LOG: Toulouse 28-29/7/15

Decided on a change and had an overnighter, here’s what was noted…….



F-WWLE  1201 Satena fcs

F-WWER 1242  All white @ Latecoere

F-WWEG 1255 Air Tahiti @ Latecoere

F-WWEM 1261 Transasia, fcs, also wore B-22822

F-WWEN  1262 Firefly, fcs, FIG on nwd

F-WWES 1266 Air Algeria, fcs, 7T-VUW under wing

F-WWEV 1269 Bangkok, fcs, PZC on nwd

F-WWEW 1270 Azul, fcs, KC on nwd, named ‘Maracatu Azul’

F-WWEC 1274 Primer

F-WW?? 1276  Primer

F-WW?? 1278, believed for Italian Navy, had Italian flag on tail in primer, with two others…T31278NO009

F-WW?? 1280 Primer

F-WW?? 1282 Wings, primer…I thought I saw it in fcs on the tour 29th??

F-WW?? 1290 Primer….stencil T31290IW3057

F-WW?? 1291 Primer….stencil T31291IW3058

F-WW?? 1292 Primer

F-WW?? 1293 primer…stencil T31293UP3001



F-WWBH 6455 Saudi Gulf dc hanger

F-WWBC 6474 Saudi Gulf dc hanger

F-WWDI 6679 Loong dc hanger

F-WWIC 6681 Qingdao dc, towed to Air France Industries 29th

F-WWDU 6664 Hainan dc

F-WWIT 6692 Avianca dc, became N742AV 29th.

F-WWIX 6694 Air New Zealand dc, became ZK-OXJ same day.

F-WWDS 6728 Shenzhen

F-WW?? 6741 Cebu

F-WW?? 6743 primer

F-WW?? 6715 primer in M-15 ??

PR-OCQ 6689 Avianca, Star Alliance c/s dc



F-WWYI 1619 Air Asia dc

F-WWYY 1628 Delta dc hanger

F-WWKU 1648 SIA fcs, 9V-SSH under wing

F-WWKI 1664 China Eastern

F-WWYH 1667 Singapore AF

F-WWTJ 1671 Garuda no engines, A380 area

F-WWTM c/n?? Air Asia in hanger



F-WZFC 008 Qatar, fcs, A7-ALE under wing

F-WZFJ 015 Vietnam fcs

F-WZF(R) 023 Finnair A380 area

F-WZF(T) 025 Qatar A380 area

F-WZF(U) 026 SIA, tail painted



F-WWAT 204 Emirates, departed 29th

F-WWSX 205 Emirates


Noted on the 29th different to above….


F-WW?? 1019 Satena…noted at Latecoere

F-WWEF 1254 Garuda fcs

F-WWEP 1263 Wings fcs

F-WWET 1267 Myanmar

F-WWEU 1268 all white

F-WWLF 1202 Amakusa

F-HOPZ  1265 HOP departed on delivery



F-WWBI 6700 Tiger fcs

F-WWBV 6702 Air Asia

F-WWBQ 6704 Virgin

F-WWDH 6714 Loong

F-WWIV 6720 Indigo

F-WWIL 6733 Saudi Gulf

F-WWIO 6738 Vietjet

F-WW?? 6754 primer inside M-15

F-WWIK 6730 Capital

F-WW?? 6787 unmated fuse



F-WWCU 1608 all white

F-WWYL 1634 Hainan dc

F-WWKA 1641 Tunis

F-WWYO 1650 Lankan, LO on tail

F-WWCL 1655 Hainan

F-WW?? 1660 SAS

F-WWYP 1663 Hainan fcs, B-8106 under wing

F-WWST 1680 Lion….is this not a 380 test reg?

F-WWTN 1675 primer

F-WW?? 1670 Air Asia tail



F-WZFF 011 Qatar

F-WZFL 017 Vietnam fcs

F-WZF? 027 TAM tail


Apologies for any errors, corrections welcomed



Steve Scott

Assistant Editor – Aviation Letter

Roumagne, France

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