LOG: TLS 13-14th Dec 2016 (1500-1500)

Seen at a sunny TLS on our last visit of the year, with the pre-Christmas Airbus clear-out in full swing and lots of test flying, were the following new frames. As usual with these monthly logs, I have not included long term stored or Airbus house aircraft. All frames seen on both days unless otherwise stated.

Once again, this log was compiled with the support of fellow spotter Andy Thomson and flights were with the excellent Embraer 175 of Flybe from and to BHX (G-FBJK/G-FBJI).

Usual notes apply:

fcs full colour scheme

aws all white scheme

to tail only painted, fuselage in primer

prm primer only

nwd nose wheel door number

tn tail number

uw under wing number

dc delivery centre

fl flightline

ft fuel test area

oph outside prod hall

38r 380 ramp

ne north east corner by 380 roundhouse

F(*) flight (number)

( ) not seen or read off, info from other sources

XFW Finkenwerder

320s [29]

6914 F-WWBV (VT-ITH) IndiGo fcs F1 [14th]

7129 F-WWDP (B-8637) China Southern fcs dc F5 [14th]

7269 F-WWIB (B-8670) China Southern fcs fl

7323 PR-OBF Avianca Brasil fcs dc

7329 F-WWIT (VT-ITO) IndiGo fcs 38r

7334 F-WWIQ (N905NK) Spirit fcs dc

7359 F-WWDI (TC-NBG) Pegasus fcs towed fl to dc [14th]

7367 N304FR Frontier fcs dc [13th] dep on del [14th]

7383 HZ-AS51 Saudi Arabian fcs dc 13th dep on del pm

7386 F-WWDR (PR-YRE) Azul fcs tn ‘RE’ F1 [13th]

7399 F-WWIP (TC-NBH) Pegasus fcs ft [13th]

7409 F-WWBF (PR-YRF) Azul fcs fl

7414 F-WWBQ (JA24MC) StarFlyer fcs dc F6 [13th]

7417 F-WWDC (HS-BBY) Thai AirAsia fcs F1 and ferry to XFW [13th]

7423 VN-A567 Jetstar Pacific fcs dc and dep on del [13th pm]

7426 F-WWBK (JA11VA) Vanilla Air fcs dc F3 [13th]

7429 F-WWDY (TC-NBI) Pegasus fcs fl

7432 F-WWDE (HZ-AS52) Saudi Arabian fcs fl

7434 F-WWIN (XU-343) Cambodia Angkor Air aws arr ex XFW [13th pm]

7437 (F-WWDS) (N755AV) Avianca fcs arr ex XFW [13th pm] fl [14th]

7450 F-WWDA (PK-GQS) Garuda Citilink fcs fl nwd ‘GQS’ F1 [14th]

7453 F-WWDV (PK-GQR) Garuda Citilink fcs uw ‘ PK-GQR’ F1 and dep to XFW [13th]

(7456) (F-WW**) (B-8500) Sichuan fcs ft [13th] fl [14th] *confirmation required*

7463 F-WWDU (B-8656) Sichuan to fl

7469 F-WWDT (PK-GQT) Garuda Citilink fcs ft [14th]

7475 F-WW (VT-CID) Air India to outside single hangar next to ft

7484 F-WW (PR-OBH) Avianca Brasil to fl

7489 (LN-RGP) Scandinavian to outside single hangar next to ft [14th only]

7508 (HS-***) Thai AirAsia prm oph (to be moved to finishing hangar?) [14th only]

330s [12]

1753 B-8678 Capital fcs fl dep on del [13th]

1756 B-8776 Tianjin fcs dc dep on del [13th]

1757 ZS-SXK South African fcs dc dep on del [14th]

1758 F-WWYG (B-8659) Tianjin fcs fl

1761 F-WWCR (EC-MNL) Iberia fcs dc

1762 EC-332 Singapore Air Force dc yellow primer

1763 F-WWCV (B-8679) Capital fcs dc

1764 F-WWCX (HZ-AQ20) Saudi Arabian fcs fl

1765 F-WWCY (B-8579) Air China fcs fl

1766 F-WWKD (HZ-AQ21) Saudi Arabian to fl F1

1767 F-WWKR (B-16337) EVA Air fcs fl

1768 F-WWYL (TC-JOZ) Turkish fcs iph [13th] oph [14th]

350s [22]

042 F-WZGO (A7-ALM) Qatar fcs dc F4

052 (F-WZFA) (4R-XWA) SriLankan [ntu?] aws fl

055 F-WZFI (4R-XWB) SriLankan [ntu?] aws fl

060 F-WZFK (4R-XWC) SriLankan [ntu?] aws 38r

063 (F-WZFJ) (A7-ALO) Qatar fcs fl

066 F-WZFO (B-18903) China Airlines fcs fl

067 F-WZFS (VN-A891) Vietnam fcs F* then dc [14th]

069 (F-WZGZ) (A7-***) Qatar prm 38r

074 F-WZNC (D-AIXA) Lufthansa fcs dc

075 F-WZND (B-LRM) Cathay Pacific fcs 38r

077 F-WZNF (9V-SMI) Singapore fcs fl

078 (F-WZNG) (A7-***) Qatar to 38r

079 F-WZNI (PR-XTG) LATAM fcs fl nwd ‘XTG’ F* [14th]

081 F-WZNK (9V-SMJ) Singapore fcs fl

083 (F-WZNM) (A7-***) Qatar prm 38r

087 (F-WZNQ) (D-AIXC) fcs 38r [rear of 380 hangars]

090 (F-WZNT) (A7-***) Qatar ne prm

093 (F-WZNX) (B-LRO) Cathay Pacific prm 38r

(097) (F-WZFQ) (OH-LWH) Finnair to oph [13th pm] *confirmation required*

098 (F-WZFR) (PR-***) Azul prm 38r

099 (F-WZFU) (9V-***) Singapore to oph

100 (F-WZFV) (A7-***) Qatar to oph

388s [3]

0193 F-WWSD (A7-APG) Qatar fcs dc

0234 F-WWAN (A6-EUS) Emirates to 38r

0237 F-WWAR (A6-APJ) Etihad to 38r


???? 42 XA-UYK Aeromar fcs engine runs then ATR dc [14th only] any offers?

1343 72 F-WWEC (LV-GUG) Avianca Argentina ATR dc

1367 72 F-WWED (PR-***) Azul prm with white tail ATR dc F*

1376 72 F-WWEM (F-ORVV) Air Tahiti fcs fl/outside ATR prod hall

1382 72 F-WWET (PK-***) Wings Abadi fcs [special ’70’ colours] ATR dc

1385 72 F-WWEW (SE-***) Braathens aws ATR dc

Plus one more of note (although not new) being delivered through TLS ex Francazal to Cabo Verde:

0558 72 M-LDME aws to be D4-CCV of TACV Cabo Verde Airlines [14th only]

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