TLS Ground Activity 5th November 2014

Msn3 5/11/2014

Great overview shot of the status of the delivery centre by A380_TLS_A350

A330 Long term residents 1540/F-WWCQ and 1550/F-WWKL have now departed to LDE for storage. Both Libyan 330s 1505/F-WWKE and 1543/F-WWCT are visible with AAW 1499/F-WWTS also.

A330-243 B-5963 msn 1573 ex F-WWKQ can be seen waiting delivery. As can A320-214(SL) JA06VA msn 6320 ex F-WWIP

An idea of the A330 flight line can also be seen here.

Msn143 5/11/2014

Credit: A380_TLS_A350

RTO msn174 F-WWSH 5/11/2014

Credit: A380_TLS_A350 A380 F-WWSH msn 174 performed an RTO today.

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