox on trolley beside (occupied) wing mating jig.  Believed to be destined for Aerolineas Argentinas.
5.  0963  330-243  Primer tail seen on trolley in ADER production hall.  Another all primer 330 tail was seen behind this, but the MSN sticker was out of sight.  
+ 2 rear fuselage sections in wide body storage hangar.
001  380-841  F-WWOW  Airbus House colours.  Development flight-line.  Departed at 15:55.  Landed back by 16:15, departing again at 16:20.  Landed back at 16:38, departing again at 16:47.  Landed back at 17:07, departing again at 17:20.   Landed back at 17:30, departing again at 17:45.  Landed back at 17:57, positioning back to development flight-line.  Customer crew training? 
002  380-841  F-WXXL  Airbus House colours. Outside storage. 
004  380-841  F-WWDD  All white. Development flight-line.  Departed at 14:14.  Landed back at 19:37, and back to development flight-line.
007  380-841  F-WWJB  Airbus House colours.  Seen in open (solo) hangar behind MSN002 undergoing re-work to production standard.
009  380-861  F-WWEA  Airbus House colours.  Seen in open (solo) hangar behind MSN002 undergoing re-work to production standard.
A380-841 MSN001 F-WWOW: missed approach
F-WWOW missed approach
010  380-841  F-WWSG  Singapore Airlines, full colours.  Seen at front of DC after the tour.  Landed after test flight?  Towed into DC hangar at 18:55. 
020  380-861  F-WWSS  Primer (standard green) with full Emirates tail and engine colours.  Parked production flight-line.  Next to fly?
022  380-841  F-WWSR  Primer (standard green) with all-white tail and full (i.e. including Kangaroo logo) engine colours.  Next to fly? 
029  380-841  (unmarked)  Seen in open ZIEGLER DC hangar.  White and part-primer tail colours.
ATR Plant
098  72-212A  F-WWEY  House, not seen.
785  72-212A  F-WWED  Air Deccan/ Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked (old) DC stands, terminal-side.
(786)  72-212A  (F-WWEE)  Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked by stored East Star and Juneyao 320s.
787  72-212A  (F-WWEF)  Aer Arran, full colours.  Parked ATR production ramp.
788  72-212A  F-WWEG  Kingfisher, full colours.  Parked (old) DC stands, terminal-side.
797  72-212A  F-WWEZ  Aer Arran, full colours.   Parked (old) DC stands, terminal-side.  Departed at 15:46 on test-flight, landing back at 17:17 and back to DC stand.
(798)  72-212A  (F-WWEO)  All-white colours.  Parked on old DC ramp, plant-side.
799  72-212A  F-WWEP  AZAL Azerbaijan, full colours. Parked on old DC ramp, terminal-side.  Taxied out to BIKINI at 18:40 and performed engine runs until 19:23 and back to original DC stand. Taxied out at 21:25, to taxiway (close to threshold of 32L) for more runs and was seen there still as we rotated at 22:50.
Additional frames which could not be read off due to position were:
1.  8xx  72-212A  Firefly, full colours.  Parked outside main production hall.  Presumably MSN812 F-WWEB.


Unidentified all white ATR outside main hangar, presumed to be MSN403 F-WQNA.

Air France Industries

A319-132 Deer Jet, full colours seen at rear of open hangar.  Believed to be MSN3548. 

Selected Visitors
D-AMAJ  142  WDL
D-AOLG  100  OLT
D-AOLH  100  OLT
EC-ELT  142  PNR
F-GIXH  733  FPO
F-GIXS  733  FPO
G-EZAI  319  EZY
G-EZBE  319  EZY
G-EZBN  319  EZY
G-EZIJ  319  EZY
G-EZIP  319  EZY
G-EZIY  319  EZY
G-EZMS  391  EZY
PH-AHY  763  TFL  opf REU
SX-BGQ  734  AEE
TC-SGG  73H  SGX, basic Air Algerie colours.  DAH1076 ORN-TLS
F-GHJG  PA.28-181


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