Log: Toulouse 28-12-15


Credit : Steve Scott


Very quiet today due to the holiday period. As expected little open and little flying but seemed like a good idea to pay my last visit of the year.
The following were noted………

F-WWSD 193 Qatar tail
F-WWSZ 213 Emirates tail

0039 Primer Cathay winglets. A380 ramp
0032 F-WZGA Cathay fcs. A380 ramp.
0025 Primer. A380 ramp.
0040 Ethiopian tail. A380 ramp.
0020 F-WZFO Finnair fcs, d/c.
???? Qatar tail, A380 ramp.
0023 F-WZFR Finnair
0043 Ethiopian tail
0012 F-WZFG Qatar

F-WWBN 6860 Indigo, stored AFI
F-WWII 6849 Indigo, stored AFI
F-WWIL 6733 Saudi Gulf, stored AFI
F-WWBC 6474 Saudi Gulf, stored AFI
F-WHUE 6681 Qingdao, stored AFI
F-WXAC 6784 New Loongair, stored AFI
B-8346 6874 Spring, d/c.
B-8347 6881 Spring, d/c.
F-WWDS 6922 Chengdu, ‘345’ on nwd. d/c.
PR-OBB 6876 Avianca, d/c
PR-OBC 6896 Avianca, d/c
F-WW?? 6951 Batik tail
F-WWDN 6948 Volaris, fcs.
F-WWIO 6944 Juneyao, fcs
F-WWDI 6868 Indigo, fcs
F-WWDO 6954 Aeroflot tail
F-WWDK 6937 Sichuan, fcs
F-WW?? 6946 Qatar tail
F-WWBK 6819 Indigo fcs
F-WWBV 6914 Indigo fcs
F-WWIK 6943 Tiger, fcs.
PR-OCY 6871 Avianca, taped up near blast fences


Credit : Steve Scott


EI-FMI 1651 All white, d/c
F-WWKM 1646 Air Asia, d/c
F-WWYG 1659 Air Asia, d/c
F-WWTM 1674 Air Asia, d/c
F-WWYF 1689 Lankan, ‘LR’ on tail, d/c.
B-8118 1686, parked in washing area near d/c.
1760 primer, no engines, parked on 380 ramp.
EC-MIL 1694 Iberia, d/c.
F-WWYT 1710 Iberia tail
F-WWKD 1700 Iberia tail
F-WWCP 1670 Air Asia parked at Corp Jet Centre
+ two THY, a QTR and another Hainan…..unidentified

F-WWEP 1309 Myanmar, ‘JZ’ on nwd.
F-WWLI 1205 all white
PP-PTX 666, parked cargo ramp
M-AMRM/M-CDOM ex Fly540, stored Latecoere
F-WWEN 1285 Firefly, FIH nwd, stored Latecoere
F-WWEI 1303 Bangkok fcs
F-WWEN 1308 Braathens, ‘MKB’ on nwd,
ZK-MVI 1306 ANZ fcs
EC-MJG c/n 1310, sand fuse, white tail, no titles on d/c
PR-AKG 1294 Azul, fcs

I also read off, albeit fleetingly TU-VAE on A319/318???? parked next to the Air Asia 330 in the Corp Jet Centre. I note that a Ivory Coast Government A319 was noted 15/12, registered F-WBGX….perhaps my eyes didn’t deceive me.
Steve Scott
Assistant Editor – Aviation Letter
Roumagne, France

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