TLS Tue 27th Sep 2016 1200 to Wed 28th Sept 2016 1700

Seen at TLS on a lovely late Summer visit were the following new frames (long term stored inactive and Airbus house aircraft not included).

Usual notes apply:

fcs full colour scheme

to tail only painted, fuselage in primer

prm primer only

aws all white scheme

dc delivery centre

afr Air France Industrie ramp

fl flightline

ftr fuel test ramp

ifh inside finishing hangar

ofh outside finishing hangar

38r 380 ramp

ne north east ramp

lat (ex) Latecoere ramp

F(*) flight (number)

std stored

nwd nose-wheel door number

tn tail number

( ) info contained in brackets not seen/read off but taken from other sources

320s [32]

6733 F-WHUU (VP-CGZ) Saudi Gulf fcs afr Fx 28th nwd ‘GZ’ note: carrying F-WHUU again

6876 PR-OBB Avianca Brasil fcs afr

6995 F-WHUE (B-8430) Qingdao aws with ‘Qingdao Airlines’ titles std afr

7011 F-WWBC (N903NK) Spirit fcs 38r (F1 on 27th)

7033 F-WWDE VT-ITL IndiGo fcs dc VT- reg. on 28th

7053 F-WWDN (VT-ITM) IndiGo fcs fl (F2 27th am)

7060 F-WWDY (XA-VIV) VivaAerobus fcs dc

7102 F-WWDX (N529VL) Volaris fcs std lat

7107 F-WWBS (XA-VIB) VivaAerobus fcs fl

7124 F-WWBM (P4-KBH) Air Astana fcs fl engine test bay 28th

7129 F-WWDP (B-8637) China Southern fcs ftr

7141 N301FR Frontier fcs dc

7150 9M-AGA AirAsia fcs dc

7175 F-WWDJ (PR-***) Avianca Brasil fcs fl (arr ex XFW 26/9 pm)

7181 F-WWBT (N302FR) Frontier fcs fl ‘flamingo style’ tail art

7205 (F-WW**) (VT-WGD) Go Air fcs std 38r nwd ‘GD’

(7209) (F-WWIJ) (B-LCL) Hong Kong Express fcs fl

7269 F-WWIB (B-****) China Southern fcs std 38r

7277 F-WWDH (LN-RGM) Scandinavian fcs std 38r

7283 (F-WWDI) (PR-YRB) Azul Linhas Areas fcs fl tn ‘RB’

7295 VP-BCE Aeroflot fcs dc del’d 27th evening

7319 PK-GQQ Citilink fcs dc

7325 B-8642 aws with ‘West Air’ titles and large stylised ‘W’ on tail dc hangar 27th/dc 28th

(7329) (F-WW**) (VT-ITO) IndiGo to fl

7337 F-WWBX (PK-LUJ) Batik Air fcs fl

7340 G-EZPP EasyJet fcs dc del’d on 28th

7343 F-WWBF (B-8671) China Southern fl to

7345 F-WWDC (XA-MBA) Interjet fcs fl 27th/dc 28th

7347 F-WWBH (VT-TTM) Vistara fcs fl (arr ex XFW 26/9 pm)

(7362) (F-WWDZ) (ZK-OXM) Air New Zealand fl fcs

(7365) (F-WW**) (PK-LUK) Batik Air to iph 27th/fl 28th

(7372) (F-WW**) (G-EZPR) EasyJet to fl

330s [17]

