LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder Mon 14/11/16 1315-1700L

Log with credit to Dan.

D-ASTZ A319 3019 Germania

D-AVVB A320 6642 Airbus NEO blue cls
D-AXAN A320 6772 Indigo fcs (TS on nwd)
F-WWBP A320 6975 China Southern fcs (545 on nwd) … Delivery Centre area
D-AXAJ A320 7330 Go Air fcs (GE on nwd)
D-AXAZ A320 7387 Frontier fcs (305 on nwd)
D-AXAU A320 7405 Lucky Air fcs … Delivery Centre area
G-EZPS A320 7410 Easyjet fcs … Delivery Centre area
A320 7483 Primer fuselage section
A320 7486 Primer fuselage section
A320 7490 Easyjet fcs (PU on nose)

D-AZAT A321 7229 Juneyao fcs (57 on nwd) … Delivery Centre area
D-AVYH A321 7303 Juneyao fcs (58 on nwd)
D-AVYR A321 7322 Juneyao fcs (59 on nwd)
D-AZAD A321 7381 Delta fcs (3013 on tail, nwd) … Delivery Centre area
D-AZAI A321 7384 Jetstar fcs (WQ on nwd) D1403, A1651 AIB384A … Delivery Centre area
D-AZAJ A321 7388 Philippines fcs (29 on nwd) … Delivery Centre area
D-AZAR A321 7407 American fcs (994 on nwd) … Delivery Centre area
B-8650 A321 7413 China Eastern … Delivery Centre area
D-AVXD A321 7415 JetBlue fcs (970 on nwd) … Delivery Centre area
D-AVXF A321 7418 White cls … Delivery Centre area
D-AVXI A321 7427 VietJetAir fcs (685 on nwd) D1457, A1706 AIB427A
A321 7479 Primer fuselage section
A321 7483 Primer fuselage section

A330 1778 Primer fuselage section
A330 1788 Primer fuselage section

F-WWSD A388 0193 Qatar fcs (PG on nwd)
F-WWSH A388 0223 Emirates fcs (UK on nwd)
F-WWSR A388 0226 Emirates fcs (UN on nwd)
F-WWSF A388 0229 Emirates fcs (UQ on nwd)
F-WWAE A388 0232 Primer, Emirates tail cls

D-AVWA A319 6464 Airbus NEO blue cls
D-AVVJ A320 7103 Lufthansa fcs (NE on tail, nwd)
D-AXAE A320 7273 Hong Kong Express fcs (LCM on nwd)
D-AXAK A320 7341 SAS fcs (RGN on nwd)
D-AXAL A320 7352 SAS fcs (RGO on nwd)
A320 7428 Primer fuselage
A320 7457 Primer, Volaris tail cls
A320 7458 Primer, Frontier winglets
A320 7461 Primer fuselage
A320 7467 Primer fuselage (Lucky Air tail alongside)
A320 7474 Primer fuselage
A320 7478 Primer fuselage
A320 7481 Primer fuselage

D-AVXO A321 7433 WOW fcs
D-AVXY A321 7438 Jetstar fcs (WN on nwd, VH-VWN under wing)
A321 7446 Primer, China Eastern tail cls
A321 7451 Primer, Volaris tail cls
D-AZAK A321 7454 Primer, Vietjetair tail cls
A321 7492 Primer fuselage

F-WWSQ A388 0225 Emirates fcs (UM on nwd, A6-EUM under wing)
F-WWSC A388 0228 Primer, Emirates tail cls
F-WWSV A388 0231 Asiana fcs (641 on nwd)
F-WWAK A388 0233 Primer, Etihad tail cls
A388 0235 Fuselage section
A388 0242 Fuselage section
A388 0243 Fuselage section
A388 0244 Fuselage section
A388 0247 Fuselage section
A388 0248 Fuselage section
A388 0249 Fuselage section

One thought on “LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder Mon 14/11/16 1315-1700L

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  1. I want to thank you for your log and many informations. They are a very welcome information for me, what has happened in XFW an what will be in the future.
    Thank you very much



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