Log: Toulouse 26-9-16


Noted today in very pleasant weather conditions were the following……


Not including the stored NEO’s although some listed below may have been stored and now fitted with engines.

F-WWBM 7124 Air Astana

N301FR 7141 Frontier D/C

F-WWBT 7172 Frontier

F-WWIC 7186 Azul

B-8642 7325 all white D/C

VP-BCA 7275 Aeroflot D/C,

VP-BCE 7295 Aeroflot D/C

F-WWBK 7340 EasyJet D/C

F-WWDY 7060 Viva Aerobus XA-VIV underwing

F-WWBN 7150 Air Asia D/C

F-WWIA 7356 all white

F-WWBS 7107 Viva Aerobus

F-WWDP 7129 China Southern


F-WW?? 7372 EasyJet

F-WWBI 7291 Azul

PK-GQQ 7319 Citilink D/C

F-WWDT 7370 Peach tail

F-WWBX 7337 Batik


1378 (UB3007),1382 (IW),1387,1389,1360,1366,1372,1373, 1375 (IW) 1379, 1371 all noted in primer. Letters in brackets were part of stencilling.

F-WWEN 1374 Braathens fcs

F-WWES 1358 Air Vanuatu fcs ‘V73’ nwd

F-WWEV 1361 Binter fcs

F-WWEB 1365 primer

1211,1212,1213, 1374 all stored at Latacoere


9XR-WN 1741 Rwandair D/C

F-WW(CN) 1759 Rwandair

F-WWKM 1756 Tianjin

F-WWKY 1731 Saudi D/C

F-WWCO 1738 Saudi fcs HZAQ16 underwing

F-WWYU 1751 primer

F-WW.. 1764 primer

F-WWYF 1748 Aerolineas Argentinas fcs ‘IF tail

F-WW.. 1753 primer



F-WZGV 0049 China Airlines B-18901 nwd

F-WZGW 0050 Thai fcs

F-WZGX 0051 Finnair D/C hangar

F-WZFK 0060 all white

F-WZ.. 0083 primer

F-WZ.. 0082 Air Caraibes tail

F-WZ.. 0071 Airbus

F-WZFC 0056 Vietnam

F-WZGE 0036 Qatar

F-WZFS 0067 Vietnam fcs

F-WZ.. 0069 primer

F-WZ.. 0075 CPA tail

F-WZ.. 0079 LATAM tail

B-18903 0066 China Airlines

F-WZ.. 0080 Lufthansa tail



F-WWSF 229 Emirates tail

F-WWAE 232 Emirates tail.
Also noted were two ex-Azul AT72’s parked on GA/Cargo, both departed later presumably to Francazal on return to lessor. They were PR-AQD and PR-ATZ.

Straight from notes, apologies in advance.



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