LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 26-27/07/2016

Log with credit to Nick Lack.


7126 F-WWBV Latam Airlines, fcs
7162 F-WWBF Pegasus Airlines, fcs
7172 F-WWBG Go Air, fcs – stored near A380 ramp
7175 F-WW?? Avianca, fcs – stored at Latecorre’s (along with 4 Qatar 320’s)
7181 F-WWBT Frontier Airlines, primer/grey tail
7186 F-WW?? Azul, primer/blue tail – stored near A380 ramp
7195 F-WWIN Air Asia, primer/tail painted – stored on Air France ramp
7215 VP-BAC Aeroflot, fcs – at delivery centre
7223 PK-LUF Batik Air, fcs – in delivery centre hangar (towed out on the 27th)
7226 F-WWIS Air Arabia, fcs
7231 F-WWIT Batik Air, fcs – at delivery centre
7232 B-8636 Shenzen Airlines, fcs – at delivery centre
7238 XA-CRM Interjet, fcs – at delivery centre
7245 F-WWBO Batik Air, fcs
7259 F-WWIO Eurowings, fcs
7264 F-WWDR Interjet, fcs
7267 F-WWBH Vistara, fcs
7272 F-WWIG Frontier Airlines, fcs
7275 F-WWIP Aeroflot, primer/tail painted – hangared
7279 F-WWIX Aeroflot, fcs
7289 F-WWDL Batik Air, primer/tail painted
7295 F-WWDF Aeroflot, fcs – towed to the Air France ramp on the 27th
7297 F-WWBQ Citilink, fcs – inside Air France hangar
7319 F-WW?? Citilink, primer/tail painted
7337 F-WWBX Batik Air, primer/tail painted
7340 F-WWBK Easyjet, primer/tail painted
plus there are several more parked up by the 380 ramp that I didn’t log this time as I have logged them all before.
From memory there are 3 Spirit, 2 Viva, 1 Volaris, 1 Air Astana and I think there were 2 or 3 Indigo’s plus another 2 Indigo’s in the main factory area.

1724 F-WWCL Saudi Arabian Airlines, fcs
1731 F-WWKY Saudi Arabian Airlines, fcs
1733 F-WWYH Garuda Indonesia, fcs
1734 F-WWYP Saudi Arabian Airlines, fcs
1736 EC-MLB Iberia, fcs – on delivery centre
1737 F-WWCQ Aerolineas Argentinas, fcs
1740 F-WWCC Iberia, fcs – outside 330 prod hall
1741 F-WWKS Rwandair, fcs
1743 F-WWCS Saudi Arabian Airlines, primer/tail painted (this carries reg F-WWSC in error)
1745 F-WWKT South African Airways, primer
1746 F-WWKV Sichuan Airlines, primer/tail painted – outside 330 prod hall
1747 F-WWYA Iberia, primer
1751 F-WWYU Corporate, primer – outside 330 prod hall
1752 F-WWCE Air China, primer – outside 330 pros hall
1754 F-WWCH South African Airways, primer – inside 330 prod hall
plus 2 more I couldn’t read. 1 was primer/Saudi tail and the other was in full brown primer. Possibly 1760 but I have read that this has now been painted in full China Southern colours.

5 F-WWYB Airbus, brown primer
25 F-WZFT Qatar Airways, fcs
32 F-WZGA Cathay Pacific, fcs
33 F-WZGB Qatar Airways, fcs
36 F-WZGE Qatar Airways, fcs
39 F-WZGL Cathay Pacific, fcs
42 F-WZGL Qatar Airways, fcs – hangared
43 F-WZGP Ethiopian Airlines, fcs
44 F-WZGQ Thai Airways International, fcs
45 F-WZGR Latam Airlines, fcs
47 F-WZGT Qatar Airlines, fcs
51 F-WZGX Finnair, fcs – hangared
52 F-WZFA SriLankan Airlines ntu, all white
54 F-WZFD Singapore Airlines, fcs
55 F-WZFI SriLankan Airlines ntu, all white
57 F-WZFF China Airlines, fcs (also has reg B-18902 on it)
62 F-WZFM Singapore Airlines, fcs – inside A380 prod hall
67 no reg Vietnam Airlines, primer/tail painted
68 no reg Singapore Airlines, primer/tail painted
69 no reg Qatar Airways, primer
70 no reg Cathay Pacific, primer/tail painted
72 no reg Cathay Pacific, primer/tail painted
73 no reg China Airlines, primer/tail painted
74 no reg Lufthansa, primer/tail painted
75 no reg Cathay Pacific, primer/tail painted

231 F-WWSV Asiana, primer/tail painted

1210 no reg Unknown, primer
1211 no reg Azul Lineas Aereas, primer – at Latecorre’s
1212 no reg Azul Lineas Aereas, primer
1213 no reg Azul Linhas Aereas, primer – inside ATR prod hall

1337 F-WWEU Binter Canarias, fcs (also has reg EC-MMM on it)
1344 F-WWED Uni Air, fcs
1345 F-WWEE Bangkok Airways, fcs (also has reg HS-PZG on it)
1348 F-WWEH Braathens Regional, fcs
1349 no reg Lion Air Group, primer
1350 F-WWEJ Transnusa Air Services, fcs
1354 no reg Transasia Airways, primer
1355 no reg Transasia Airways, primer – at Latecorre’s
1360 no reg Lion Air Group, primer – at Latecorre’s
1367 no reg Azul Linhas Aereas, primer
1368 no reg Myanmar National Airlines, primer
1376 no reg Unknown, primer – on prod line
plus at least 4 more in primer that couldn’t be read off, including 2 on the flight line.

A few more that we saw on the 27th including the ATR’s in the finishing hangar

7147 F-WWIQ Pegasus Airlines, fcs
7262 F-WWBD Jetstar Pacific, fcs

1750 F-WWYQ Turkish Airlines, primer – hangared

49 F-WZGV China Airlines, fcs – hangared

1339 no reg Azul Lineas Aereas, primer
1342 no reg Lion Air Group, primer
1346 F-WWEF Air New Zealand Link, fcs
1351 no reg Unknown, primer
1352 no reg Unknown, primer
1361 no reg Binter Canarias, primer
1363 no reg Lion Air Group, primer
1369 no reg Unknown, primer
And as luck would have it the hangar door was open at the ATE paint hangar for a short while for us to see what was inside.
P2-ATC ATR72 PNG Air, fcs c/n unknown.

3 thoughts on “LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 26-27/07/2016”

    1. Hi Lineu, I can’t confirm the information re Azul. Different log contributors have access to different aviation databases. Neither my own database or ATDB have Azul as a customer for these machines. The serial for msn 1212 includes A4 as the customer. But this seems to be a code for a leasing company rather than an actual airline. Regards Leo


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