1731 HZ-AQ14 Saudi Arabian Airlines fcs dc

1734 F-WWYP (HZ-AQ15) Saudi Arabian Airlines fcs fl

1738 (F-WWCO) (HZ-AQ16) Saudi Arabian Airlines to (?) fl

1739 F-WWYI (HZ-AQ17) Saudi Arabian Airlines fl ifh

1741 9XR-WN Rwandair fcs dc

1743 (F-WWCS) (HZ-AQ18) Saudi Arabian Airlines fcs

1744 EI-FNH Aer Lingus fcs dc

1746 F-WWKV (B-8468) Sichuan Airlines fcs dc

1748 F-WWYF (LV-GIF) Aerolineas Argentinas to ofh

1751 (F-WWYU) (VP-BHD) Corporate prm (yellow) fl

1753 (F-WWCG) (B-****) Capital Airlines prm ofh 27th/fl 28th

1754 (F-WWCH) (ZS-SXJ) South African Airlways to fl

1755 (F-WWKF) (EC-***) Iberia to ifh

1756 F-WWKM (B-8776) Tianjin Airlines to fl

1757 (F-WWKP) (ZS-SXK) South African Airways to ofh

1758 F-WWYG (B-8659) Tianjin Airlines prm fl

1759 (F-WWCN) (9XR-WP) Rwandair to ifh

350s [20+]

036 F-WZGE (A7-ALL) Qatar Airways fcs F2 27th

046 B-LRF Cathay Pacific fcs dc 28th

048 F-WZGU (PR-XTE) LATAM Airlines fcs dc

049 F-WZGV B-18901 China Airlines fcs dc re-reg on 27th

050 F-WZGW (HS-THC) Thai Airways fcs fl

051 OH-LWG Finnair fcs dc

060 F-WZFK (4R-XWC?) Sri Lankan? aws ne order canx (?)

062 F-WZFM (9V-SMG) Singapore Airlines fcs fl

064 F-WZFN (PR-XTF) LATAM Airlines fcs fl 28th only

065 F-WLXV Airbus Industrie special ‘350-1000 colours 2nd prototype ofh [330s] note: ‘F-WLXV’ not ‘F-WXLV’

067 F-WZFS (VN-A891) Vietnam Airlines fcs ofh [380/350 rear halls]

069 (F-WZGZ) (A7-***) Qatar Airways to 38r tent

070 (F-WZN*) (B-LRK) Cathay Pacific to ofh [380/350 front halls]

072 (F-WZN*) (B-LRL) Cathay Pacific to ofh [380/359 rear halls]

076 (F-WZNE) (A7-***) Qatar Airways prm 38r tent

077 (F-WZNF) (9V-SMI) Singapore Airlines fcs 38r tent

078 (F-WZNG) (A7-***) Qatar Airways to ne

079 (F-WZNI) (PR-XTG) LATAM Airlines to 38r tent

082 (F-WZNL) (F-****) Air Caraibes to ofh [330s]

084 (F-WZNN) (9V-SMK) Singapore Airlines ofh [330s] 28th only

Plus several other 350s in the full colours of Singapore, Cathay, Qatar etc on the flightline but unidentified [and unrequired by me].

388s [3]

0162 F-WWSL ?????? Airbus Industrie prm/blue tail 38r work in progress (?)

0229 F-WWSF (A6-EUQ) Emirates to 38r (F1 and dep to XFW 29th)

0232 F-WWAE (A6-EUR) Emirates to 38r

ATRs [16]

1210 (F-WW**) (Azul) prm ofh

1211 (F-WW**) (Azul) prm std lat [rear ramp]

1212 (F-WW**) (Azul) prm std lat [rear ramp]

1213 (F-WW**) (Azul) prm std lat [rear ramp]

1342 F-WWEB (Wings) prm atr dc

1343 F-WWEC (G-FBXF) Flybe/SAS aws F*

1350 F-WWEJ (F-ORVU) Air Tahiti fcs ATR dc [rear] nwd ‘VU’

1354 F-WWEN (SE-MKF?) Braathens Regional fcs ifh

1357 F-WWER (SE-MKG?) Braathens Regional fcs ATR dc

1358 F-WWES (YJ-AV73?) Air Vanuatu fcs iph

1361 F-WWEV (EC-M**) Binter Canarias fcs ATR dc F* 27th

1362 F-WWEW (RP-C7***) Cebu Pacific fcs ATR dc

1365 F-WWEB? (******) unknown operator prm with white tail ATR dc [2nd concurrent use of reg?]

1374 (F-WW**) (******) (Azul) prm with white tail std lat rear 27th/ofh rear 28th

1378 (F-WW**) (******) (Myanmar National) oph prm with white tail

1390 (F-WW**) (******) unknown operator oph fuselage in cradle prm

Bon chance!
Bob Smith

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