Log: TLS 24-25/8/16


My monthly visit time again.

Not as productive as normal mainly because the Panoramic Tour is missing out places it used to visit due to building work I think.

Just home so straight from the log……….


F-WW.. 1372 Primer T31372BU3007

F-WWEQ 1356 Malindo ‘MV’ nwd

F-WW.. 1213 T51213A45015 primer

F-WWLK 1207 Bahamasair fcs ‘BFT’ nwd

F-WW.. 1355 T31355GE3013 primer

F-WW.. 1212 T51212A45014 primer

F-WWEI 1349 Primer

F-WWEG 1347 PNG fcs

F-WWEW 1339 all white

F-WWLL 1208 all white

F-WWEL 1352 primer

F-WWEX 1340 Garuda Explore, fcs, ‘AP’ nwd.


F-WWBQ 7297 Citilink fcs

F-WWIP 7275 Aeroflot fcs

F-WW.. 7249 primer

F-WWBB 7251 Lufthansa fcs, ‘UW’ tail, to DC 25th.

F-WWDJ 7175 Avianca tail

F-WWBD 7262 Jetstar fcs

F-WWDG 6952 Indigo fcs

F-WWDO 7205 Goair tail

TC-NBD 7162 Pegasus, d/c

F-WWBY 7256 Lufthansa fcs, ‘UX’ tail, d/c

F-WWIX 7279 Aeroflot, fcs, ‘CB’ nwd

F-WWBV 7126 LATAM, fcs, ‘TMN’ nwd

F-WWIO 7259 Eurowings, fcs, ‘EWM’ nwd.

F-WWDA 7141 Frontier


F-WWKY 1731 Saudi fcs

F-WW.. 1752 Primer

F-WWYM 1742 Aer Lingus ‘NG’ tail

F-WWCS 1743 Saudi tail

F-WWKH 1744 Aer Lingus fcs ‘NH’ tail.

F-WWYQ 1750 primer, freighter

EC-MLP Iberia, departed on delivery 24th.

F-WWKQ 1729 Saudi fcs, d/c

F-WWCT 1726 Saudi, fcs, d/c

F-WWYF 1748 Aerolineas Argentinas, ‘IF’ tail, fcs, stored by 380’s.

F-WWYH 1733 Garuda, ‘HD’ nwd, d/c

F-WWCO 1738 Saudi fcs


F-WZ.. 0036 QTR fcs

F-WZ.. 0081 SIA tail

F-WZ.. 0076 QTR tail

F-WZ.. 0077 SIA tail

F-WZ.. 0078 QTR tail.

B-LRB 0032 Cathay d/c

F-WZ.. ???? Thai, on d/c 24th, gone following day????

F-WZFN 0064 LATAM, fcs

F-WZ.. 0049 China A/L

PR-TXD 0045 LATAM, moved from d/c hanger to d/c 25th.

F-WZFI 0055 all white

F-WZGB 0033 QTR, fcs

Quite a few NEOs have moved from storage getting their new engines, a couple of Indigo were noted and the Astana was moved 25th for fitting.

Apologies for any typos, still need to look through some photos so may be a few more to add…

forgot C-GJPY paid a visit before departing for Canada.


Steve Scott

Assistant Editor – Aviation Letter

Roumagne, France

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