LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 28-29th July 2016

Credit : Steve Scott

 Log with credit to Steve Scott, with the following differences noted when compared to Nick Lack’s log for the 26-27th July 2016.
1210 had stencil T512108G5001 thereon.
1358 No reg primer
1362 No reg primer
1381 No reg primer
F-WWEG 1347 PNG Air fcs
F-WWER 1334 Transnusa fcs, PK-TNF underwing
F-WWEM 1353 primer, white tail
1378 No reg primer…..T31378UB(8?)3007
F-WWBN 7150 Air Asia fcs….’NEO’ nwd
F-WWDJ 7175 Avianca fcs sored at Latecoere
F-WWIE 7325 All white, this must have been in the AFI hangar, towed out late 28th to join the other stored examples.
F-WWIQ 7147 Pegasus fcs
F-WW?? 1749 Saudi
F-WW?? 1758 fuselage, primer
F-WW?? 1742 Aer Lingus fcs, in hangar.
0048 F-WZGU Latam
0053 F-WZFB Cathay ‘RG’ nwd
0058 F-WZFH Cathay fcs
0025 F-WZFT Qatar, fcs, towed to DC 29th. ‘LJ’ nwd.

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