Log: Toulouse 25/26-11-15


I wont duplicate Carstens log from a few days ago so here are the different stuff noted and a few answers for Carsten.

Unfortunately the weather was cold and wet but nice and warm on the coach for the Panoramic tour.

All 25th unless otherwise stated.


1203 FAC-1194/F-WWLG SATENA , fcs, wore both registrations

1204 FAC-1195/F-WWLH SATENA , fcs, wore both registrations

1279 F-WWEH all white at Latecoere
1017 PK-TVI Travira
1284 F-WWEM Azul, fcs, wore PR-AKE on one side.
1291 F-WWEU Wings, fcs, wore PK-WHQ under wing.
1292 PR-AKF Azul, fcs, departed on delivery 26th.
1295 F-WWEZ all white
1299 F-WWEE primer
1297 F-WWEC all white (26th)
F-WKVH all white, c/n?
Also noted 1313 and 1320 in primer.
6799 F-WWDM  IndiGo ,fcs
6813 PR-OCW , fcs, departed on delivery 25th
6819 F-WWBK  IndiGo fcs
6841 EC-MJC/F-WWIA Vueling, fcs, wore EC-MJC on one side, d/c.
6846 B-8327 Spring, fcs,d/c
6849 F-WWII IndiGo , fcs
6851 B-8066 Tianjin ,fcs, d/c
6854 F-WWBD China Eastern, became B-8276 overnight, fcs, d/c
6860 F-WWBN IndiGo, fcs.
6868 F-WWDI IndiGo, fcs
6886 F-WWBQ VivaAeroBus , fcs.
6893 F-WWDU all white, I thought this had Loongair titles but its supposed to be for Qingdao, must be my old eyes.
6865 F-WWBU Vistara, fcs, towed from d/c hangar 26th as VT-TTJ, put on d/c and taken straight back into d/c hangar.
6898 F-WWIZ Tianjin, fcs.
6904 F-WW?? Qatar tail.
6857 F-WWBG VivaAerobus, fcs, had XA-VAN under wing.
1635 EI-FMH Skymark tail, departed to Lourdes 26th.
1659 F-WWYG AirAsia X, fcs, had 9M-XBC under wing.
1685 F-WWKS Air China, fcs, towed from d/c hangar as B-6101 26th and put on d/c.
1688 F-WWYA Qatar cargo, fcs, FI on nwd.
1690 F-WWYN EVA, fcs.
1692 F-WWYU Fiji Airways, tail
1695 F-WWCR Air China, tail.
1703 F-WWKP Hainan , tail.
17 VN-A889 Vietnam Airlines,fcs, d/c
35 F-WZ..  TAM, primer
36 F-WZ..  Qatar Airways, tail. A380 ramp.
37 F-WZ.. Singapore, tail. A380 ramp.
38 F-WZ.. Cathay Pacific, primer.
Also noted Singapore example in fcs inside M63.
Probably missed a few as taken straight from scribblings
Steve Scott
Assistant Editor – Aviation letter
Roumagne, France


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