TLS Flight Activity 28th October 2014


F-WWEB / HK-xxxx ATR 72-600 MSN 1185 Avianca (flew back from CHR)
F-WWEG / PR-AQT ATR 72-600 MSN 1190 Azul
F-WWEJ / PK-WGR? ATR 72-600 MSN 1193 Wings Abadi Air (flew to CHR in primer)

CHR = Chateauroux

Credit 330_340 photo of 1185 F-WWEB taken at CHR before ferry flight back to TLS.

Credit 330_340 photo of 1193 F-WWEJ taken at CHR on arrival of ferry flight from TLS.


AIB01IR F-WWIR / G-EZWZ A320-214(SL) 6353 EasyJet (flew to CHR)
AIB02BM F-WWBM / JA814P 6335 (flew XFW to TLS)
AIB02BR F-WWBR / VT-TTE  5343 Vistata (flew CHR to XFW)
AIB04BD F-WWBD / N632NK MSN 6331 Spirit (flew XFW to BOD)
AIB04BH F-WWBH / N630NK Airbus A320-232(SL) MSN 6304
AIB04DX F-WWDX / VT-ATD Airbus A320 MSN 6262 Air Asia India
AIB06DL F-WWDL / B-LCD Airbus A320-232(SL) MSN 6302

Credit: A380_TLS_A350 F-WWIR in the background



AIB01KO F-WWKO / TC-JOE Airbus A330-303 MSN 1571 THY
AIB01KP F-WWKP / A4O-DH Airbus A330-343 MSN 1772 OMA

Credit: Clement Alloing F-WWKO 1571

Credit: Clement Alloing F-WWKP 1572

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