LOG : TLS Tue 29 Mar- Wed 30 Mar 2016 c1700-1700

68 new frames seen at a beautifully warm and sunny TLS yesterday were as follows. All aircraft seen on both days unless otherwise stated.

Usual notes apply:

fcs full colour scheme

aws all white scheme

prm primer only

to tail only painted

dc delivery centre

atr dc ATR delivery centre

fl flightline

fta fuel test area

38r 380 ramp

lat (former) Latecoere ramp

oph outside prod/finishing hall

iph inside prod/finishing hall

e/l engineless

tnt partially inside tent on 380 ramp

f* flight (number)

( ) not seen/read off, info from other sources

320s [28]

6846 F-WWIG (B-8327) Spring fcs dc

6874 F-WWIP (B-8346) Spring fcs dc

6881 F-WWIX (B-8347) Spring fcs dc

6904 F-WWBE (A7-AJD) Qatar fcs 38r e/l

6907 F-WWBR (N902NK) Spirit fcs 38r e/l

6914 F-WWBV (VT-ITH) IndiGo fcs lat e/l

6922 B-8345 Chengdu fcs dc dep on del ‘UEA8345’ 0925LT 30/3

6946 F-WWBZ (A7-AJE) Qatar fcs 38r e/l

6952 F-WWDG (VT-ITI) IndiGo fcs lat e/l

6967 F-WWBJ (VT-ITJ) IndiGo fcs fl e/l

6972 F-WWBO (JA02DJ) AirAsia Japan fcs dc

6975 F-WWBP (B-8545) China Southern fcs 38r e/l

7006 T7-MRF MEA fcs dc [dep on del 31st)

7011 F-WWBC (N903NK) Spirit fcs 38r e/l

(7020) XA-VAV VivaAerobus fcs dc (dep on del 31st)

(7028) (F-WWDS) (EC-MKO) Vueling fcs fl [assumed, not required]

7033 F-WWDE (VT-ITL) IndiGo fcs fta (29th) fl (30th)

7035 F-WWDH (B-LPP) Hong Kong fcs dc

7041 F-WWDZ (B-8490) Air China fcs fl

7053 F-WWDN (VT-ITM) IndiGo fcs fl

7060 F-WWDY (XA-***) VivaAerobus fcs fl

7066 F-WWDT (RP-C****) Cebu Pacific fcs fl (29th) taxi test (30th)

7068 F-WWIQ (B-8505) Tianjin Airlines fcs f1 and dep to XFW (30th)

(7077) (F-WWIT) (B-LPQ) Hong Kong fcs fl [id assumed, confirmation req’d]

7080 F-WWIY (JA09VA) Vanilla Air fcs fta

7086 F-WWIZ (ZK-OXL) Air New Zealand fcs fta

7088 F-WWDM (XA-VLQ) Volaris fcs fta (30th)

7091 (F-WW**) (PK-***) Citilink to fl

330s [12]

1706 TC-LNE Turkish fcs dc

1713 F-WWYZ (TC-LNF) Turkish fcs fl

1714 F-WWKE (B-8359) China Southern fcs fl

1715 F-WWKJ (LN-RKU) Scandinavian fcs dc f5 (30th)

1716 F-WWYE (N827NW) Delta fcs oph

1721 F-WWYY (N829NW) Delta to fl (29th) oph (30th)

1722 F-WWCI (TC-JOV) Turkish fcs oph

1723 F-WWCJ (PK-***) Garuda to fl

1724 F-WWCL (HZ-***) Saudi Arabian to fl

1728 (F-WWKI) (EC-MKJ) Iberia prm fl

1729 F-WWKQ (HZ-***) Saudi Arabian prm fl

1760 F-WWYJ (B-****) China Southern prm fl

350s [13]

025 F-WZFT (A7-ALJ) Qatar fcs atr dc

028 F-WZFW (OH-LWF) Finnair fcs atr dc f1 (30th)

032 F-WZGA (B-LRB) Cathay fcs atr dc

041 F-WZGN (9V-SME) Singapore fcs 38r

042 (F-WZGO) (A7-ALM) Qatar to 38r

046 (F-WZGS) (B-LRF) Cathay to 38r

049 (F-WZGV) (B-18401) China Airlines to tnt

050 (F-WZGW) (HS-THC) Thai to tnt

051 (F-WZGX) (OH-LWG) Finnair to tnt

052 F-WZFA (4R-***) SriLankan to atr dc

053 (F-WZFB) (B-LRG) Cathay to oph

4004 (F-????) (??-???) Thai to oph

plus one other Singapore fcs example unid, not req’d

388s [2]

0218 F-WWAV (A6-EUF) Emirates to 38r

0220 F-WWAD (A6-EUH) Emirates to 38r

ATRs [13]

(1207) (F-WW**) (C6-***) Bhamasair fcs iph

1208 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm oph

1305 (F-WWEK) (PR-AKI) Azul fcs ‘KI’ on tail atr dc

1316 F-WWEW (******) unknown aws engine runs (30th)

1317 F-WWEX (P2-***) PNG Air fcs atr dc

1320 F-WWEC (HS-***) Bngkok Airways fcs f* (30th)

(1322) F-WWEE (G-FBX*) Scandinavian fcs iph

1323 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm iph

1324 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm iph

1334 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm oph

1337 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm oph

1345 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm oph

(????) F-WKVJ (VT-***) Air India Regional fcs f* (30th) [seen landing 1135LT] confirmation req’d

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