LOG: Toulouse Blagnac Tuesday 12-07-2016

Log with credit to Colin.

Rather then repeat Carsten’s log from the weekend here are some additional items noted:

WWBV/7126 320N LATAM new cs – fuel station
WWDP/7129 320N CSN on line
WWBT/7181 320N all primer (for FFT) flight line
WWIS/7226 320 Air Arabia full cs – fuel station
WWIT/7231 320 Batik – arrived from XFW
WWIB/7243 320 EZY – ATR hangar
Plus an Air Asia A320 in full cs in the ATR hangar and a Citilink A320 on line

WWKS/1741 332 RwandAir – full cs – completion hangar
WW??/1749 333 SVA outside prod hall in primer
Plus an all primer A330 on the line

All these extras noted on the A380 ramps
052 all white
WZFB/053 CPA primer – painted as WZFP
064 primer
067 HVN primer
068 SQ primer
069 primer
070 CPA primer
072 CPA primer

063 HVN full cs outside A350 factory
073 CAL primer – outside A330 line
074 DLH primer – outside A330 line

Outside factory were: 1210, 1343, 1354, 1363 all complete in primer and 1213 fuselage in primer
Inside the factory were:
WWLK/1207 Bahamasair full cs
WWEU/1337 Binter full cs – also marked as ECMMM
1339 primer
WWEE/1345 Bangkok full cs
WWEF/1346 ANZ full cs
1347 primer
1350 primer
1352 primer
1356 primer
1362 primer
Plus 134? and an ATR42 both primer

There were four others on the ramp in primer too.

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