TLS Tue 26th May 2015 (1700) to Wed 27th May 2015 (1800)

New Airbus/ATR frames seen at a warm and sunny but breezy TLS this week, in the company of fellow regular Nick Lack, were as follows. Usual notes apply:

fcs full colour scheme

aws all white scheme

to tail only painted

prm primer only

tn tail number

nwd nose wheel door number

dc delivery centre

fl flightline

ft fuel test area

ff first flight

iph inside prod hall/finishing hangar

oph outside prod hall/finishing hangar

del delivered

( ) not seen/read off

320s [16]

6591 B-8012 Spring Airlines fcs dc

6600 B-1673 Zhejiang Loong Airlines fcs dc del 27th

6602 XA-VAE VivaAeroBus fcs dc

6604 B-50006 Tigerair Taiwan fcs dc del 27th

6606 G-EZOO EasyJet fcs dc

6608 F-WWBF (B-1693) Qingdao Airlines fcs dc

6619 F-WWBJ (TC-DCH) Pegasus Airlines aws fl

6628 F-WWIJ (PK-LAM) Batik Air fcs fl ff 27th

6631 F-WWII (HA-LYR) Wizz Air fcs (new colours) dep to XFW on 27th

6634 F-WWIV (PR-OCO) Avianca Brasil fcs fl dep to XFW 28th

6637 F-WWDA (B-8035) Juneyao Airlines fcs

6648 (F-WWIG) (B-1675) Zhejiang Loong Airlines to ft

6651 F-WWIU (PR-OCP) Avianca Brasil to ft

6655 F-WWBM (SX-DNA) Aegean Airlines to iph 26th/ft 27th

6659 (F-WWBS) (A6-SHJ) Sharjah Rulers Flight to fl

6662 (F-WWDL) (HA-LYS) Wizz Air to iph

330s [23]

1607 F-WWCS Skymark fcs fl

1614 (F-WWKD) (B-5971) Hainan Airlines fcs dc

1619 F-WWYI (9M-XBA) AirAsia X fcs fl

1626 F-WWYV (9K-APA) Kuwait Airways fcs fl

1627 N822NW Delta Air Lines fcs dc hangar

1630 F-WWKP (7T-VJB) Air Algerie fcs fl tn ‘VJB’

1631 F-WWKR (TS-IFM) Tunisair fcs fl tn ‘FM’

1632 F-WWYD (B-5976) China Eastern fcs oph 27th/fl 28th

1633 F-WWYK (9V-SSG) Singapore Airlines fcs fl

1634 F-WWYL (B-5972) Hainan Airlines fcs dc nwd ‘5972’

1635 F-WWYM Skymark fcs fl

1636 F-WWYS (B-5967) China Southern fcs fl

1638 F-WWYZ (HL8026) Korean Air fcs iph

1640 F-WWCM (TC-JOJ) Turkish Airlines fcs 380 ramp

1645 F-WWKJ (B-5970) China Southern to (SkyTeam) oph 27th/fl 28th

1647 F-WWKO (HL8027) Korean Air fcs fl 28th only

1649 F-WWKZ (7T-VJC) Air Algerie to oph 27th only

1650 (F-WWYO) (4R-ALO) Sri Lankan to oph 27th/iph 28th

1651 F-WWCE (Skymark ntu?) iph

1654 F-WWCJ (PK-***) Garuda Indonesia to fl

1655 F-WWCK (B-8226) China Eastern to fl

1657 F-WWCN (PR-***) Avianca Brasil prm fl

(1658) (F-WWYC) (B-5977) Air China to fl 28th only

350s [6]

010 F-WZFE (A7-ALD) Qatar Airways fcs ATR dc

012 (F-WZFG) (A7-ALG) Qatar Airways prm 380 ramp [tent]

014 F-WZFI (VN-A886) Vietnam Airways fcs ATR dc

017 (F-WZFL) (VN-A889) Vietnam Airways prm 380 ramp [tent]

021 (F-WZFP) (A7-ALI) Qatar Airways prm 380 ramp [tent]

022 (F-WZFQ) (OH-LWD) Finnair to oph

380s [5]

0192 F-WWAE (G-XLEJ) British Airways to 380 ramp tn ‘LEJ’

0193 F-WWSD (A7-APG) Qatar Airways to hangar move

0201 F-WWAN (A6-EOQ) Emirates to 380 ramp

0204 (F-WWAT) (A6-***) Emirates to hangar move

0205 (F-WWSX) (A6-***) Emirates to 380 ramp

ATRs [19]

1017 -42 F-WWLB (PK-TVI) Travira Air fcs iph 27th/oph 28th

1019 -42 F-WWLD (HK-****) SATENA fcs iph 27th/engine runs 28th

1202 -42 (F-WW**) (******) ???????? prm iph

1242 -72 F-WWER (9V-***) Aviation Singapore aws iph

1246 -72 (VT-AIU) Air India Regional fcs ATR dc

1251 -72 F-WWEC (B-*****) TransAsia Airways prm iph

1252 -72 F-WWED (VT-AIV) Air India Regional fcs iph

1253 -72 (F-WWEE) (PR-AKB) Azul Linhas Aereas fcs iph tn ‘KB’

1254 -72 F-WWEF (PK-GAK) Garuda Indonesia Explore fcs oph 27th/iph 28th

1255 -72 F-WWEG (F-ORVN) Air Tahiti fcs ATR dc [rear]

1256 -72 F-WWEH (PK-WHH) Wings Abadi Air fcs iph

1257 -72 (F-WWEI) (F-****) Hop! aws iph

1258 -72 (F-WWEJ) (7T-VUV) Air Algerie fcs iph tn ‘VUV’

(1259) -72 (F-WWEK) (9M-FIF) Firefly fcs iph

1262 -72 F-WWEN (F-WWEN) Firefly prm iph

1263 -72 F-WWEP (PK-WHI) Wings Abadi Air fcs iph

1267 -72 (F-WW**) unknown operator prm iph

1268 -72 (F-WW**) unknown operator prm oph

1271 -72 (F-WW**) unknown operator prm oph

Bob Smith

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