Log: Toulouse 24-4-15

Noted at a foggy then warm and sunny Toulouse today….
1255 F-WWEG Air Tahiti fcs outside ATR Hall
1253 F-WWEE Azul fcs outside ATR Hall
1258 F-WWEJ Air Algeria fcs outside ATR Hall  ‘UV’ on tail
???? F-WWEK Firefly fcs…c/n anybody? Parked where demo ATR’s normally parked.
1246 F-WWEV Air India fcs ‘AIU’ on nwd D/C.
1249 F-WWEZ primer/white tail D/C.
1245 F-WWEU Azul fcs ‘KA’ on tail D/C.
5445 P4-MGU Corporate departed
6286 D-AVVA second house NEO
5725 F-WXAC Jetstar ntu, now all white on AFI.
6538 9K-AKK Kuwait fcs on D/C.
6535 EC-MFK Vueling fcs on D/C.
6611 F-WWDM Aegean tail
6619 F-WW?? noted in M15 primer
6614 F-WWIA Wizz
6616 F-WWBO Spirit
6561 F-WWBT Avianca ‘CM’ on nwd, moved to D/C.
6566 F-WWIM Spirit
6568 F-WWIN Easyjet moved to D/C.
6571 F-WWIR Vueling, moved to D/C.
6580 F-WWDP Capital, fcs
6597 F-WWDF all white
6547 F-WWDQ Qingdao, moved to D/C, 649 on nwd.
6651 unmated fuse.
6594 F-WWDR Vueling
6584 F-WWDT Vietjet
1543 F-WWCT Libyan on D/C
1612 F-WWKS Air Asia on D/C, XXZ on nwd.
1608 F-WWCU brown primer
1607 F-WWCS Skymark
1615 F-WWYN Hawaiian
1617 F-WWKV China Eastern
1618 F-WWYA Cathay moved to D/C, BJ on nwd.
1623  F-WWYQ Aerolineas Argentinas on D/C, VI on tail.
1625 F-WWYU China Southern
1627 F-WWYX Delta fcs
1629 F-WWKH Turkish
1643 F-WWKF Kuwait tail
1628 F-WWYY Delta
1650 F-WW?? Sri Lankan
1638 F-WWYZ Korean
1640 F-WWCM Turkish
1642 F-WW?? Turkish
1644 F-WWKG Turkish
1645 F-WWKJ China Southern, Skyteam cs
1646 F-WWKM Air Asia tail/primer on A380 ramp
1632 F-WWYD China Eastern inside C63
005 F-WWYB
009 F-WZFD Qatar inside DC hanger
019 Primer/Finnair tail on A380 ramp
017 brown primer on A380 ramp
020 brown primer/ Finnair tail
010 F-WZFE Qatar
202 F-WW?? Emirates tail, no engines
191 F-WWSA Etihad tail
190 F-WWAR Emirates
200 F-WWSV Emirates
189 F-WWAO Qatar tail
179 HL7634 Asiana fcs, arrived back from Hamburg….flypast with SN601 F-GPLA
Steve Scott
Assistant Editor – Aviation Letter
Roumagne, France

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