LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) Monday 26th Sept 2016 1300-1515 (plus 2 later additions)

For the record, although a little late due to travelling to TLS immediately afterwards, here is a log from earlier this week at a gloriously sunny and warm Finkenwerder. This was the regular Finki Spotters group visit and may help some others who were on a public tour on the same day and saw but were unable to identify aircraft on the field.

Usual notes apply:

fcs full colour scheme

to tail only painted

prm primer

dc delivery centre

h hangar number [where noted]

( ) not seen or read off, info taken from other sources

Single Aisle

6833 32N D-AXAT (N901NK) Spirit fcs dc

6907 32N F-WWBR (N902NK) Spirit fcs h14

7103 32N (D-AVVJ) (D-AINE) Lufthansa fcs remote storage area tn ‘NE’

7175 32N F-WWDJ (PR-***) Avianca Brasil fcs h14

7186 320 F-WWIC (YR-YRA) Azul Linhas Aereas fcs arrived ex TLS at 1631, seen from HAM

7229 321 D-AZAT (B-8457) Juneyao fcs

7252 32N D-AXAB (VT-ITN) IndiGo fcs remote storage area

7273 32N D-AXAE (B-LCM) Hong Kong Express fcs remote storage area

7290 32N D-AXAF (LN-RGL) Scandinavian fcs h242/4

7298 321 CC-BEO LATAM fcs dc

7300 321 D-AVYG (VP-BAZ) Aeroflot fcs dc

7303 321 D-AVYH (B-8458) Juneyao fcs dc

7313 321 D-AVYN (N715FR) Frontier fcs dc

7317 321 D-AVYP (B-16226) EVA Air fcs dc

7318 319 D-AVWY (N753AV) Avianca fcs old dc

7320 321 D-AVYQ (B-8605) Sichuan Airlines fcs h242/4

7324 321 B-8503 Air China fcs

7332 321 D-AVYU (B-8641) China Southern fcs dc

7335 321 D-AVYV (XA-VLW) Volaris fcs

7336 321 D-AVYW (N990AU) American fcs h7

7341 32N (D-AXAK) (LN-RGN) Scandinavian prm fuselage h14

7342 321 (D-AVYY) (VN-A684) VietJetAir to

7344 321 D-AVYZ (B-16227) EVA Air fcs h

7346 321 D-AVXU (JA111A) All Nippon fcs old dc

7347 32N F-WWDS (VT-TTN) Vistara fcs old dc

7348 321 D-AVZC (XA-AJB) Interjet fcs remote storage area

7351 320 F-WWDV (EC-***) Vueling fcs h7

7353 321 D-AYAB (N969JT) JetBlue fcs h7

7356 320 F-WWIA (B-22322) V-Air aws arr ex TLS at 1932, seen from HAM

7357 321 D-AYAM (RP-C9928) Philippine Airlines fcs outside

7363 321 (D-AYAY) (B-LEA) Hong Kong Express to outside

7364 321 (D-AYAZ) (N314DN) Delta to old dc

7366 321 (D-AZAA) (B-8675) China Southern to

7368 321 D-AZAB (N530VL) Volaris prm fuel test area

7371 321 (D-AZAF) (B-8648) China Eastern to

7377 320 D-AXAO (D-AEWP) Eurowings to h14

7379 321 (D-AZAH (CC-***) LATAM to h9

7381 321 (D-AZ**) (N315DN) Delta to

7382 321 D-AZAE (JA112A) All Nippon to h14

7384 321 (D-AZ**) (VH-VWQ) Jetstar Airways to h9

7388 321 (D-AZ**) (RP-C9929) Philippine Airlines to h14

7390 321 (D-AZ**) (N971JT) JetBlue prm fuselage only h9

7398 320 (D-A***) (D-AEWQ) Eurowings prm fuselage only h14

7400 321 (D-AZ**) (B-8649) China Eastern prm CES winglets h14

7403 321 (D-AZ**) (B-LEB) Hong Kong Express prm h9

7407 321 (D-AZ**) (N994AN) American prm fuselage only h14


0193 (F-WWSD) (A7-APG) Qatar fcs h242/4

0218 F-WWAV (A6-EUF) Emirates fcs outside

0219 F-WWAB (A6-EUG) Emirates fcs outside

0220 F-WWAD (A6-EUH) Emirates fcs outside

0222 F-WWAX (A6-EUJ) Emirates fcs outside

0224 F-WWSP (A6-EUL) Emirates to outside

0226 F-WWSR (A6-EUN) Emirates to h242/4

0227 F-WWSA (A6-EUO) Emirates fcs h242/4

0230 (F-WWSU) (HL7640) Asiana fcs h242/4

0231 (F-WWSV) (HL7641) Asiana fcs h213

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