Hamburg Finkenwerder XFW 17th Sept 2015 16:00 – 16:30


6716 D-AVYI Tibet AL f/c (looks like repaired after FF seven weeks ago)


6583 D-AVVN Saudi Gulf f/c – stored

6765 D-AXAL Spring AL f/c – inside open hangar

6771 D-AXAM Royal Brunei f/c

6772 D-AXAN Qatar AW f/c – NEO aircraft still engineless – parked on A380 appron

6778 D-AXAO Volaris f/c – inside open hangar

6786 D-AXAP Spring AL f/c


6756 D-AYAN Transaero f/c – stored

6763 D-AYAT Capital AL f/c

6767 D-AYAV Avianca f/c – inside open hangar

6768 HL8038 Asiana f/c – dep. 1846h on del.

6770 N659NK Spirit AL f/c

6774 D-AYAY China Eastern – inside open hangar

6780 D-AYAZ LAN f/c

6781 D-AVZN Turkish AL f/c

6802 D-AZAE primer & American AL tail c/s


189 F-WWAO Qatar AW f/c – dep. To TLS 2027h

190 F-WWAR Emirates f/c

194 F-WWSG primer & British AW tail c/s

Credit : Carsten

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