LOG: Toulouse Blagnac Sunday 25/01/2015 09:00-17:00

F-WWEE / HS-PZB ATR 72-600 msn 1230 Bangkok Airways

6347 F-WWBV Al Mara, fcs – at delivery centre (back to F-reg)
6411 F-WWDM Avianca, fcs – In DC hanger
6430 F-WWBB Air Arabia, fcs – DC
6434 F-WWIA Garuda Citilink, fcs – in DC hanger
(6436) (F-WWBE) Spirit Airlines, fcs – in DC hanger
6439 F-WWBF South African Airlines, fcs DC
(6441) (F-WWBJ) Cebu fcs – in hanger shared with ATR
6444 F-WWBZ Air Arabia fcs – flight line
6449 F-WWIU Tianjin Airline fcs – in hanger shared with ATR
6447 F-WWII Vanilla Air, fcs – departed to XFW
6457 F-WWBO Vietjet, fcs – flight line
6476 F-WWBK Kuwait Airways , TO – fuel test corner
6478 F-WW?? South African Airways, TO – fuel test corner

F-WWCZ / VT-VJA A330-202 msn 1613 Air Algerie

1543 5A-LAU Libyan Airlines, fcs – at delivery centre
1591 B-5979 Hainan Airlines fcs – at delivery centre
1592 JA330G Skymark Airlines, fcs – at delivery centre
1593 F-WWYG China Southern, fcs – at delivery centre
(1594) (F-WWYH) Qatar Airways Cargo fcs – flightline
1595 F-WWYJ China Eastern, fcs – flight line
1596 9M-XXW Air Asia X, fcs – at delivery centre
1597 F-WWYP Singapore Airlines, fcs – in DC hanger
1598 F-WWKI Cathay Pacific, fcs – outside prod hall
1599 F-WWKY Oman Air, fcs – flight line
1600 F-WWYC Air Asia X, fcs – flight line
1601 F-WWCC Royal Air Force, brown primer – flight line
1602 F-WWCH Cebu fcs – flight line
1605 F-WWCQ Aerolineas Argentinas fcs – outside prod hall
(1607) (F-WWCS) Skymark fcs – hangered in Post 20E
1608 F-WWCU Avianca, primer/no engines – on flightline moved to Post 20G mid morning
1609 F-WWCV Singapore Airlines, fcs – appeared on flightline mid morning
1610 F-WWCX Royal Air Force, brown primer – on flightline
1612 F-WWCT Air Asia X, TO – outside prod hall
1613 F-WWCZ Air Algerie fcs no engines – moved from flightline to outside prod hall mid afternoon.
1617 F-WWKV China Eastern TO – hangered in Post 20F
1619 F-WWYI Air Asia X, primer/tail painted – on prod line

MSN5000 - A350 Static Test Frame

Only several Airbus test aircraft noted and MSN5000 still outside.

180 F-WWAZ Etihad, TO on flight line
182 F-WWSF Emirates Airline, TO – came out of hanger at 4pm
183 F-WWSQ Asiana Airlines, TO on flight line

Plus 2 ex Skymark

PK-WGU & PK-WGV Parked at Latecoere

1225 PK-WGU Wings Abadi, fcs – at Lacorre’s
(1226) (F-WWEZ) Air India fcs, on flight line
1227 PK-WGV Wings Abadi, fcs – at Lacorre’s
1229 F-WWED Apex Airlines, fcs – performed engine runs in the afternoon
1230 F-WWEE Bangkok Airlines, fcs – parked in corner near 320 finishing halls
1233 F-WWEH primer – NAC leasing sticker on nose
1235 F-WWEJ Firefly fcs – hangered FIE on nw door
1237 xxxx primer – msn read from stencil no sticker/reg yet
1241 xxxx primer – msn read from stencil no sticker/reg yet
???? PR-AQW Azul fcs – hangered
???? Avianca fcs – hangered

Despite it being a Sunday MSN 1235 and 1237 were temporarily taken outside so 1241 could be added in place of 1233 which had been hangered.

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